The role of the doll in the development of children

Children’s toys are the most diverse, however
The doll is always central to the life of any child. AND,
as psychologists say, for good reason. After all, with its help, the peanut seizes
basic self-care skills, reproduces deeds
surrounding people, develops speech and motor skills. And what else can
teach your child this ordinary toy?


For some reason, many parents are sure that playing with dolls is
only girly entertainment. We hurry to calm the shocked
dads, whose two-year-old sons are happy to roll baby strollers.
There is nothing alarming and, especially, reprehensible.
Every kid needs to learn the norms and rules of human
relationship, so do not deprive the boys games with pupsikami. And about them
We will tell you about the benefits further.

What can a doll teach?

  1. At an early age, she replaces peers and prepares your
    scions to future contacts with them. In kindergarten, he gradually
    moves from sole interaction with the pups to full-fledged
    role-playing games with classmates.
  2. Dressing and undressing toys seems especially
    interesting for kids. They remember the order in which
    wear panties, tights, socks, outerwear. They also learn
    button up, press down the rivets, interact with
    zip fastener. All these skills they then apply in real
    of life.
  3. She helps your toddler to vocabulary new
    in words. He remembers the names of different parts of the body (arms, legs,
    tummy) and faces (eyes, nose, mouth and ears). With the help of a pupa
    various actions are shown: swimming, running, jumping,
    lie to the kids understand the meaning of the verbs.
  4. A year and a half child, playing with a rubber beauty, is learning
    properly hold and use items such as bottles,
    spoons, plates, mugs and forks. He also learns first.
    hygiene skills: combing hair, washing pens, using
    toothbrush, interaction with the pot.
  5. A girl, swaddling her baby doll and singing lullabies to him,
    tries on the main female role – mothers. Only with a doll can
    to play in the psychologically important lesson “Daughters-mothers”, which
    forms the experience of family relationships, develops responsibility,
    caring and kindness.
  6. Through manipulation of the pups, some parents prepare
    your daughter or son to have a younger brother in their lives or
    sisters After all, the pupa can be fed, changed clothes and rocked,
    more than that today there are special diapers for this, and
    tiny clothes, and a lot of other things.
  7. Additional puppet accessories allow children better
    navigate in the adult world. Toy kitchens help
    girls become even more like their mothers, and the “boiling” kettle and
    pan “with soup” safe, unlike real.
  8. Favorite Katka or Masha baby can tell about her
    mood, to share with her failures and joys, to lose
    disturbing situations, ending them on a positive note. It helps
    children get away from anxiety and negative emotions.

Choosing a doll – the necessary parameters

Near the shelves with children’s goods, not only for children, but also for children.
parents sometimes run up. Buying plastic
beauty, you need to remember that the wrong choice can hurt
to your child


The main requirements for the doll (for a child up to 5 years):

  • childish (no hint of sexuality) appearance, correct
    body proportions;
  • materials of which the toy is made must be
    natural, safe for the baby;
  • no sharp corners, small detachable parts;
  • strong hair that does not fall out after the actions of small
  • Mimics should not be too bright so that the kid himself could
    think of different feelings;
  • ease of changing wardrobe.

Choose a doll, see prices, read reviews
You can in the online store dolls

или в магазине — Детские
dolls and accessories

It’s absolutely impossible to imagine a happy childhood without dolls –
They are designed to help kids grow up. remember, that
It is absolutely not important for a child whether his toy is cheap or expensive.
Most importantly, it should be interesting, pleasant-looking and
safe. Properly chosen doll will certainly become the best.
girlfriend for the girl, her regular partner in the games.

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