The routine of the baby at 10 months.


  1. Feeding
  2. Sleep
  3. Hygiene
  4. Walks
  5. Physical education and massage

The daily routine of the baby at 9 and 10 months is not much different. therefore Mom, who switched to a new regime a month ago, will be much calmer and more familiar at this time.


Feeding the baby should still be five times a day. The intervals between meals are 4 hours. Now is the time to teach a child to chew, so he needs to give not only mashed potatoes, but also food chopped with a fork. If the baby already has 4 teeth, you can give him meatballs.

At this time, new products for the baby will be:

  1. Fish. Must be boiled or steamed. Better just take fillets of low-fat rocks.
  2. Beverages. These include kissel, fruit drink or compote.
  3. Liver paste.
  4. Salads from vegetables. You can add cucumbers, tomatoes, white cabbage cabbage, carrots. Grate them or skip through a meat grinder. You can fill with vegetable oil. To give such salads baby recommended 2 times a week for a teaspoon


By this age, almost all babies are switching to two daytime sleep. Its total duration is about 3-4 hours. At night, the child is able to sleep without waking up for about 10 hours. The intervals between sleep should be 4 hours.

The child’s daytime sleep should occur at the same time. But if you saw that your baby rubs his eyes and in every possible way shows that he is tired, it’s better to put him down now. Otherwise possible the situation is that the child is “walking around” and generally refuses to go to bed.


Water procedures must be performed daily. Preferably they were at the same time before bedtime. This will promote quick and easy falling asleep. Water should be warm (about 37 degrees), as hot water acts excitingly. If the baby has a sleep disorder and or increased irritability, you can add decoctions of herbs to the water, for example, mint, valerian, lavender.

Teach your baby that swimming is very fun procedure. To do this, play with him, buy special toys for bathtubs. Through play, you teach your child hygiene. is he will be happy to go swimming and love water procedures.

In the morning, all hygiene activities remain former:

  • face wash;
  • cleaning the nose and ears;
  • combing;
  • treatment of the oral cavity with a special brush without tooth paste.

After each toilet or diaper change is necessary wash out. In extreme cases, you can use wet wipes.

At this time, you can begin to accustom the baby to the potty. For Observe several rules for this:

  1. Put the child on the potty for no longer than 10 minutes.
  2. Do not distract him with toys at this time.
  3. If the child resists, do not force him. Put off learning
  4. Plant the child on the pot at a specific time: after awakening, after feeding and before bedtime.
  5. If the child went to the toilet on the potty, be sure to praise him.


The kid, as before, needs long day walks. Best if it is time before lunch and before bedtime.

Their duration in the warm season should be about 5 hours a day, and in winter time can be reduced to 4 hours. If such there is no possibility, then you need to walk at least 1 time per day and open window in the room during the baby’s daytime sleep.

At this time, the baby really needs to communicate with peers, therefore it is better to plan walks in the playgrounds. He is there will be able to play enough with other children.

Physical education and massage

At this time, many children are already taking their first steps and are able to stand on legs. It is very important now to develop the muscles of the legs and back. Keep repeating a set of gymnastic exercises, which you did with the baby before. You can add new ones:

  1. Squats Support the child by the arms and offer him sit down a couple of times.
  2. Slopes. Put the child with his back to him, and in front of him lay a toy. Invite him to bend over and pick her up. Repeat 3-4 times.
  3. Rising. From a sitting position, let the child grab onto the rings and pull them up. Let the baby try to get up.

As for the massage, at the age of 10 months it is still is important. Continue to do it according to your usual pattern.

Here is an approximate daily routine of a baby at 10 months. Need to remember that it is recommendatory in nature. Always listen to feelings and wishes of your child.

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