The role of grandparents in raising children

When we talk about the educational process,
We mention, first of all, parents. However not worth it
to underestimate the role of the older generation in raising a child.
Moreover, this influence is both positive and negative. How do
Do grandparents influence a child?

The content of the article

  • 1 The positive influence of grandparents on the child
  • 2 The negative impact of the older generation
    • 2.1 Rules for parents
    • 2.2 Rules for Grandparents
  • 3 Difficult condition
  • 4 “Grandma’s” education


For many young moms and dads, the help of their parents becomes
a real gift of fate. The experience of the older generation helps
deal with unknown situations in the education of the baby, and
the word “granny” can rightly be considered synonymous with the words “tenderness” and

However, sometimes grandma’s care leads to negative
results. Overly condescending or, conversely, “draconian”
educational methods become the source of numerous quarrels and
scandals between native people.

The positive influence of grandparents on the child

  • First of all, you need to talk about the support
    which have older relatives in the care of the baby. Parents
    often work all day long, and after work and on weekends they try
    go to a cafe, cinema or meet friends. In this time
    often grandparents sit with their grandchildren.
  • Newly minded parents are often afraid to take responsible
    decisions that concern the care and care of the firstborn. And here on
    help comes experienced grandmothers who are confident in their abilities and
    They know what to do with small children.
  • The adult generation will have time to help with the lessons,
    play with children, expand their horizons, reading books, telling
    real life stories.
  • Sometimes it seems that between older people and
    the child is building up a “mystical” connection – fairy tales from the lips of grandfather
    or grandmothers seem more interesting than the same ones
    читают родители.
  • Communication with relatives expands the social contacts of children
    thanks to this they will be able to gain direct experience
    interactions with adults, not just

Negative impact of the older generation

  • Many grandparents indulge their grandchildren, allow them to
    allow in the family. For example, favorite grandmothers do not limit
    watching cartoons and allow you to skip the daytime sleep. Some
    they even try to negotiate with their grandchildren to keep silent before
    parents about these liberties. It is not surprising that after such
    interventions children try to bargain for the same privileges and
    moms, flooding whims, tears and tantrums.
  • Some бабушки, напротив, придерживаются авторитарного стиля
    interactions with the child. Их девиз: «Воспитывать детей нужно,
    пока они еще умещаются поперек лавки»
    . Needless to say
    that after such communication, the child strongly resists meeting with
    close relatives.
  • Sometimes grandparents try to protect their grandson.
    literally from everything. Он постоянно слышит: «Не бегай – упадешь»,
    «Не поднимай палку – замараешься»
    . Psychologists claim that
    such “greenhouse” education can develop into fears, and
    then into uncertainty and inertia.

Rules for parents

If you notice that after visiting grandparents
the child’s behavior is changing dramatically, you need a serious
conversation. However, remember that child indulgence often results
from sincere love.

  1. Try to clearly define the boundaries of the influence of their parents.
    on the baby. It is you who are responsible for his upbringing, and
    grandmother and grandfather are the principal, but still
  2. Discuss any inconsistencies and differences in development
    baby But do not do it in his presence, so as not to reduce
    adult authority. By the way, some children, looking at quarrels,
    quickly figure out how to play on the contradictions. So there is a risk
    get a little manipulator.
  3. Do not forget that from your attitude to the older generation
    It depends on how grown children will treat you in the future.
    Therefore, even if you have a negative attitude to grandparents,
    Do not show it at least when the baby.

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Rules for grandparents

бабушки и дедушки и inспитание детей


  1. Try not to tell the children that they are not raising your
    grandchildren (even if you think so). Take your daughter’s side or
    son and help realize their educational plans. remember, that
    they wish their children (and therefore your grandchildren) only
    of good.
  2. Tell the younger generation about their child, about his
    needs and possible problems, but do not blame! Your task –
    agree on how to correct the child’s deficiencies and satisfy him
  3. Do not “buy” the attention and love of children with numerous
    gifts. Wanting to make an expensive present (phone, laptop) to my grandson,
    Do not forget to consult with his mom and dad.
  4. Avoid conflicts, because you have the richest life experience
    – what your children don’t have yet. So, you are more experienced in
    relationships with people and can either give way or turn
    conversation so that they will agree with you.

Пожалуй, в каждой семье inзникают собственные сложности и
omissions that are related to the influence on the child of grandfathers and
grandmothers. The degree of intensity depends on a variety of circumstances:
cohabitation or separation, social maturity of the family and
period of her life. Psychologists are sure that the first years are the most
serious as mutual adaptation occurs. Also
a big role is played by whose parents are moms or dads.

For both generations, the ideal interaction model is close
relationship at a certain distance. That is, a young family
с ребенком живет в отдельной квартире, однако часто посещает сinих
parents and uses their services. Со сinей стороны, молодежь
помогает «старикам» более комфортно переживать одиночестin.

Of course, the family is the personal territory of the parents,
which are their rules. И за inспитание ребенка тоже отвечают
only mom and dad. However not worth it забывать, что роль дедушек и
бабушек в inспитательном процессе трудно переоценить. And if they don’t
seek to replace parents, and, on the contrary, support and not
criticize them, communication with the older generation becomes for the child
a real holiday.


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Difficult condition

Эта передача будет полезной как to parents, так и бабушкам с
дедушками, ответит на непростые inпросы и положительно повлияет на
family relations in a large family, bringing into it mutual understanding,
уважение и правильное отношение к сinему семейному статусу. Theme
нашей программы «Роль бабушек и дедушек в inспитании
grandchildren. “

«Бабушкино» inспитание

Какова роль бабушек и дедушек в inспитании ребенка? Good
это или плохо, когда внуки проinдят с ними больше времени, чем с
mom and dad? Psychologist’s comment.

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