The reasons for which is low hemoglobininfant baby – how to increase hemoglobin?

At the beginning of life crumbs, most young parents
suffer from such a disease as low hemoglobin
infant baby. This phenomenon is quite common not only
among young children, as well as among adults. Initial signs
low hemoglobin can manifest itself in the first months of life
baby This blood disease is well studied, quite understandable with
Medically, the child’s physiology is sufficient
investigated its causes, symptoms and methods

низкий гемоглобин у грудного ребенка

General information about hemoglobin

Низкий гемоглобин (в медицине – анемия,
iron deficiency anemia) is a reduced red blood cell count in
blood. The main task of the red Taurus is the transfer and return
oxygen molecules to organs and tissues for energy and
life support of the body. Low rate
hemoglobin will negatively affect overall development and physical
condition of the baby-infant.

In infants up to the age of one, the hemoglobin index in the blood should not
быть ниже 105 г/л. In children in the second year of life on
анемию указывает показатель менее 100 г/л.

нормальный гемоглобин грудного ребенка

Causes of hemoglobin loss by the body

The reasons for the decline of red blood cells in the blood of an infant is enough
lot. This can be factors:

  • External (operations, unbalanced nutrition, anemia
    pregnant mother);
  • Internal (hereditary pathology, immune, infectious
  • Features of intrauterine development.

Fetal development and formation of the child’s body
стопроцентно зависит от здоровья матери,
the organization of its proper nutrition, the presence / absence of harmful
habits, hereditary diseases and others. Iron stores,
accumulated by the newborn during intrauterine development,
enough for about the first six months. After this time occurs
decreased hemoglobin. Further normal hemoglobin level
may be sustained by continued breastfeeding
and maternal nutrition.

When artificially feeding an infant, the level of red blood
Taurus must be maintained using a special enriched
baby food with additional feeding in the following months (meat,
fish, fruit, juices, vegetables, vitamins), which can
adjust hemoglobin level.

Consideration should be given to the intensive development and growth of the child on the first
years of life, when significant
changes. Accordingly, consumption increases in the production
energy, and therefore, in the development of red blood cells, with which
the body for various reasons can not cope.

Conditions for the normal formation of hemoglobin

  1. Breastfeeding should continue to the maximum
  2. The diet of the nursing mother and infant,
    artificial feeding should be
  3. Normal functioning of the digestive tract, blood formation system.
  4. Lack of acquired or inherited diseases
  5. The presence of animal protein in food.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia

Symptoms of low hemoglobin in an infant can be divided.
on primary and secondary.

Unfortunately, on such primary signs as: loss of appetite,
constant weakness, fatigue, general
the poor state of the child parents do not always pay

The progression of the disease in the future may be expressed in
the following external signs:

  • pale skin (up to jaundice);
  • unreasonable temperature increase to 37.5º;
  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • drowsiness;
  • dizziness;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • dry skin

Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia

It is imperative to treat anemia in infants, so
how it will lead to oxygen starvation of the whole organism, will
inhibit the work of the nervous system, will create prerequisites lag in
общем и умственном развитии, ухудшит общее состояние baby
Iron deficiency anemia can be easily prevented by balancing
child’s diet.

When breastfeeding the infant’s need for iron will be
be fully satisfied for almost 6 months due to good
digestibility of iron in milk (up to 50%), which is significantly higher than in
other products. By the end of the first year of life in a child’s diet
power supply is greatly expanded, so you can adjust
the amount of iron entering the body.

Высокое содержание железа содержит гречка,
apples, beets, meat, liver, apple and pomegranate juices.

However, pomegranate juice must be diluted with water (1: 1) in
avoiding problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

So in order to raise the level
Hemoglobin in an infant needs to eat:

  1. Many fruits: blueberries, apricots, dried apricots, apples, strawberries,
  2. Lots of meat: beef, turkey, liver, veal;
  3. Any products from wheat flour;

Treatment with the same drugs anemia (low
гемоглобина) должно проходить по назначениям

The only recommendation is to use
iron preparations in drops. Iron deficiency treatment
anemia in children is short, effective, with positive
the result.

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