The risk of developing skin cancer also increases with tanning,and from tattoo removal

Update: February 2019

That the use of tanning, tattooing
increase the risk of skin cancer has been known for a long time. Now australian
experts warn that getting rid of the drawings on
body is no less dangerous. When removing tattoos laser increases
The risk of skin cancer is several times.

It is not clear what caused such a high demand today for the application
painting on the body. Only young people not thinking about their future
health, amenable to advertising and fashion for tattoos. If a
teenager wants to express herself – it can be done by any other
ways, not to the detriment of health.

And the “beauty” of the skin pattern is very subjective and
very often causes confusion and indignation among others. What for
to draw a symbol on your precious body for the rest of your life,
which in a few years may become irrelevant and will

Therefore, in recent decades there has been a reverse trend –
almost as many people go to tattoo parlors not to apply
drawing, and to remove the previously applied art. it
made with a laser. And of course, none of the applicants
I do not think about the consequences of such a procedure. What threatens
areas of skin exposed to laser radiation to get rid of
from the figure, dermatologists of Australia found out:

  • repeated exposure on the same skin area: as
    tattooing and elimination leads to the formation of a very
    ugly scar
  • for removing old tattoos are usually used are not expensive
    laser systems in which high-intensity radiation power
    not regulated
  • the pigment contained in the ink, when damaged by a laser
    skin, penetrates into the cells of the epidermis, which is dozens of times
    increases the risk of cancer
  • if there is a tattoo near the treated area
    mole – laser injury increases its degeneration into
    melanoma several times.

So, Australian doctors warn – tattoo removal
laser increases the risk of skin cells reborn
malignant, which is comparable and even more dangerous than frequent
tanning bed (see 5 sunburns increase the risk of cancer).
All this is aggravated by the fact that the persons removing the tattoo do not have
medical education and often in tattoo parlors are violated
conditions that meet sanitary and epidemiological norms and rules
established for medical facilities (see how HIV is transmitted
infection, how is hepatitis C transmitted.

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