The reasons for the poor monthly, why the period beganvery scarce

Update: December 2018

Health of women of childbearing age, as a rule, can
determine by how it happens and what is her menstrual
cycle. Any slight deviation from the relative norm can
interpret both as a normal fact and as a pathological
a phenomenon resulting from a violation or

Menstruation is characterized by many factors: by its
regularity, the duration of the cycle, the duration of the blood
discharge, by quantity, bleeding intensity, by color
discharge before and after menstruation, is there pain during menstruation,
whether the woman is worried about premenstrual syndrome, is there brown,
bleeding in the middle of the cycle and so on.

How to figure out a woman, for example, why have become scarce
monthly, the reasons for this change? If this is some kind of pathology, then
which one Of course, a woman should first look for the answer
his gynecologist after passing a comprehensive examination. We are in this
article will try to talk about all the possible causes of scarce
periods in girls, young women and women in the period before

What is considered the norm, what pathology?

Many women do not think, do not pay attention, do not attach
of great importance to how menstruation goes, whether the cycle is regular
and what are the selections in doing so. However, if a woman watches her
health plans to have a baby, especially if pregnancy
not a long time comes, she should know that the character
menstrual flow is significant enough
indicator of possible violations, diseases, deviations in
reproductive function of the body.

Normally, menstruation should proceed as follows, any
the deviation from these norms, doctors regard
как гипоменструальный синдром или нарушения менструальной

  • menstruation should be either painless or
    painless at all
  • should last at least 3-5 days
  • interval may be normal within 21-35 days
  • excreted blood volume is considered normal within
    50-150 ml

To determine the “normality” of the menstrual cycle, especially
if a woman is planning a pregnancy, it is advisable to lead a kind
diary of observations, make a sign where to record the date
menstruation, cycle duration, duration of the bleeding itself,
the nature of the discharge, as well as a table of basal measurement
temperature, which is also a great way to determine
norms or abnormalities in ovarian function and helps for those who
preparing for pregnancy.

Hypomenorrhea in medicine is called not abundant periods,
having only traces of blood or drops of blood from light brown
colors to dark brown, which are considered pathology
menstrual function. The only exception is 2 periods in
the life of a woman when the causes of scanty periods are
the formation or extinction of the menstrual cycle when ovulation
happens irregularly.

When a girl starts her period, usually the first
monthly scanty, while over the course of the year the cycle is gradually
is established, normalized and after a year should be regular.
During the first year of formation of menstruation, as well as violations
menstrual function, monthly can be:

  • rare – this is when the cycle is 1.5 -2
    of the month
  • scanty – 50 ml. and less – hypomenorrhea
  • shortened – oligomenorrhea, when menstruation ends by 3
    the day
  • not permanent, but 2-4 times / year – spanmenorrhea

Also, poor monthly periods are not considered pathological during the period when
women, extinction of reproductive function begins – premenopause,
which is a natural age hormonal adjustment
и не считается признаком какого-либо diseases. Fading function
ovaries usually begin in women after 45 years, but there are rare
cases when it occurs much earlier, approximately to 38-40

Hypomenorrhea in gynecology is usually divided into:

  • primary when the girl never had a normal
  • secondary, when a woman always had normal bleeding,
    and for some reason, the periods have become scarce.

Primary hypomenstrual syndrome may be in adolescents with
congenital genital pathology that occurs
rarely enough. When girls first appear scant
menstruation, the cause may be underdevelopment or abnormal
development of female genital mutilation and may also be an option
norms and over several cycles the menstruation becomes
normal (see the reasons for the absence of menstruation).

Symptoms that may accompany poor monthly

Even very scanty periods can be painless and
imperceptibly for the woman, and with strong pain. Besides
that the duration and intensity can be shortened
menses, часто происходят скудные месячные после задержки с
the appearance of pronounced premenstrual syndrome and are accompanied by
additional ailments, such as:

  • severe lower abdominal pain due to spastic abbreviations
  • lower back pain in the chest
  • headaches, nausea
  • various bowel disorders – constipation or diarrhea

Sometimes with hypomenorrhea, some women have every time
nasal bleeding. Due to the decrease in estrogen secretion in
women may decrease libido and reproductive function.

Если у женщины детородного возраста menses изначально были
in normal and then impoverished, this is a serious reason for
anxiety and to establish the cause of menstrual dysfunction

Scanty period after childbirth

Very often women have scanty periods after childbirth,
if the mother for some reason does not breastfeed the baby. Then
begin monthly after 6-8 weeks, and often they
physiologically can be either abundant or not regular, but
also the first menstruation after birth can be in the form of discharge
Brown color. After pregnancy and childbirth the body does not have time
rearrange and hormonal over several menstrual
cycles gradually normalized.

Sometimes with some women, even with lactation it is possible
recovery of the menstrual cycle, especially when the baby goes
on prikorm. Prolactin responsible for lactation is not produced,
это приводит к овуляции и появлению menses у женщины.
The appearance of scanty monthly after childbirth over several cycles
is a variant of the norm, but if it becomes permanent, it
This is a cause for concern, as it may indicate
exacerbation of gynecological chronic diseases or to be
the result of other disorders in the body.

After scraping

Any intrauterine intervention – abortion (complications),
diagnostic curettage, removal of polyps, etc.
the cause of scarce menstruation. Since such
interferes with both hormonal balance and leads to
inferiority of the endometrium. If except menstrual irregularities
cycle, after scraping there is also an unpleasant smell, pain,
fever, a woman should immediately seek medical attention,
because the cause may be inflammation due to
unsuccessful surgical manipulation, incomplete removal of fetal
covers, and also possible infectious and inflammatory process,
started after abortion or diagnostic curettage.

The main causes of hypomenorrhea

The most serious and frequent pathological cause of development
Hypomenorrhea in women of reproductive age is a violation
ovarian and pituitary functions that are regulators
menstrual function. For example, pituitary failure –
Sheehan syndrome, can lead to a complete absence of menstruation
(аменореи) или к прочим нарушениям menstrual function.

Ovarian dysfunction

Various inflammatory diseases can cause ovarian dysfunction.
processes, hormonal disruptions, external factors:

Various inflammatory diseases of the female genital

Это воспаления придатков uterus — аднескит (сальпингоофорит),
ovarian inflammation – oophoritis caused by various pathogens,
STI. They can occur from severe hypothermia, frequent
improper douching (douching is harmful or beneficial), other
infectious diseases that cause pathogen transfer with
кровотоком из других bodies в женские половые органы.

  • Psychological fatigue, nervous tension,
    irrational mode of rest and work, physical and psychological
  • Minia abortion, medical abortion, miscarriage,
    especially during first pregnancy, when sharp
    hormonal changes – all this provokes the development of sustainable
    ovarian dysfunction.
  • Недоразвитие половых bodies, аномальное развитие uterus и
    придатков uterus.
  • Such external factors as taking certain medicinal
    drugs, radiation damage, climate change, excessive exposure
    sunshine or solarium abuse.
  • Incorrectly chosen oral contraceptives or
    prolonged use reduces ovarian function
    (see the negative effects of taking oral contraceptives in the article
    about birth control pills)
  • Obesity, diabetes, adrenal gland diseases and
    щитовидной железы могут быть причиной ovarian dysfunction.

Туберкулез женских половых bodies

Less commonly, female tuberculosis may be the cause of scanty periods
половых bodies. This diagnosis is established, diagnosed in
ordinary clinics and hospitals are very rare because it
produced only in TB dispensaries, in which
today for some reason not enough
qualified TB doctors – gynecologists and diagnostics
there is no one to do.

Therefore, such a formidable, serious disease that can
suffer both girls from early childhood and mature women
remains not diagnosed. Для туберкулеза половых bodies нет
accurate, 100% diagnostic methods, it is extremely difficult to diagnose
disease, and symptoms can either be absent or be
mild, this is the cunning of mycobacterium

Если туберкулез женских половых bodies развивается у girls in
early age, her breasts may not develop
(гипомастия), могут быть аномалии в развитии uterus или
obstruction of the fallopian tubes, maybe amenorrhea – complete
lack of periods, as well as scanty periods and irregular
менструальный cycle. In the future, this woman is set
persistent primary infertility. Moreover, radiography of the lungs in such
cases usually normal.

Sometimes, especially after childbirth or surgery,
women can begin acute transient genital tuberculosis
bodies, с высокой температурой и тяжелым течением. May also
быть вялотекущий туберкулез половых bodies, с периодами ремиссии и
exacerbations when a woman is ill for years and does not know what is
the true cause of ailments and infertility, while there may be
common symptoms that are no different from signs
воспалительных процессов придатков uterus:

  • periodic (in phase 2) or constant subfebrile
  • weakness, excessive sweating
  • the appearance of various allergic reactions
  • psycho-emotional disorders – increased nervousness, decreased
    concentration, hysteria
  • reduced appetite
  • chronic salpingitis, salpingo-oophoritis, poorly susceptible
  • menstrual irregularities, absence or brown
    выделения вместо месячных, редкие menses
  • infertility (see the causes and treatment of infertility in women)

Uterine causes

Любые воспалительные заболевания и uterus, и придатков uterus огут
accompanied by hypomenorrhea. Besides воспалительных процессов на
The nature of menstruation is influenced by the following factors:

  • Scars on the uterus after various gynecological operations –
    удаление миомы, частичное удаление uterus, кесарево сечение, а также
    the presence of adhesions – reduces the area of ​​the endometrium, from
    которого зависит количество выделений крови при menses.
  • The inferiority of the endometrium can also be caused by various
    diagnostic intrauterine manipulations, frequent
    medical abortions.
  • Эндометриоз, фибромиома uterus, опухоли uterus или яичников, рак
    шейки uterus, а также лечение онкологического заболевания –
    Radiation and chemotherapy can also affect the nature of your period.
  • The use of hormonal contraceptives is also
    can lead to progressive atrophy of the endometrium.

Genetic features

Незначительные кровопотери при menses у некоторых женщин
may be a genetic trait. If your mother, aunt,
grandmothers, sisters are always a small amount of discharge during
monthly, this can be considered normal. Most often in such
cases of poor monthly periods do not affect pregnancy and
probability of infertility.

Hormonal causes

Not only hormonal contraceptives, lack of female genital
hormones can be the cause of menstrual dysfunction, but also
other hormonal disorders can affect
female body as a whole. Hypomenorrhea, lack of ovulation
may occur due to the following hormonal disorders or

  • Endocrine diseases when, for example, the level decreases
    thyroid hormones
  • Diabetes
  • Breastfeeding when prolactin levels rise

Emotional reasons

A huge impact on the state of the whole organism, the immune system,
hormonal levels, have psychological factors. how
negative emotions, stress, strong experiences, and too
violent positive emotions affect the centers of the brain that
have a stimulating effect on the ovaries. The ovaries are called
produce hormones – estrogen and progesterone, which are responsible for
endometrial growth. Under severe stress, excessive excitement of function
these centers in the brain can be suppressed, respectively
is the suppression and stimulation of the ovaries. Decrease or absence
The production of estrogen leads to scanty periods.

Other reasons

  • Excessive physical activity, any serious injuries.
  • Anemia, lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders
  • Stress, climate change, lifestyle change, nutrition
  • Drastic weight loss due to diet, exhaustion,
  • Severe infectious diseases with general intoxication
    of the body
  • The presence of occupational hazards – radioactive radiation,
    chemical substances.

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