The right quarantined diet

Coronavirus quarantine makes people stay at home with a large supply of food for the long term. While the mode is entered isolation, walking, jogging are forbidden, gyms and other are closed establishments for spending free time. All that remains for people stay at home all day and eat on food supplies, and this negatively affects the figure. Sedentary lifestyle harmful to health and contributes to the formation of body fat, folds on the stomach and hips. Based on the situation of coronavirus quarantine, we recommend that you follow the right diet for keeping fit girls and boys. How to eat quarantined during coronavirus

Proper nutrition during slimming quarantine

The first rule – do not eat excessive amounts of food after noon. In the morning, metabolism works significantly. more active than in the evening hours. You can treat yourself to sweets and other high-calorie foods in the morning until the body has just woken up and is ready to actively break down proteins. In the evening try to have dinner 3 3 hours before bedtime – this will help not to overload organism during rest and wake up in a cheerful state. Eat small meals, sharing your morning breakfast and lunch in two. After that, the meal mode will look like this:

  1. Breakfast;
  2. Light breakfast;
  3. Dinner;
  4. An afternoon snack
  5. Dinner.

It is important that the intermediate time between meals is as at least 3 hours. During this time, the body will have time to digest food and will be ready again for a new serving. Normally accepted calories do not have time to assimilate and this will contribute to the deposition of excess energy in fats. The fact that any fatty and high-calorie foods will dispel your efforts. Better just refuse such products, as this will help significantly reduce quarantined weight. Eat food in which contains complex carbohydrates without forgetting about fresh fruits such as tangerines, apples, pears, peaches, etc. Also, do not forget about vegetables and vegetable salads. They help the body faster. assimilate food and relieve the feeling of heaviness. It is important to follow this. diet and after quarantine, as to maintain a slim figures, this diet is necessary.


Diet terminology

Fats – one of the nutrients that lasts provide a feeling of fullness. Fats are different origin. Distinguish animal and vegetable fats origin. They play the role of building material in the human body, but do not allow yourself to consume excessive amount of products with these components. Neglecting fats is also not permissible, since they synthesize important biologically active substances in the body. Proteins – this term refers to proteins and polypeptides. The body breaks down proteins into amino acids, and those in in turn, serve as a source of energy. Proteins are required use, because without this, the body will soon weaken. Data Organic substances are found in the following products: In meat animal origin, milk, nuts, grains and legumes crops, vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms. Vitamins – they ensure the full functioning of the human immune system. Important consume foods containing healthy vitamins during coronavirus infections, as the only treatment COVID-19 is the body’s immunity. Carbohydrate is primary source of energy in the body. They are divided into simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates quickly enter the bloodstream and provide the body with energy. Under the term “Simple carbohydrates “usually understand sucrose and foods that contain sugar. Excessive consumption of these products makes you feel satisfaction and the brain will begin to produce hormones of happiness. it can serve as a stimulator of excessive nutrition above normal. Nutritionists advise replacing them with complex carbohydrates, which gradually provide the body with nutrients. Difficult carbohydrates are found in crops, vegetables, and fruits.

Prohibited foods during a diet for weight loss:

  • Sausages;
  • Smoked products;
  • Canned food in oil;
  • Confectionery;
  • Margarine;
  • White rice;
  • Sweet pastries;
  • Sweets and milk chocolate;
  • Sauces;
  • Margarine;
  • Greasy sour cream;
  • Pizza;
  • Cheeses;
  • Fast food and crackers;
  • Fat meat;
  • Alcohol.

Allowed foods during the diet:

  • Various cereals;
  • Low-fat cheeses;
  • Natural dairy products sugarless;
  • Fresh fruits (without banana and grapes);
  • Hard pasta varieties of wheat;
  • A fish;
  • Low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Chicken fillet, turkey, beef without fats;
  • Ground coffee;
  • Dried nuts;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Green tea;
  • Vegetable oils;
  • Bitter chocolate;
  • Spice.

Follow the right diet and make the best diet for yourself. quarantined to get a slim figure.

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