The rate of amylase in the blood of women, depending onage


  • What is amylase?
  • Norm amylase in the blood for women
  • When to do the analysis?
  • What does amylase change mean?
  • Terms of blood test for amylase
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  • Measures to maintain the amylase rate

The effective work of the pancreas is characterized by
full digestion and blood enzymes, in
In particular, the rate of amylase in the blood of women. Content change
amylase in the blood or urine signals cell damage
pancreas or violation of its excretory function. Behind
These processes hide a number of serious diseases.

What is amylase?

Амилаза – это пищеварительный фермент,
produced by the pancreas (P-type) and salivary
glands (S-type) for the digestion of carbohydrates.

According to the features of the structure, science distinguishes three types of amylases:

  • α-amylase, which is found in humans and animals.
  • β-amylase, which helps plants, bacteria and
  • γ-amylase.

Alpha-amylase after synthesis by ferrous cells is released into
oral cavity (in saliva, the enzyme “ptyalin”) and duodenal
intestine (in pancreatic juice). Getting Started – Splitting
starch to small carbohydrates. Only a small part of the educated
the enzyme enters the bloodstream.

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Norm amylase in the blood for women

For information on the content of this compound in
a human body produces a biochemical blood test. is he
consists in taking blood from a vein in the area of ​​the elbow bend.
The norms of amylase are determined for its different “fractions”:

  • Less than 50 U / l (0.8 µkat / l) – for the P-type.
  • 27-131 U / l (0.45-2.2 катkat / l) – for both species in

For men and women, the numbers are the same. But each lab,
conducting a biochemical blood test, exposes its exact
norms. It depends on the quality and manufacturer used.

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When to do the analysis?

Determination of amylase is prescribed by the attending physician. However no one
Prohibits contacting the lab yourself. List
Symptoms requiring examination include:

  1. Unmotivated weakness.
  2. Severe or mild epigastric pain with the transition to
    lower back.
  3. Violations of the stool as diarrhea.
  4. Nausea and vomiting.
  5. Heartburn, belching with a bitter aftertaste.

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What does amylase change mean?

A blood test can show both an increase and a decrease.
enzyme content. The reasons for this are different, especially in women.
Elevated values ​​indirectly speak of pathologies:

  1. Diabetes mellitus as a manifestation of imbalance in metabolic processes
  2. Behindболевания поджелудочной железы (панкреатит, кисты, опухолевые
  3. Behindболевания желчевыводящей системы (холецистит, холангит,
    stone formation in the gallbladder and ducts).
  4. Early or Late Pregnancy
  5. Ectopic pregnancy.
  6. Behindболевания почек, сопровождающиеся развитием хронической
    renal failure (reduced ability of the kidneys to normal
    excrete metabolic products), – urolithiasis, chronic
    glomerulonephritis, oncology.
  7. Infectious viral diseases that adversely affect
    glandular organs (adenovirus infection, parotitis,
  8. Toxic effects of alcohol (including methanol),
    narcotic substances, drugs.
  9. Intestinal obstruction.
  10. Peritonitis (inflammatory reaction of the peritoneum).
  11. Abdominal trauma.

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Detailed step by step instructions

At lower values ​​of the enzyme think about:

  1. The previously removed part of the pancreas in the patient.
  2. Late stages of pancreatic cancer.
  3. Cystic fibrosis, amyloidosis.
  4. Severe liver damage due to cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc.

If you donate a blood test yourself, and it showed an altered
alpha amylase level, be sure to ask for medical
using Only a doctor will be able to correctly establish the diagnosis, relying
on communication with the patient, inspection and additional methods

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Terms of blood test for amylase

The reliability of the research result also depends on the
the patient. Before donating blood, you need to prepare by sticking to

  1. Because analysis is usually done in the morning, do not have breakfast. Food affects
    on the activity of the pancreas, which secretes juice from
    enzymes. It will be good if your last meal is not
    less than 12 hours before the procedure.
  2. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, spicy, spicy, fried
    dishes for several days before appearing in the laboratory.
  3. Inform the attending physician or laboratory technician about what you are taking.
    medicinal preparations.
  4. Eliminate intense physical activity the day before.
  5. Do not be afraid and keep a positive attitude, avoid

If necessary, the survey plan is supplemented by urinalysis for
amylase, the determination of infection rates of infectious agents
(hepatitis viruses, adenovirus, herpes virus, etc.), scatological
examination, ultrasound examination (ultrasound) of the abdominal organs
cavities. The scope of diagnostic measures is individual.

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