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The main hormone of the second phase is progesterone, the norm
которого у of women на 21 день цикла составляет от 7 до 56
нмоль на литр
. Indicators in these limits are considered
normal. They increase after ovulation, therefore
progesterone is directly involved in conception.
Accordingly, the occurrence of pregnancy with its lack
is impossible.

In the case of egg fertilization, the level
hormone begins to actively grow and the rate of progesterone with each
week increase. When pregnancy failed level
hormone levels decrease and a new one begins in the female body

Norm progesterone on day 21 of the cycle

Why progesterone testing is assigned
exactly for 21 days and what shows?

прогестерон график

Обычно овуляция у of women, с циклом 28-дней, происходит на 14
day. After which begins the immediate development of female
hormone. However, only a week later, he reaches the degree
highest concentration. The result is three weeks, that is, 21
day. If the cycle is longer, the date of blood draw for progesterone.
corrected by a doctor.

Attention! For reliability of indicators, before
blood test from a vein, you need to follow certain rules and
restrictions. За 12 часов до манипуляций of womenе не разрешается
eat food. And, just before the blood sample is taken,
restrictions are imposed on water. The day before the analysis in the diet is not
must be present alcoholic beverages, as well as fatty, spicy and
fried food. Также, для верности показателей, of womenе рекомендуют
refrain from playing sports and active exercises.

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Norms progesterone table by day

If any abnormalities indicate a second failure
phase, the doctor prescribes a blood test from 21 to 28 days, depending on
cycle time, seven before the intended

прогестерон анализ

The table indicates what should be the level of progesterone by

Days Indicators
1 – 7 0.32 – 2.23
8 – 13 0.40 – 4.40
14 – 18 0.50 – 9.40
19 – 21 6.00 – 56.9
21 – 24 6.90 – 56.9
25 – 28 7 – 57

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Not every time indicators are reliable, and as a result
analysis can be observed deviations in any direction. The reason
can be:

  • Long-term use of contraceptives. Hormonal pills
    contribute to the suppression of FSH and LH, as a result – own
    progesterone ceases to be produced;
  • Strong stressful situations inhibit hormone production
    pregnancy, protecting the body at an unfavorable moment from
  • Food participates in the process of conception thanks to cholesterol,
    который попадает в организм of womenы вместе с едой;
  • During menopause (menopause), together with the level of estrogen,
    progesterone levels are also falling.

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What is the cause of increasing progesterone?

Increased progesterone levels in the second phase of the cycle are not always
indicate the occurrence of pregnancy. Them can

  1. Наличие кисты желтого тела. This kind of tumor
    occurs under the action of a hormone in the last phase of the cycle. how
    as a rule, it is asymptomatic and resolves itself to
    for 2-3 cycles. If the cyst was not annulled on its own,
    it is removed surgically, sometimes with the ovary;
  2. Заболевания надпочечников. On their own
    adrenal glands produce this hormone in small quantities.
    howие-либо изменения в их работе, приводят к нарушениям, вследствие
    which organs begin to produce progesterone in insufficient
    or excess quantities;
  3. Почечная недостаточность. Its presence may
    in the most direct way provoke increased hormone levels,
    because the kidneys are the filter of the body;
  4. Беременность. In early pregnancy
    timing, progesterone levels rarely exceed 30 nmol / L. Too
    high values ​​may cause different

With elevated progesterone, uterine fluids often occur.

Если of womenа беременна, это может послужить патологическому
development of the placenta. To eliminate the problem, treatment is prescribed until
until the problem disappears completely and the bleeding does not
will stop. Since this can provoke not only
complications and side effects, but also become an obstacle to
further carrying.

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Causes of Progesterone Reduction

If progesterone decreases after ovulation, it’s
signals a hormonal failure. Not enough of this
гормона в организме of womenы часто является результатом
undesirable consequences: infertility and hormonal disorders. BUT
also becomes a consequence of painful periods and

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for weeks?

Пониженный прогестерон у of women может наблюдаться в such

  • Impaired functioning of the corpus luteum. After all, it is
    stimulates the production of progesterone in the second phase of the cycle. With his
    deficiency occurs reducing the level of the hormone itself and,
    accordingly, fertilization does not occur. Untimely
    the identified problem causes infertility;
  • Inflammatory process. A certain part of the hormone
    produced by the ovaries. With female urogenital inflammation
    system, accounted for a significant blow to them, which leads to
    substance reduction;
  • Galactorrhea is another reason. It is associated with the absence
    menstruation and is a consequence of increased prolactin. This
    condition associated with possible pituitary tumors or
  • Harmful habits, according to doctors, provoke hormonal
    сбой в организме of womenы. These include not only the use of
    alcohol and smoking, but the lack of regimen;
  • The risk of miscarriage associated with the inability of the placenta.
    perform specified functions. This directly affects
    количество в крови данного hormone. You can confirm the diagnosis on
    Ultrasound, as well as cardiotocography.

If the pregnancy is still there, and on day 21
progesterone does not increase, there is a rejection of the ovum with
preparing for the next menstrual cycle.

A spontaneous miscarriage often happens at the shortest time possible.
и of womenа может даже не подозревать о прерванной беременности и о
existing problems.

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When do I need to take an analysis?

If you want to determine the level of progesterone, you can contact
the lab in private. If there are relevant
complaints, the doctor will prescribe an additional examination.

Often the reason is the absence of pregnancy for more than a year, with
regular sex life. For this for several months,
on day 21 of the cycle, it is proposed to explore individual
indicators to reveal or disprove existing

Нерегулярные месячные, а также скудные
discharge – another reason to pay attention to hormones, and
track changes in their level. Only analysis on a specific day
cycle will help the doctor to make the correct diagnosis.

Беременным of womenам также очень часто назначают
similar analysis. Regular pain is usually the cause.
lower abdomen, specific vaginal discharge and suspicion
gynecologist for missed abortion. In this case, unprincipled
есть сдача крови в определенный day. In 2 and 3 trimesters like
prescription is recommended for diagnosing the condition

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