The right massage for the baby in the first threemonths of life

All newborn babies come to this world with bent.
handles and legs and tightly clenched cams. Limb movements
baby messy. This phenomenon is completely normal and wears
The name “physiological tone.” The task of the parents is to
to eliminate this tone and help your child understand the science
conscious movements. This will help you massage.

The content of the article

  • 1 Types of massage
    • 1.1 Benefits / benefits of massage
    • 1.2 When do I need a massage?
    • 1.3 Contraindications
  • 2 Fundamental rules
  • 3 Step-by-step technique
    • 3.1 Massage for children from 1 to 3 months in pictures
  • 4 Basic massage techniques according to V. I. Vasichkin
      • 4.0.1 Video guide: massage instructions

массаж для новорожденных

Types of massage

Depending on the goal pursued, the massage is subdivided into
following types:

  • curative;
  • prophylactic;
  • therapeutic and prophylactic.

Therapeutic massage should be carried out by a specialist. Assign it
can with the following diseases identified in the baby:

  • hypertonus or hypotonia;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • congenital dislocation of the joint;
  • acquired or congenital clubfoot;
  • umbilical hernia;
  • CNS diseases;
  • flat feet;
  • leg deformity (X- or O-shaped).

For each disease, apply their own special techniques.
massages, which tend to differ among themselves.

Профилактический массаж рекомендован всем
newborn if there are no contraindications. Sessions of such a massage
can improve blood circulation and appetite, normalize metabolism
substances, normalize breathing. In children with high
excitability is stabilized behavior and normal sleep.
It turns out that massage can reduce the content of the hormone in the body.
cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone with increased levels of it.
the body’s immune defenses are destroyed. Therefore, under
воздействием массажа улучшается и иммунитет baby

Since preventive massage is performed in most
cases by the parents themselves, his sessions are additional
way to contact your baby with mom or dad. Sure, it will improve
and the psychological state of the crumbs.

Therapeutic and prophylactic массаж, как и
medical, prescribed by a doctor and carried out by experts. is he
involves massaging the whole body with special attention
problem areas. This type of massage is able to normalize
blood circulation, improve the work of the cardiovascular system,
correct the defective state of bones and muscles, eliminate intestinal
colic. It is also recommended for respiratory diseases,
urinary and digestive systems. Therapeutic and prophylactic
massage has a beneficial effect on motor abilities
baby The child quickly learns to roll over, sit down and

The benefits / benefits of massage

There are many receptors on our skin that
irritation send signals to the brain. This is how work is stimulated.
and the development of the entire human nervous system, and massage here takes
leading positions. After all, the massage session is annoying.
most nerve receptors.

When massaging the body, blood circulation is improved, and this
positive effect on the state of any internal organ. Exactly
therefore, preventive massage sessions are recommended for all children
first year of life.

Massage replaces nursing kids with gymnastics. In addition,
newborns are still underdeveloped auditory and visual
ability, the whole world is felt through touch. Therefore, it is
massage develops the emotional state of the baby and the ability
perception of the world around.

Pediatricians consider massage to be a reliable preventive measure.
various diseases, as well-coordinated work depends on it
all organs.

We have already mentioned the beneficial effects of massage treatments on
immunity of the newborn. So, as a result of this influence
the child will be less likely to “catch” various infections and colds.

Massages are beneficial to the digestive system, eliminating
kidney intestinal colic and constipation. Beneficially they act on
musculoskeletal system, helping to form a correct posture
and if necessary, restore physical fitness.

When do you need a massage

Massage to newborns is usually prescribed with the following.

  • hypotrophy;
  • rickets;
  • muscle hypertonus;
  • valgus and flat valgus deformity of feet;
  • residual reflexes of the newborn;
  • tremor of various parts of the body;
  • lesions of the central nervous system;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • umbilical hernia;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • torticollis;
  • clubfoot, flat feet, leg deformity;
  • scoliosis;
  • chest deformity.

The course of massage can also be prescribed as part of therapy.
bronchial asthma, pneumonia, limb fractures, etc.
It is also shown with increased tonus of the limbs and constipation.

However, if the baby has not been identified special
indications for massage, they can and should be engaged independently in
home conditions. Naturally, observing the necessary conditions, and
after consulting with a pediatrician.


  • Any type of massage will not bring any benefit if the baby
    increased Body temperature. It is contraindicated for various
    skin lesions or diseases (especially pustular
    nature), increased bone fragility, circulatory diseases
    systems, ARVI.
  • It is advisable to refuse massage treatments in the midst of acute
    stages of any disease.
  • In the presence of an umbilical hernia massage should be carried out under the sensitive
    observation of the doctor, since in this case it is necessary to exclude
    possibility of pinching hernia.
  • For children with heart disease, massage sessions should
    monitored by a pediatric cardiologist.
  • Not recommended for massage and with increased nervousness
    baby because this condition causes an increased tone

In any case, the course of massage should be prescribed by a doctor.
�”Amateur” is not allowed.

Fundamental rules

You can start doing massage no earlier than a crumb
�”Knocks” 20 days old. Children under the age of 3 months can not
to massage the area of ​​the fontanel and under the knees, elbow bend,
armpits, inner thighs. Also contraindicated
pressure and shock movements, pats so you only
cause excessive receptor irritation and increased nervous
excitability of the baby.

  1. The temperature in the room should be between
    18 до 23 градусов.
     The most important –
    temperature conditions in the room. Do not forget that the baby is some
    time will be completely naked and may freeze. Not necessary
    soothe yourself that the body warms up during the massage.
    This axiom is applicable to an adult. For the baby massage
    movements are more stroking than force, and therefore
    the warming effect is almost zero. That the baby is cold
    You can tell the beginning of the hiccups and the temperature of the spout crumbs.
    We read articles about optimal temperature in the room for
    newborn baby and it’s helpful to read the article about
    the hardening procedure, namely air baths for
  2. To carry out the massage should prepare the changing station.
    столик или любую ровную поверхность.
    Cover by
    тонким одеялом, клеенкой или
    diaper. Поверхность должна быть достаточно широкой,
    so you can freely turn the baby.
  3. Place for a massage is desirable to equip
    in advance with all necessary.
    Provide what can
    come in handy and ensure that these funds are available
    proximity. You should not be distracted and leave the crumb, even mobile
    put the phone nearby. It is also advisable to spread the absorbent
    reusable diaper, because the baby still can not control
    urination process.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to their hands.
    Long nails are undesirable not only for massage, they are superfluous and for
    daily child care. Beauty hands and a good manicure
    possible with short nails, so cut them off for a while
    while the pussy is at the tender age. It is also recommended to remove from
    hands all the decorations. There is absolutely no chance of injury
    for what.
  5. Be able to choose the right time for
     You can approximately calculate
    when a child asks for food and sleep. Massage is better done later.
    one and a half to two hours after feeding. Even with a little discomfort with
    hand baby process will not give positive results.
  6. During the massage, do not be silent, talk to
    a child.
    Any children’s songs and nursery rhymes will be useful.
    Such simultaneous activities not only set up the baby to
    positive, but also develop his auditory and conversational
  7. Gradual increase in exercise time
    carrying out massage procedures.
  8. Direction of massage movements: strictly from the bottom up, from
    periphery to the center.
  9. Movement must be careful and not deliver the baby
    the discomfort.
  10. Duration of one session 15-20

Step-by-step technique

массаж для детей 1-3 месяца

массаж для детей 1-3 месяца

Сразу напомним, что никаких силовых движений при
performing a newborn massage should not be. Only light
stroking movements.

  • We always start with crumbs. Massaging
    each finger individually, unclench the cams and pay attention
    palms. Gently proceed to the wrist massage and gradually
    We rise above. Armpits do not touch.
  • Gently go to the legs. First we massage
    foot, not forgetting to pay attention to each finger. Further
    perform light massaging movements in the direction from the foot to
    groin Careful with the knees, no effect on the joints to be
    should not. Do not touch the area under the knees at all.

Important! During the procedure, massage pens and
the legs of the newborn should be in a bent

  • Gradually move to the tummy and stroke it from
    navel clockwise.
    Further смыкаем руки на средней
    tummy lines and start doing gliding movements: one hand
    moves up and the second down. At the same time we try to avoid
    effects on the genitals.
  • Breast baby start to massage in the direction of
    the sternum to the shoulders, then – from the sternum to the sides.
    gland bypass side.
  • We turn the baby on the stomach and gently massage
    the neck.
    In those moments when the baby is trying to raise or
    turn your head, all movements are recommended to stop.
  • Further начинаем back massage. Directions
    there are two movements here – from the waist to the shoulders, then from the spine to
    sides. The spine itself is not massaged. Ass stroking in
    direction from the side of the thighs to the tailbone area.
  • We spread the crumb on the left side and carefully hold
    hand on the paravertebral lines in the direction from the sacrum to
    In this case, the child must be slightly curved forward.
    Do no more than three movements and repeat the same in the position
    on the right side.
  • Laying the child in the starting position and massaging
    head, avoiding the fontanel area (probably not worth explaining,
    . Do not forget about ears. We also give them a little
    time and affection.

We finish the massage with stroking movements all over the body.

Massage for children from 1 to 3 months in pictures

Выкладывание на живот

Выкладывание на живот
Массаж рук

Массаж рук
Массаж живота

Массаж живота
Массаж ножек

Массаж ножек
Массаж спины

Массаж спины

Освоить все эти «премудрости» не так сложно, как кажется
initially. We hope with our help you will become for your crumbs.
professional masseuse.

Exercises for a month-old baby are selected based on his overall
status, as well as individual characteristics.

Basic massage techniques according to V. I. Vasichkin

  • Поглаживание – манипуляция, при которой
    the masseur, without moving the skin into the folds, slides over the child’s skin with
    varying degrees of pressure;
  • Растирание – прием, при котором рука массажиста
    produces shifting, stretching of the underlying tissues;
  • Разминание – прием, при котором массирующая рука
    performs three steps: fixing, squeezing or compressing,
    rolling out. This technique is rarely used in baby massage.
    preferably a specialist.
  • Вибрация – манипуляция, при которой массажист
    transmits to the child various oscillatory movements. In monthly
    aged is usually a pat.


  1. Поглаживание рук – 8-10 раз.массаж для новорожденного 1 месяц

  2. Stroking feet – 10 times.
  3. Rubbing feet – 10 times.
  4. Flexion and extension of the toes – 6 times.
  5. Wiggling the torso left and right – up to 8 times.
  6. Stroking the abdomen – 6 – 8 times. This set of exercises
    must be carried out starting from one month of age. Then to him
    You can add one of the following exercises each
  7. Stroking back – up to 8 times.
  8. Kneading feet – 6 times.
  9. Buttocks slamming – up to 10 times.
  10. Crawling – 2-3 times.
Massaj nojek

Warm your hands and apply a couple of drops of oil on them.
You can use baby oil or olive oil. Start the massage with
soft massaging with the toes of the feet. Soft, gentle, but with
With confidence, drive your fingers from heel to fingers. Then
move to the baby’s legs. Moving from the heels to the knees, up
вниз поглаживающими движениями.
Massaj ruchek i tulovischa

Для начала расположите свои руки на плечики крохи и
make gentle strokes gradually moving to the baby’s breast.
Now we run along the handles and bring the movements to the hands. Now
Begin to stroke your baby’s tummy in a circular motion. If a
the tummy is soft, the child has just recently eaten, then listen
to the actions of the child, because the tummy is very sensitive. If a
notice that the baby is starting to worry, go to the other
частям тела.
Massaj lichika i spinki

Пальчиками поглаживаем личико крохи от середины лобика
to temples, and then to the cheeks. If a после всего процесса малыш лежит
relaxed and calm, then turn it over on the tummy and stroke
back long movements, smoothly, from head to foot. If a вы
noticed that the baby is fidgeting, he does not like something and he doesn’t
relaxing, do not continue to massage, better stop.
Возможно малыша что то беспокоит.

Массаж для ребенка в первый месяц 
it is a necessary means of regulating the work of the flexor muscles and
extensor, nervous system activity and general harmonious
development of a newborn baby.


On the topic of massage and hardening:

  • massaj-novorojdennomu

    If a ребенка часто мучают колики, то вот инструкция как
    сделать массаж от колик;
  • In addition to massage, it is very useful to apply tempering.
    newborns, look at the rules and methods of hardening;
  • Важно с ребенком проводить занятия на фитболе.

Video guide: massage instructions

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