The risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis increasespregnancy

Update: February 2019

According to statistics, women develop rheumatoid 3 times more often.
arthritis than men. The risk of its occurrence increases after
genera, due to genetic predisposition for rheumatism
father has a child. How can this be?

A group of rheumatologists at the University of California found that even
нормально протекающая pregnancy может повышать риск
the occurrence of arthritis in women in the future.


In a large study of American experts took part
over 5 thousand women (with children) and their families. According to the results
research scientists have concluded that if a woman bears
a child with high-risk genes for rheumatoid arthritis from the father
she herself experienced arthritis later on.

Earlier, studies were carried out not once.
found that in early pregnancy fetal cells
penetrate the bloodstream of the mother, and further for several
decades are preserved in the bone marrow. In medicine, this phenomenon
is called microchimerism.

Researchers suggest that attacking alien cells during
during pregnancy, a woman’s immune system after childbirth can
start aggressively reacting to your own tissues, provoking
the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis of the fingers).

Moreover, the risk of developing autoimmune pathologies is higher with operational
delivery In comparison with never pregnant and not
giving birth, autoimmune diseases in women who gave birth
independently in a natural way, exceeded this figure by 15%,
and for women undergoing cesarean section – by 30%.

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