The regime of the day of the child at 11 months: sleep, feeding,walking, waking

The daily routine for a child is 11 months, not
undergone significant changes during the last two
months can be considered settled. Baby accustomed to rhythmic
alternating the same regime moments obediently to them
obeys, falling asleep and waking up at the same hours, giving mom
the opportunity to relax or do homework
by deeds.

The content of the article

  • 1 Daily routine for a child at 11 months, table
    • 1.1 Sleep
    • 1.2 Feeding
    • 1.3 Walking and gymnastics
    • 1.4 We are bathing a baby
    • 1.5 Games and activities


Daily routine for a child in 11 months, table

  • 6:00-6:30 ATремя пробуждения и кормления малыша
    (babies are applied to the breast, the artificially fed
  • 6:30-10:00 Самое благоприятное время для
    Formation of useful hygienic skills: washing, care
    teeth, doing morning exercises.
  • 10:00-10:30 Завтрак, состоящий из кашки (для
    Mom can use her cereal as well as dry
    prefabricated from a pack), baby cookies and tea.
  • 10:30-12:00 Утомившийся кроха нуждается в
  • 12:00-14:00 Пора активного ознакомления с
    around the world: walk in the courtyard or in the park area.
  • 14:00-14:30 Проголодавшегося ребенка можно
    feed soup of cereals or vegetables (with meatballs or a piece
    boiled meat). A good addition to the soup is a slice of bread or
    rusk. After that, you can give the kid a children’s curd and mashed potatoes from
    fresh fruit.
  • 14:30-15:30 Спокойный досуг, во время которого
    You can captivate the kid reading a fairy tale or developing games with
    using cubes, game centers, pyramids and toys for
    development of fine motor skills.
  • 15:30-17:00 Малютке пора отдохнуть.
  • 17:00-18:00 Набравшийся сил малыш с
    pleasure to do physical exercises and take
    participation in any outdoor games.
  • 18:00-18:30 Ужин малыша может состоять из
    vegetable puree with a portion of fish or meat cooked
    steamed, cereals with a small patty baked in the oven. AT
    As a drink, suitable fruit juice or berry juice.
  • 18:30-20:30 ATремя долгожданной семейной
  • 20:30-22:00 Пора вечернего досуга, на
    throughout which the baby has the opportunity to stay in the company
    family members filled with cool games. About an hour before bedtime
    baby should be bathed.
  • 22:00-22:30 Последняя трапеза, во время
    which the baby gets mother’s milk or milk formula.

The table clearly demonstrates the absolute unchanged.
the usual daily routine, but it has one new moment:
no longer have a physiological need for night feeding,
most eleven-month-old babies stop waking up among
. Due to this circumstance, the parents
there is an opportunity to fully relax at night.

Those babies who still retain such a habit should
gently but firmly lay without resorting to using a bottle with
a mixture or maternal breast: they do not need feeding.


A child at 11 months is extremely mobile and emotional.
The active process of knowing the world around him takes a lot
forces, therefore, for their recovery, the baby needs daytime sleep.
Most often it consists of two one and a half hour intervals, although
pediatricians believe that the most beneficial for the crumbs is one
day rest period of at least three to four

It is to this version of daytime sleep should be gradually
to teach the baby. The easiest way to do this is to combine sleep with a walk.
in fresh air: saturated with oxygen, it has a beneficial
impact on the entire child’s body. AT первую очередь это отражается
on the state of the central nervous system and on the mood

Sounds of nature can quickly calm too much
impressionable babies with sleep disorders; high
the oxygen content in the air makes their breathing deeper, and
sleep – longer.

Children of this age are able to see colorful and vivid dreams,
expressing their emotions with smiles, moans and even a big laugh. it
– a completely normal phenomenon that should not be disturbed.

Better sleep crumbs contributes to a certain ritual.
changing clothes before going to bed: dressing in a special pajamas is
для него сигналом к тому, что наступило время отдыха
The quality of sleepwear is also important: made from
hypoallergenic material that does not irritate delicate skin and does not
chilling movements, it should prevent overheating or
hypothermia baby.

If the nursery is cool, on the crumbs should be
cotton overalls or warm pajamas, and for covering it is necessary
baby blanket. To sleep in a room with a temperature above 22 degrees
Lightweight knitwear pajamas and a thin blanket or
bed sheet (see what should be the optimal temperature in the nursery

To не стоять по целой ночи над кроваткой ребенка, имеющего
wont be revealed during sleep, you can buy a sheet
or a blanket of that size that allowed would wind up their edges
under the children’s mattress.

Acquisition is also an excellent solution.
special attachment for baby blankets. In stores selling
goods for kids, now there are various models of safe
the clips providing reliable fixing of a blanket and not
obstructing the movement of sleeping crumbs.


The diet of the eleven-month baby remains the same:
consisting of five feedings, separated by a four-hour interval.
Some moms seeking to transfer the crumbs to four
food, make a big mistake. Reduced feeds
inevitably entails an increase in the volume of one serving,
coping with the digestion which the child’s digestive system
not yet able to.

As for the diet of baby food, he
so diverse that it allows the baby to eat with
common table, that is, from now on, mother can refuse to prepare
специальных детских блюд

For the culinary treatment of products intended for nutrition
the whole family, suitable stewing, boiling, baking and cooking on
a couple. From adding salt and spices at the time of cooking also
it will be necessary to refuse: adult family members can add them
in his plate directly during the meal.

Being engaged in planning the family menu, mom should remember about
that there is a category of products that are contraindicated
a small child. In the children’s diet should not be:

  • sweets and chocolate;
  • any sausages (including “baby” sausages);
  • semi-finished industrial production;
  • nuts;
  • mushrooms;
  • citrus fruit

Cow’s milk is poorly absorbed by the body of a small child,
therefore, milk for baby food is better to take in the dairy kitchen.
If this is not possible, cow’s milk, half diluted
water, very carefully introduced into the children’s diet in compliance with all
rules of feeding (starting with one teaspoon) (see how to enter
ration of baby cow’s milk).

Some babies of this age (usually artifacts) begin
abandon the fifth meal, babies also fall to
mother’s chest is not so much from hunger, but because of habit,
associated with laying at night. This habit can be formed and
have artefactors, giving them before bed a glass of milk with children
cookies. Over time, it will turn into a ritual that is
harbinger of a quick night rest.

таблица прикорма воз

таблица прикорма воз

Одиннадцатимесячного малыша пора учить пользоваться
with a spoon (how to teach a child to eat with a spoon – 10 simple tips) and
drink from a cup (learn to drink from a mug). To secure as much as possible
child, you need to provide him with dishes and cutlery,
made of high-quality plastic: they will not break when
falling on the floor and will not hurt with the awkward movement of a small
(не рассчитав движения, кроха может сильно ударить
yourself) (the first dishes for the baby).

Since the skill of owning a spoon is not given to the crumbs immediately, mother
should, without irritation, consider that most of the food,
put in a children’s bowl, will be on the floor or on the tabletop.
Instead of getting annoyed, it’s better to sit down next to the crumbs and
put the handle in the right direction: food is faster
gets into his mouth. If the baby does not make any attempts
to self-food means time for this is not yet
it’s come.

Walking and gymnastics

Proper development of the baby is impossible without exercise
and regular walks in the fresh air. We already talked about
how good it is for the baby’s brain to breathe air,
saturated with oxygen.

Another favorable factor for long walks is
ultraviolet radiation, which affects the body
The baby produces vitamin D. Its deficiency can
provoke the development of rickets and slow the growth of the child. To
sunbathing did not harm the health of the crumbs, walk with him
follows not in the open sun, but in the lacy shade of the trees. AT
winter time direct sunlight on the gentle nursery
skin is just as undesirable.

ATо время прогулки следует поощрять желание ребенка идти, толкая
in front of her own stroller. This is a great exercise.
which not only reinforces the skill of confident walking, but also teaches
baby to count the strength of the push needed to
the carriage began to move.

AT ежедневном распорядке дня следует выделять время для зарядки и
gymnastics, including flexion, extension,
circular rotation of the arms and legs, with the body tilting forward and with
lifting the body from a prone position.

If the development of the crumbs goes without violations
tonic massage, guided by the recommendations received
in the room of a healthy baby. If there are some deviations
Massage will be special. AT этом случае необходимы
recommendations of the orthopedist or neurologist.

We are bathing a baby

Among the mandatory hygiene procedures performed
daily washing, brushing your teeth and washing the crumbs
after each bowel movement (soap can be used through time:
just rinse your ass with running water and dry it with soft

You can bathe your baby every other day (water temperature is 34 degrees).
For washing of the head and body suitable baby soap or special
cosmetics. In the presence of minor wounds and
rashes and for the prevention of skin diseases once a week
should be poured into water a weak solution of potassium permanganate or add
special salt with anti-inflammatory and wound healing

AT конце каждого купания кроху следует облить прохладной
water, whose temperature is a couple of degrees lower than that poured
in the bath. This will harden the baby and will contribute to the correct
blood circulation in its vessels. Duration of swimming is not
more than ten minutes.

Games and activities

  • 11-month games crumbs become role-playing. Imitating action
    adult, he can feed, shake on his hands and put in
    crib doll, treat cookies hare, put on the pot
    Teddy bear. In order to enrich the content of children’s games,
    you must purchase a set of toy furniture and doll
  • It is necessary to consolidate the skills of folding pyramids, games with
    cubes inserts.
  • For the development of logical thinking and fine motor skills of kids
    This age are very useful toy sorter, having curly
    slits and a set of liners corresponding form. Doing a search
    the desired figure, the baby learns to compare the shape and size of objects,
    find similarities and differences in them. Along the way, develops agility
    small fingers and perseverance.
  • It is necessary to teach the baby to recognize in pictures familiar to him.
    items and toys. Asking questions (“Where’s the little dog?”, “Who’s here?”
    drawn? “), you need to encourage the crumbs to actively search for the desired
  • Kids of this age are able to understand and respond effectively.
    to the request: “Pet the cat”, “Have pity on mom”, “Call me, I love you”.
    It is necessary to cultivate kindness and emotional

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: развитие ребенка в 11 месяцев и
read about what a baby can in 11 months

Significance of achievements demonstrated by 11-month
tiny, depends largely on how the daily routine,
regulating his life, meets the physiological needs
growing organism.

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