The recipe for making broccoli for baby


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Nutritionists include broccoli among the most healthy vegetables and It is recommended not only for adults, but also for babies. The first of them are prepared lures for babies.

Pediatricians recommend introducing “adult food” to infants, starting with mashed vegetables, and it’s advised to choose green vegetables – they do not cause allergic reactions.

How to cook

The first lure from vegetables is given to the child in the form of grated gruel. You can prepare it in several ways:

  • Boil vegetables in a pan;
  • Having cooked in a double boiler (this method is the most useful);
  • Using a slow cooker (it is better to choose a double boiler mode).

For making broccoli puree for babies, it’s better use a blender rather than a potato masher or chopper mixer.

The blender will turn the product into a gentle homogeneous mass.

Here’s the easiest way to make broccoli puree for baby:

  1. Rinse the cabbage thoroughly;
  2. Divide them into inflorescences;
  3. Put in a double boiler for 15 minutes (or boil for 5 – 7 minutes no longer worth it, as the vegetable will lose valuable substances);
  4. Transfer cabbage to a blender;
  5. Grind and transfer to a bowl;
  6. Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of boiled water.

There are many recipes for babies from broccoli. For taste, add mashed milk, broth (2 to 3 tsp each), vegetable oil, cream (1 tsp each).


Vegetable oil is recommended to take olive or flaxseed. Please note that flaxseed oil has a stronger laxative. effect. But salt and sugar in mashed potatoes for the child are not added.

If the baby is chubby, pediatricians are advised to abandon additives. And if the child’s weight is below normal – on the contrary, add to mashed vegetable oil so that complementary foods become more nutritious.

After meeting the crumbs with this product, you can cook and others dishes: cabbage is used to make children’s soups, stews, casseroles. Be sure to read the correct way to introduce complementary foods. babies.

Find out on our resource which mixture is better to supplement baby.

Useful advice to mothers – when you can give a cucumber to a baby.


What gives broccoli to babies, what vitamins and microelements replenish the body? Vitamins included in its composition help the development of vision and brain, strengthen immunity, help fight allergies, cleanse the blood, contribute to normalization digestion. There is a lot of fiber in cabbage, so dishes from this vegetable adjust the intestines and save the baby from constipation.


Allergies to broccoli in infants are practically not found. The taste of this type of cabbage is better than that of cauliflower, so the baby it will be easier to persuade to eat. More delicious lures better to give after the child falls in love cabbage.

If you first introduce the crumbs to meat and fruit by lure, it will be more difficult to accustom him to healthy vegetables. So that start with baby broccoli!

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