The regime of the day of the child in 12 months: sleep, feeding,walks, educational activities

A child is a year old – the first significant date in life
child, without the celebration of which no family can do. For
some kids this event does not entail any changes
касающихся изменения привычного распорядка дня, for других переход
in a new age category is associated with restructuring mode
daytime rest and feeding schedule.

The content of the article

  • 1 Таблица с распорядком дня for ребенка на 12 месяце жизни
    • 1.1 Sleep
    • 1.2 Feeding
    • 1.3 Physical exercise
    • 1.4 Hygiene
    • 1.5 Developmental activities
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rebenku 1 god rezhim dnia

Таблица с распорядком дня for ребенка на 12 месяце жизни

  • 6:00-6:30 Проснувшегося малыша кормят
    грудью или дают молочную смесь.
  • 6:30-10:00 Череда привычных утренних процедур:
    washing, brushing teeth, taking air baths and morning complex
  • 10:00-10:30 Порция кашки, заправленной
    a drop of butter will give the baby strength and lift
  • 10:30-12:00 Первый период дневного сна.
  • 12:00-14:00 Отдохнувший малыш отправляется на
    a walk.
  • 14:00-14:30 Пора пообедать.
  • 14:30-15:30 Самый удачный момент for
    intellectual and creative activities: reading children’s books,
    sculpting and drawing.
  • 15:30-17:00 Второй период дневного сна.
  • 17:00-18:00 Время for подвижных игр и
    physical education classes: a well-rested baby is full of strength and
  • 18:00-18:30 Плотный ужин восстановит запас
    calories spent in the process of active physical
  • 18:30-20:30 Подкрепившийся ребенок собирается
    for a walk along with the closest people.
  • 20:30-22:00 Общение с членами семьи
    continues: it is time to develop games, during which
    intelligence and motility of small muscles are actively developing. Approximately at
    in the middle of this time period you can carve out a quarter of an hour
    for купания малыша.
  • 22:00-22:30 Вечерний перекус, предшествующий
    laying crumbs.
  • 22:30-6:00 Пора ночных сновидений.

This daily routine, unchanged, preserves
sequence and duration of all regime points
предыдущего месяца, подходит только for тех малышей, которые
по-прежнему нуждаются в двух периодах дневного отдыха

However, among the anniversaries there are kids, the nervous system
которых окрепла настолько, what частый отдых for ее восстановления
is no longer needed. For таких детей необходим новый режим,
предусматривающий только один период дневного сна


The daily routine governing the life of a one-year-old child may
contain one of two options for sleep:

  1. Первый, ставший привычным for ребенка, подчинявшегося ему на
    протяжении двух последних месяцев, предусматривает
    biphasic daytime sleep, consisting of two 1.5-hour
    . Toddlers needing this kind of sleep can
    maintain vigor for four hours. Evening time
    отбоя for них наступает в 22 часа. With this option day
    rest in the daily routine perfectly fit two long
    walks and five times feeding.
  2. The second option, providing only one long
    the period of daytime sleep requires a radical restructuring of everything
    daily routine. Крохи, for которых комфортен такой график отдыха,
    demonstrate the characteristic features characteristic of the temperament of “owls”:
    они пробуждаются не ранее семи (а порой и восьми) часов
    in the morning. «Тихий час» (forщийся не менее 2-3 часов) for них придется
    arrange closer to 13:00. Since it will end no earlier than 16:00,
    about any fivefold feeding is out of the question: baby
    удастся покормить лишь четыре раза
    . Such a daily routine
    It has two important advantages: it is close to the conditions
    keeping kids in preschool, so adaptation
    crumbs that went to kindergarten, will be held without any problems
    (adaptation of the child in kindergarten). Второй плюс состоит в том, what
    the parents of the baby, going on a night rest at 21:00,
    there is an opportunity to give each other a little more time.

What is the schedule of sleep suitable baby in 1 year, parents
decide by observing his behavior. Indications for the transition to
one-time daytime sleep is the combination of the following

  • Несмотря на то, what наступило время первого дневного сна, малыш
    continues to be vigorous and energetic. Showing no slightest
    signs of drowsiness, he is ready to play or engage with his mother;
  • Attempts to put in bed cause strong protest
  • Процесс дневного укладывания затягивается настолько, what
    leads to a significant shift in time of all regime

If this behavior is repeated day after day, you can
gradually change the daily routine by giving the kid
possibility of a single, but longer day
recreation. Of course, about any violence from adults
should be out of the question.


Food schedule for a twelve month old baby
depends on how many times he rests during

  • In the two-phase daytime sleep mode, the crumbs are fed five.
    . If mom still has breast milk, it’s great.
    подойдет как for первого завтрака, так и for
    вечернего кормления малыша перед укладыванием его на ночь
    (the artificial artist can feed the milk mixture).

During lunchtime, lunch and dinner, the yearling receives food
from the common table. His diet consists of cereals, soups, boiled and
stewed vegetables, meat and fish dishes. In no
additional wiping food a child of this age does not need.
Рыбу и мясо, предназначенные for питания малыша (если они не
served in the form of meatballs and cutlets), can be cut into small
кусочками: это необходимо for развития жевательного рефлекса и
формирования правильного прикуса

The list of foods that are contraindicated in a small child remains
the same: on his table should not be spicy, spicy and fried foods,
citrus, chocolate, nuts, smoked meat, canned food, sausage and
confectionery. Instead of factory sweets (sweets, cakes
and fatty cookies) that you so want to pamper your loved one
baby, it is better to give him fresh berries and fruits or add them to
ready meals

table feeding

table feeding
  • If the sleep mode provides a one-time
    long rest, baby food becomes
    . Reducing feeds not
    means that you should increase the amount of food offered to the child.
    За одно кормление он должен съесть не более 250 мл полезных for
    him products.

In this mode, feeding baby starts breakfast not immediately
after waking up, and after washing, brushing your teeth and performing
morning gymnastics. This should happen no earlier than 8:30. Four
hours later – at 12:30 – the child is fed lunch, consisting of any
soups (vegetable, meat or fish), steam cutlets with vegetable puree
(from broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes or carrots), juice or

Twice a week, the baby is given fish and twice a month – dishes from
beef liver. After a long day of sleep – at 16:30 –
it is time for snack. Since with this variant of nutrition baby
dines before four o’clock expires during noon
snack he serves lighter dishes: children’s cottage cheese, casseroles
or cheese cakes, fruit puree and favorite juice.

At 19:00 you can feed the year-old milk porridge or vegetable
mashed potatoes; occasionally a steamed omelet or boiled egg is given.
You can finish the dinner with weak tea, fruit juice or fruit juice.

Physical exercise

A child of 12 months of age needs constant
build and strengthen muscle mass. You can do this in the course
perform morning exercises and home gymnastics
. Complexes must include:

  • walking on different (straight, sloping, smooth and uneven)
  • exercises with hanging the baby on the rings or horizontal bar;
  • all sorts of squats (with support for hands and without it);
  • all types of crawling;
  • slopes;
  • crawling exercises through the hoop and under the obstacle;
  • exercises to strengthen the abdominals;
  • throwing the ball;
  • circular rotation of the limbs;
  • securing the skills of safe tearing from a chair, bed or
    the couch.

Gymnastics should only be in good
ventilated room and with an open window (of course, not
allowing for drafts). To physical education classes
enjoyed the baby, you can spend them under the fun
ритмичную музыку

A one-year-old child no longer needs to perform
restorative massage: thanks to an active and permanent
the movement of his muscles begin to develop without extraneous external
effort (the only exception is a special prescription
doctor). Очень полезны for него неспешные прогулки на довольно
long distances. Many mothers are enrolled with crumbs to school.
development and are engaged under the supervision of qualified


1 year is the age when the baby begins to understand that
brushing your teeth, washing your face and washing your hands before eating are
procedures that must be performed every day. It is from
this age it is necessary to form his hygienic skills,
которые со временем превратятся в полезную привычку

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teach your child to brush their teeth

Daily bathing crumbs are no longer required; if
refuse the ritual of his bathing every night mom not
is going to, after bathing it is necessary to lubricate the delicate nursery
skin special oil or cream. Excellent moisturizing effect
salts with minerals and herbal extracts have
added to the baby bath.

Hardened babies are bathed in water whose temperature is not
превышает двадцати девяти градусов (for остальных ребятишек это
the value is at least thirty-four degrees), and doused
cooler (a couple of degrees) vodichkoy.

Developmental activities

rebenku 1 god razvivaiushchie igry`

Арсенал развивающих игрушек for годовичка достаточно
wide Your baby should have:

  • sets of different cubes (wooden, soft or
  • nesting dolls;
  • all kinds of pyramids (from rings, balls, hollow
  • children’s musical instruments (drum, piano on
    batteries, metallophone);
  • sorter toys (with shaped slots on the lid and a set of
    their respective liners);
  • sensory floor mats (shoelaces, clasps, buttons on them,
    stickies contribute to the development of fine motor skills);
  • gaming centers;
  • puzzles (from 2-4 parts);
  • rubber toys depicting birds and animals;
  • лото for маленьких;
  • wheelchairs (on a string or with a long handle);
  • big and small balls.

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to kid? What toys do children of different ages need?

Educational games with a child of 12 months are becoming
more complex and interesting:

  1. Finger games are very useful for the development of fine motor skills:
    �“Little finger-boy”, “Forty-crow”, “Ladushki”.
  2. Having taught the child how to fold the matryoshka correctly, the mother will
    promote the development of his eye and logical thinking.
  3. Considering the pictures in the book with a tiny one, you can play the game
    �”Find and show.” First you need to show the baby where
    the cat’s eyes are painted (dolls, dogs), and then ask him
    find them yourself. This game can be played to infinity
    coming up with all the new tasks.
  4. Turning on the rhythmic music and moving under it with the child,
    mom will contribute to the development of his hearing and feelings
  5. You can teach the crumbs to extract sounds from children’s music
    instruments (drum, tambourine, metallophone, pipes). Simplest
    tools can be made by hand, poured into small
    plastic bottles of peas, cereals or buttons.
  6. Improvised sandbox made of a basin
    filled with moistened salt will allow the baby to make beautiful
    kulichiki. This game develops fine muscle motility, an eye and
  7. For the development of fine motor skills and aesthetic perception
    In fact, drawing is very useful. Years old with
    pleasure paint with colors, felt-tip pens and wax crayons.
    Before such an activity, you must wear clothes that are not
    it is a pity to get dirty and constantly be near him. Table for
    which the child sits, it is better to cover with a newspaper.

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your baby

Соблюдение режима дня for ребенка в 1 год делает
малыша более дисциплинированным, послушным и здоровым.
A child accustomed to order will be able to quickly adapt to
новым for него условиям детского дошкольного

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