The reverse side of motherhood or nothingspeak out loud before the baby is born

�“Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Major revelations about motherhood …

Happy anticipation of motherhood! Pregnancy and expectation
the birth of a tiny child! How beautiful it is! All and only
they tell the future mom about what happiness awaits her.

уставшая мама

And the baby was born. A new life begins. Brand new! AND
why didn’t the young mother ever be warned that everything would get off her feet
on the head?

In the care of the child, please do not forget about yourself

Here it is, a new life: sleepless nights, dirty diapers, roaring
baby … Wasn such a “happiness” expecting a future mother? Feed,
wash, iron, clean, walk, put to sleep and again

Feeding and sleeping strictly according to the clock – the baby must gain strength.
Walk in any weather – the child needs fresh air. AND не
It is important that the thermometer shows minus 25 or it is pouring rain!
The doctor said: “the child needs fresh air …”, and
grandmother says so.

And what about me?

Wear an old down jacket and not my head – your time and money
belong to the baby. In general, forget about yourself, and 60 years
until the child retires.

AND что же получается? Dedicate all of yourself to the child and completely forget.
About Me? Turn into a robot that performs the task? Well
really not!

Let it look selfish, but not only should a young mother
find time to rest, but also keep pace with yourself. Child
may remain a child in the next 40 years! AND что же, на это
Is it time to make a slave out of prison?

материнство усталость

The result is sad – fatigue, anger and resentment at all and all.
The feeling of prison and hard labor. But after all, with the birth of a child, our life
does not lose value, it is first. And secondly, only rested
physically and morally moms have the resources to give them
homely. So if this is selfishness, it is extremely reasonable.

Запомните: только отдохнувшая физически,
morally and self-confident woman will be able to give the child all that
will not give marazmatichka forever screaming from fatigue.

The whims of the baby outraged? This is normal

Child — человечек, постоянно требующий внимания. When mom
I want to sleep, for some reason he does not sleep when he needs to eat – not
wants. AND это все начинает раздражать и выводить из себя. Some
think: what am I for hysteric, I do not know how to control myself.
Calm down, this is normal.

In a moment of anger, just stand aside and take a few
deep breaths. Count to ten and return to the child.
Hug him and say he is the best. Most likely he
answer the same and from anger will not remain a trace.

A child can tire – this is normal!

Provoke. Angry Infuriating and infuriating yourself is normal.
Fairy tales and pitfalls, sandboxes and talk about prikorm are annoying. So
it happens, and that’s fine. It passes – pretty quickly. Special
if you don’t blame yourself and call yourself a bad mother, but just
wait in the corner with a cup of tea and a rocket launcher.

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Anxiety about and without …

Maternity – anxious time. At first, the young mother will
worry about why the baby doesn’t eat well or has liquid
chair. Then, in a panic, they will run around the three-year-old who broke
Knee, and will raise to his feet almost all the doctors of the city.

anxious mom

My baby caught a cold …

I got a deuce at school …

Oh God!

AND вдруг подросток встретил свою вторую половинку, а она вам
not at all like it! What to do?!

Now it will always be so. Take it for granted and try.
stay calm. You are not alone in this world! You are a member
a huge social group whose name is “Maternity”!

You will worry that the baby is gaining weight poorly, that
a one-year-old baby walks slowly, and a two-year-old is not so good
says like his peer in the yard. A five-year offended friend, and
now he will have a psychological trauma. A teenager unrequited
fell in love, and psychological trauma seems to be with you … And they
sick, do not come home on time, do not take the tube, get married
for unworthy people and not so raise your grandchildren. Looks like it
forever and ever.

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anxious mom

Family Crisis

До рождения baby у вас была семейная идиллия. You took care of
wife, all his free time was devoted to him, he sometimes brought you
coffee in bed. AND вот вы — счастливые родители!

In place of the first delight, fatigue and routine will come. Abandoned
spouse can not understand what happened. He was left alone and should
serve yourself The young wife barely have the strength to reach
beds, and nothing about the caress and tenderness and does not remember. AND так длится
a whole year, maybe more.

Quarrels and abuse begin, anger and
misunderstanding. Many experts call the first year after birth
baby критическим для супругов. During this period, young parents
must be patient and loyal to each other. Man
You should try to understand your wife and offer your help. In free
minute to play with the child and give his wife a rest. She is will appreciate
the efforts of her husband and will thank him twice.

Faithful girlfriends were not so true

At first, the young mother, by virtue of her employment, did not even
remember about girlfriends. If they do not give themselves know. Good
A friend immediately after arriving from the hospital will pay a visit, even
she was not called, would be interested in the affairs of the newly-made mommy.
Consider yourself lucky.

подруги у молодой мамы

Some friends will disappear from sight – for a while, or even
forever and ever. It’s not just that you have different interests. Simply
Any change in life is a bond test. AND если
the relationship was based on habit or boredom, they will fall apart as
tower of cubes. By the way, cubes develop large motor skills and teach
distinguish colors. Yellow and red children remember first, though
Сереженька… Well вот, и Маша не звонит больше.

Well а с человеком, который ссылается на свою занятость, не стоит
and try to keep in touch. Alas, your friendship could not stand
strength test.

Parents will not help the way you imagined

Happy waiting for the first grandson! Meeting at the maternity hospital, baby talk
and affection. AND на этом все?! And where is the promised help?

AND не надейтесь! Parents are still young enough and they have their own
a life. Grandpa’s promises to go fishing with his grandson will remain
beautiful fairy tale. Зато учить воспитывать baby молодых родителей
will always be. Grandma and Granddaddy came and went, and it’s up to you to decide what
baby лучше, а что нет! Слушайте, соглашайтесь… AND делайте так,
what do you think is right you!

AND даже не так, как они сами обещали. �“Take every weekend”
will turn into “come for half an hour once a month.” Three months on
the sea – on Sunday in the country, the carriage – in the pumpkin. No, we all know
no one owes and should not. But insulting.

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You will break a dozen of your own pedagogical principles


Burn everything worshiped. Put the child in
own bed, will include harmful cartoons to
get enough sleep, sit on the phone, calm down sweets and bribe
toys. Raise your voice. Skip the walk. There is chocolate in
breastfeeding time. AND оставаться при этом хорошей

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