The sweat sensor will help to play sports

Update: February 2019

Every person at least once heard about fitness bracelets.
John Rogers, who leads the Northwest study
The US University, together with a group of approximate scientists has expanded
capabilities of these devices. The new invention is improved and
more convenient analogue of the usual bracelet.

The Americans were able to create a so-called “sweat sensor”. Looks like
It is like a sticker and resembles a plaster. The main idea of ​​the new
technology – analysis of the chemical structure of sweat secretions.
The results of the detailed analysis will show how healthy a person is.
It is worth noting that the novelty also determines the frequency of breathing and
heartbeat while playing sports, counting calories lost.
From these data, we can conclude that the sensor capabilities are wider
fitness bracelet features.

The use of American design is very simple: you fix
invention on the skin before exercise, and then you start
exercise at a suitable pace. At this time, the device determines
how much moisture evaporates from the body, what is the acidity of sweat, how much
It contains ions, lactate, glucose. At the end of the analysis the sensor
will show certain colors. They can be decrypted using
apps on your smartphone. For example, if the body has lost excess
moisture in training, the phone will advise to stop and drink

John Rogers organized the real testing of the invention. AT
21 volunteers agreed to help him with this. 9 of them placed the sensor
on the skin before playing sports in a normal hall, and during
training several times put your fingers to the special pads.
12 people used the device during a bicycle race on
open space. The results of the experiment pleased the scientists:

  1. AT первом случае проанализированные отпечатки на подушечках и
    sensor agreed on the assessment of the state of the body at 100%.
  2. ATо втором случае изобретение выдержало интенсивное
    use from the beginning to the end of the race for all athletes.

American researchers do not limit the use of their
inventions only sport. According to them, it is suitable for assessing
conditions of people in the army, for diabetics,
cystic fibrosis. We just have to wait for the invention of reusable
sensors, because today’s model is designed for only one

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