The reasons for the appearance of sour taste in the mouth thatdo treatment

Update: October 2018 The main reason why the mouth is
sour taste is a disease of the digestive system,
most cases – it is the stomach. It is not always gastritis:
peptic ulcer and diaphragmatic hernia can cause the problem,
and weak muscle between the stomach and the esophagus. ATозникать кислый привкус
may be due to other diseases and conditions, such as pathologies
gallbladder, pancreas, due to dental problems.

Next we will examine what could be the reason for the sour taste in
mouth – in shades of this very sour. But предупреждаем: точно
diagnosis can only doctor. And nevertheless it is worth going to it.
Do you know why? Because long existing in some body
inflammation greatly increases the likelihood of developing cancer in it.
ATедь клетки при воспалении изменяются, и кто знает, когда их
stop noticing the immune system?

Causes of sour taste in the mouth after eating

AT некоторых случаях бывает так, что вы спокойно живете и
consider yourself healthy, how does the problem arise: after
eating some taste characteristics appears sour

Smack after sour food

If a sour taste in the mouth appeared after a sour food, and lasts
it is not more than 20 minutes, and then passes – everything is in order, and
should be.

Worse, if you ate sour for more than half an hour ago, but,
even after drinking water or having a snack with something non-acidic, you feel this taste.
Then look for the cause of the following algorithm:

  1. Have you put any crowns or dentures on your teeth? Not
    Have implants been installed? They, having entered into chemical interaction
    с кислой пищей, могут вызвать такой smack He usually does not
    pure-sour, and has a certain metallic shade.
  2. Think about it – did you stoop after eating? Not ложились в
    bed – on the stomach, back or sideways? If yes, then it speaks about
    that you have gastroesophageal reflux disease –
    a condition where the muscle between the esophagus and the stomach works poorly and
    the contents of the stomach (if there are many of them, or certain
    conditions) is thrown into the esophagus.
  3. If after taking an acidic meal you did not go to bed, then rather
    In total, you have chronic gastritis with high acidity.
    With your food, you forced the stomach to work in a heightened mode –
    dump acid not only into the duodenum, but also part of it
    throw into the esophagus. AT этом случае в течение дня можно ожидать
    the appearance of pain (of different intensity) “under the spoon”, increased
    gas formation. If there was a lot of sour food, gastritis
    may escalate. Then the pain, nausea, heartburn, belching will be
    observed a few days. The chair may become softer or even
    liquid, but not frequent. In the language – white bloom.
  4. Frequent loose stools combined with intense abdominal pain,
    nausea, flatulence is likely to be caused by pancreatitis. ATот
    This condition requires urgent medical examination. So how if
    pancreatitis – acute, then the enzymes secreted by the inflamed
    pancreas, iron itself can be “eaten away” and
    organs that are close to her adjacent. And it is life threatening. On
    in fact, pancreatitis is rarely caused by acidic foods. More often
    it is provoked by spicy food, smoked meats and alcohol. May be you
    Combined their reception, and now “sin” on a piece of lemon?

Sour taste after sweet food

It is rather unusual when after a sweet one suddenly appears sour.
smack But это – вряд ли признак сахарного диабета. Such a symptom
most likely indicates inflammation that is present in
the oral cavity, and which “manifested” on the background of how well you
�”Fed” germs with sweets. The source of inflammation can

  • gum;
  • nasopharynx (chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis);
  • periodontal tissue around the tooth.

Go to the ENT doctor first: he will examine the cavity of the nose and mouth, and
broken teeth will see. And if the otolaryngologist did not notice anything, and
you yourself do not notice loose or sick teeth, and the gums at
brushing teeth do not bleed, donate blood for sugar – only
on an empty stomach And stop abusing sweet!

Sour feeling – after any meal

Whatever you eat, but after a meal there is a sour taste, then
this indicates states, three of which are discussed above. It:

  • gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • chronic gastritis;
  • metal implants / dentures / braces / crowns;
  • peptic ulcer most likely 12 duodenal ulcer.

Onиболее частой причиной будет gastritis.

Causes of sour taste outside meals

When the taste appeared after eating, it seems clear: the food is to blame.
But если симптом возник вне приема пищи, что это значит? To
to highlight the possible causes, we will analyze the shades of sour.
ATедь на том, какие причины, и будет построено treatment.

Just sour taste

ATы не связываете появление привкуса с едой, тогда это может

  1. Chronic gastroduodenitis when inflammation is localized to
    the junction of the stomach and 12 duodenal ulcer. It manifests pain “under
    spoon, heartburn, bouts of nausea, and (sometimes) – vomiting.
  2. Peptic ulcer or Duodenal ulcer. By symptoms
    it is not much and not everyone is different from gastritis or duodenitis. AND
    там, и там будет белый язык и кислый smack Therefore accurate
    the diagnosis can only be made according to the results of the FEGDS study –
    examination of the esophagus, stomach using a special “probe”.
  3. Acceptance of drugs that increase acidity. it
    hormones, glucocorticoids, painkillers and some other
  4. Kidney disease, which is why electrolyte balance, and
    accordingly, violated. Not все они проявляются какими-то болями
    or changing urine odor. Many disorders of the kidneys occur
    asymptomatic. ANDх можно заподозрить по появлению отеков и повышению
    blood pressure (which is detected “by chance”,
    for example, when measuring pressure for headaches or “flies”
    before your eyes). Unfortunately, swelling does not cause people to
    anxiety AND люди, встающие по утрам немного «опухшими» на лице
    говорят: «Onпился на ночь жидкости». But если бы почки работали
    normally, there would be no such “swelling”, no matter how much you
  5. Sialadenitis So called inflammation of the salivary glands. If it
    proceeds sharply, then besides the taste in the mouth, it will increase
    temperature, it becomes difficult to open the mouth, appears
    redness and swelling in the jaw and neck area. If you had exactly
    such an attack, after which all the symptoms are gone, but the mouth feels
    dry and sour taste, it is a chronic sialadenitis.

Bittersweet flavor

Bitterness in the mouth indicates that biliary excretions are involved.
of the way. AT сочетании с кислотой это значит, что выброшенная в большом
the volume (or pressure) bile got into 12-perousta
gut and caused her enhanced motor skills. AND кишка часть желчи
throws in the stomach (which reacts with acid), and part
sends through the small intestine.

The stomach does not like the alkaline content that has fallen into it,
and he tries to dilute it with acid. AT результате последней
it becomes so much that she does not have time to descend into the 12th annoying
intestine, and thrown into the stomach, and from it – up the esophagus.
Так во рту и возникает кисло горький smack

What can cause such a reaction from the side of bile? Notсколько

  1. eating large amounts of fatty foods, especially in
    combination with alcohol;
  2. taking drugs that pass through the liver:
    �Metronidazole, Flutamide and others;
  3. smoking, especially at night;
  4. biliary dyskinesia;
  5. cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder);
  6. peptic ulcer disease;
  7. gastritis.

That the problems are not just functional, but
developed as a result of biliary disease, says
тот факт, что у человека имеется желтый язык и кислый smack

Simultaneous sensation of acid and sweetness in the mouth

If your taste in the mouth, you can describe as
sweet and sour, it can be caused by such disorders:

  • serious violations of the liver (hepatitis, hepatosis), due to
    what is the failure of the pancreas and stomach. AT этом случае
    skin yellowness, nausea, loss of appetite,
    sleep disturbance. Usually the taste of acid in this case is without
  • stress, trauma or panic attack, due to which
    there was an adrenaline rush and, accordingly, an increase in
    blood sugar;
  • diabetes mellitus: in this case should be his other
    symptoms, even in minimal manifestations. Onпример, плохо
    healing wounds, often recurrent thrush, thirst;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gums, periodontal, teeth, tonsils –
    caused by bacterial microflora;
  • intoxication with organofluorine compounds.

Sour metallic taste

The taste of metal itself speaks about such situations:

  • there is blood in the mouth (even in a minimal amount):
    bleeding from the stomach, esophagus, gums;
  • there was a reaction of saliva with metal structures,
    established dentists (dentures, braces,
  • This sensation, which arose due to the narrowing of blood vessels,
    are in the gums, for example, with anemia, while taking
    vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • when intoxicated with metals: lead, zinc, mercury, copper,
  • with drastic changes in the balance of hormones in women: during
    puberty, pregnancy, menopause;
  • a sour-metallic flavor occurs when taking some
    drugs: anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory,

Sour-salty taste

Such a mouthfeel is a sign of a completely
different states:

  • chronic inflammation of the salivary glands (in the acute process
    the taste will be rather sweetish and very unpleasant), which
    arises, including due to such a systemic disease, as
    Sjogren’s disease;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • sour-salty taste may indicate food
    violations: the abuse of coffee, sweet soda,
  • if this taste appears in combination with dry mouth,
    may be a sign of dehydration (remember the amount of fluid
    which you used the last few days).

If sour taste is felt only in the morning

When the sour taste is felt in the mouth only in the morning, then you need to
to think about. If you overeat at night, then the reason – in this. But
if you don’t eat too much, but go to bed 30-60 minutes after
how to eat or drank, and the next morning you meet with such
�“Surprise”, you have, most likely, gastroesophageal reflux.

If you don’t recognize one or the other, you’ll probably
gastritis or gastroduodenitis occurs. In these cases, usually
nausea, slight bloating. After going to
toilet, which marks more “soft” than usual stools,
it gets easier.

If constantly sour

Permanent sour taste in the mouth speaks of one of the diseases.
gastrointestinal tract:

  • diseases of the teeth or gums;
  • gastritis and gastroduodenitis;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • pancreatitis;
  • diaphragmatic hernia when the opening through which the esophagus
    out of the chest cavity in the abdominal cavity, is too free. AT
    As a result, the stomach and esophagus “walk” from one cavity to
    another one.

Sour taste during pregnancy: norm or pathology?

ATо время беременности этот симптом является нормой – вызванной
the injection of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus and above:

  • in the early stages it is due to muscle relaxation between
    esophagus and stomach;
  • in late periods – an increase in intra-abdominal pressure due to
    enlarged uterus.

Of course, during this period any of
of the above diseases. But во всех этих случаях будут
there are other symptoms: pain, bloating, diarrhea,

What to do with sour taste in the mouth

Treatment of sour taste in the mouth is carried out after
clarified the cause of this condition. For this you must

  • ENT doctor;
  • dentist;
  • gastroenterologist.

Most likely, you will have to undergo research such as smear from
nasopharynx and, possibly, from the posterior pharyngeal wall, as well as FEGDS.
Only then will doctors be able to diagnose and prescribe the correct

While you have not reached the doctor, take the following measures:

  • do not take a horizontal position (do not lie down) for
    1.5-2 hours after meals;
  • the menu should not be spicy, fried and smoked food;
  • do not overeat;
  • do not abuse black tea and coffee;
  • exercise good oral hygiene;
  • eliminate from the diet those foods that may cause
    gas formation: sweets, beans, cabbage, carbonated drinks –
    alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Thus, a sour taste in the mouth is rarely a sign.
deadly diseases. But причину, его вызвавшую, нужно обнаружить и
eliminate – until it caused complications. For now goes
examination, follow a diet, carry out oral hygiene and
do not lie down after eating.

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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