The regime of the day of the child in 5 months – sleep, feeding,walks, games and development

Режим дня ребенка в 5 месяцев практически
identical to that to which all regime points of his
life in the previous month. Duration of sleep periods and
wakefulness, the number of feedings remain the same, changing
only the kid himself: day by day he is becoming more mobile, stronger and
more curious.

The content of the article

  • 1 Table with the approximate daily routine
    • 1.1 Sleep
    • 1.2 Feed
    • 1.3 Walk
    • 1.4 Develop
    • 1.5 Games and activities
      • 1.5.1 What should be the content of developmental activities?
    • 1.6 Gymnastics and physical development
  • 2 Причины нарушения распорядка дня и способы их
  • 3 Video guide: child 5 months


Table with the approximate daily routine

  • 6:00-8:00 Пробуждение малыша, утреннее
    feeding followed by compulsory hygienic
    procedures, air baths, light massage, communication with mom;
  • 8:00-10:00 Первый сон, совмещенный с прогулкой
    in the open air;
  • 10:00-12:30 Второе кормление, выполнение
    gymnastics, massage, active wake.
  • 12:30-14:30 Дневной сон.
  • 14:30-17:00 Третий прием пищи, активный досуг,
    filled with educational games and exercise.
  • 17:00-19:00 Sleep на свежем воздухе.
  • 19:00-21:30 Четвертое кормление, развивающий
    leisure, communication with family members, bathing crumbs.
  • 22:30 Afterдний прием пищи.
  • 23:00-6:00 Sleep до утра.

Another variant:


After reviewing this schedule, each mother can adjust
him under the individual needs of his five month

Parents of the crumbs should prepare for the fact that at five
months he may have the first teeth. This is significant
an event can manifest itself in different ways: it is not for one kids
delivers special torment, while others react to it by raising
temperature, persistent moods, upset stools and
sleep disturbance. This for some time may cause
unpredictable behavior of the sick child, fraught
несоблюдением привычного распорядка дня

Fortunately, such periods are rather short. After
teething mom should take care of returning crumbs to
still mode.


The night sleep of a five-month-old baby is usually strong: tight
a refreshed baby can sleep for about ten hours, not
requiring feeding and not disturbing sleeping parents. To achieve
such a result, the mother must properly organize a day rest
your baby, breaking it into three two-hour periods:

  1. The first dream is necessary for the baby after a two-hour morning.
    wakefulness. If weather conditions favor it, mom
    can go with him for a walk, since it is in the morning
    hours sleep in the open air will be most favorable for
  2. The second dream of the baby is in the afternoon. In warm
    time of year and it can be combined with a walk.
  3. The third time the child should be laid in the evening. In that
    moment for a walk with the baby can go dad, who returned from

It is this mode of daytime sleep that pediatricians consider optimal for
baby If the baby is sleepy, exceeding the allotted
two-hour limit, you should wake him up carefully so as not to
выбиться из привычного распорядка дня


On the topic of sleep:

  • How to put a child to sleep without tears and whims
  • Teach the child to sleep in their crib separately from
    mothers (video, real stories) –;
  • To rock the baby before bedtime: until what age
    can ukachivat
  • The baby sleeps only in the arms, and you lay awake –
    problem or not
  • At what age can your baby sleep on a pillow?


In 5 months a child should eat at least a liter per day.
breast milk. During feeding, he no longer sleeps, but very
actively sucks breasts. It is at this age should
gradually wean the baby from the habit of falling asleep exclusively
mother’s breasts. Every daytime sleep period should now begin.
не с кормления, а с укачивания

An exception should be made before laying the crumbs overnight: in
this moment mother’s breast will not only be his source
power supply. Having calmed down quickly, the baby will sleep especially

Five-month-old babies on the chest
feeding, still do not need complementary foods: they are completely
enough of those nutrients that are contained in
материнском молоке
. There are cases when mother’s milk
the baby does not get enough and therefore often naughty and almost not gaining
weight. This situation is the basis for his transfer to
mixed feeding using dairy-free cereals. Through
some time porridge can be made milky.


If in the diet of the child of the artificial already introduced in
four months old, his meal schedule will look like
in the following way:

  • 6:00 Feeding kefir or milk mixture (200 ml).
  • 10:00 Lure feeding: non-dairy porridge (150 ml), curds
    (40 g), vegetable juice (100 ml). Kashka can be rice, buckwheat
    or corn.
  • 14:00 Feeding vegetable soup or mashed potatoes, zucchini
    or cauliflower, seasoned with a drop of vegetable oil
    (150 ml).
  • 19:00 Feeding with milk mixture (200 ml).
  • 22:30 Feeding with kefir or mixture (200 ml).

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Introducing new products into the diet of the crumbs, you should follow
his stools and the condition of the skin: with the appearance of rashes and
changing the nature of the feces from them is necessary immediately


The frequency and duration of walks mainly depend on
weather conditions. On cold days, you can walk with your baby no more
сорока минут, в теплые дни – до нескольких часов.

Under perfect circumstances, all periods
rest day can be combined with walks, because active
oxygen supply improves sleep quality: it becomes more
продолжительным и глубоким

Во время прогулок необходимо знакомить кроху с
objects and phenomena of the world, accompanying all seen
простыми комментариями, доступными его пониманию


At the age of five months, the child masters the whole complex.
skills. He can:

  • Recognize loved ones and your own reflection in the mirror;
  • Joyfully respond to the maternal voice;
  • Reach for the item you like, grab and take away
  • Press the keys and buttons of musical instruments;
  • Play with a rattle and a squeaker;
  • Inspect the shape and texture of objects, feeling them
  • Тянуть в рот свои ручки/ножки и все, что попадется ему под
    a hand;
  • To keep an eye on the subject, turning your head in any
  • Self-roll from back to flank, and then –
    on the tummy. Roll over in the opposite direction is also not
    great labor for him;
  • Long lie on the tummy, looking at the surrounding
    the setting;
  • Leaning on the head and knees, raise the pelvis and
  • Make the first attempts at self-sitting (when
    the baby begins to sit down independently?);
  • Grasping the fingers of the adult, lift up and
    stand upright.

It is not necessary to force the development of the baby, forcing him
perform actions that a close friend’s child has already mastered.
Five-month babies develop completely individually:
today he can do little, and a week later he can master right away
несколько навыков, оставив «соперника» далеко позади
The key to successful development of the baby are daily activities with

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Games and activities

For the successful development of crumbs in five months can be purchased
several bright toys, equipped with a complex of sound effects.
The most useful for him will be:

  • Soft toys with built-in beeper, hard balls,
    foil inserts;
  • Children’s drums and multi-color rattles;
  • Bright nesting dolls;
  • Pupae for finger theater;
  • Voiced soft little animals performing songs and fairy tales;
  • Children’s musical instruments (piano, metallophone).
    A full replacement for such tools can be spoons, pan
    with a lid, etc.

What should be the content of developmental activities?

A five-month-old baby is very intelligent and inquisitive. He already
understands what “cannot” means, reacts correctly to words:
�“Give”, “on”, “go to mother”. Understanding your baby are different
intonation: he will smile at gentle handling, and in response to
a grumpy remark may cry.

  • It is necessary to continue reading books, viewing pictures.
    Crumbs can show photos of family members and talk about
  • Telling the kid poems and poteshki, it is very useful to stroke,
    knead and rub his tiny fingers: this massage will be
    promote improvement of blood circulation, activation of speech
    centers and stimulate the functioning of internal organs. For
    Massage the mother can use a walnut, ball
    or a pencil, rolling them between children’s palms or on the outside
    the surface of the hands;
  • Wanting to amuse the crumb, you can, by holding up in your arms, give him
    fly “airplane”. No less delight will cause
    попрыгать на коленях у кого-нибудь из домашthem;
  • Bypassing the apartment with the baby in her arms, you need to continue
    to acquaint him with the names of the objects in it;
  • You can acquaint the crumb not only with a different texture of the material, but
    and with a difference of physical properties, letting him touch a piece
    ice or to a mug of warm tea;
  • You need to talk as much as you can with the child, trying
    pronounce words clearly and correctly, remembering that they
    deposited in his memory creating passive lexical

Gymnastics and physical development

The child’s leisure must be active, therefore it is necessary
make sure you give him free and
safe space for exercise
(read the article about how to secure for baby

  • It is very important to teach your baby to crawl. Laying the baby on the floor and
    putting your palms under the little heels, you must give him
    opportunity to push off and make the first attempts to advance
    forward (when the baby begins to crawl);
  • Incredibly useful for the baby gymnastic exercises with
    a large ball that improves stretching and strengthens the musculo-ligamentous
    apparatus (read about the correct exercise on fitball);
  • A kid who has not yet learned how to roll himself over
    back on the tummy, should be constantly encouraged to this, putting
    under the side of the palm or spreading near his beloved
    a toy;
  • One can only welcome the desire of many parents to teach
    your kids swim. Regular swimming lessons
    contribute to the expansion of the lungs and improved coordination of movements.
    Kids who can swim start walking faster. Duration
    swimming loads should be no more than ten
    . That the kid was engaged with pleasure, it is necessary
    turn the process into an exciting game using brightly voiced
    toys. After swimming it is necessary to make a relaxing baby

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Причины нарушения распорядка дня и способы их

The most common failures in sleep and nutrition of a five-month baby
occur due to the fault:

  1. teething first teeth.
  2. overly active introduction of new foods in the diet.

Relieve the condition of the crumbs, capricious during the eruption period
teeth, it is possible with the help of special toys, teethers,
intended for massage swollen and itchy gums.

If the cause of children’s whims was a violation of the rules
introduction of complementary foods, it is necessary to completely eliminate the problematic
product from the baby’s diet. After a few days you can
try introducing it again, but in very small portions,
looking closely at the reaction of the child

Since the pussy, who has not yet been able to speak, reports
unmet needs with an exceptionally loud cry (read
an article about how to understand the causes of crying children), caring mother
it should be as soon as possible to establish and eliminate its cause (crying
may be due to lack of attention, hunger,
severe fatigue).

Competently built daily routine for the baby in 5
months is the guarantor of the excellent well-being of the child,
disciplining his behavior and stimulating success
physical and intellectual development.

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Video guide: child 5 months



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