The propensity to abortion is transmitted byinheritance

Update: February 2019

Joel Rae and Ning Liu together with a research team from
Institute of Clinical Appraisal Sciences (Canada, Toronto) found out
that the number of teenage abortions directly depends on the availability
abortions in mothers of girls who underwent the procedure. Canadian Edition
Medical Association Journal “reported interruption episodes
pregnancy in these adolescents occur in 2 times more often.

Abortions are a common operation in developed

  • Approximately 6.7 million times they spend in 1 year.
  • At the same time, the greatest part of cases is abortion
    under the age of 18-19 years.
  • So in Canada, out of a thousand teenagers manage to get pregnant 28
    man, and then half of them seek medical help
    about abortion.

Do not forget that abortion is a procedure that can lead
to gynecological diseases in the future up to infertility.

Canadian doctors tried to find out if there is any influence.
�“Past” of mothers on the frequency of unplanned pregnancies in their
daughters. For the experiment, 431623 families were selected. They were divided into
two control groups:

  • 73,518 girls whose mothers have been exposed to at least once
  • 358,105 girls whose mothers never interrupted
    of pregnancy.

It turned out that the probability share of artificial interruption
gestation in subjects:

  • from the first group was 10%,
  • from the second group – 4.2%.

With an increase in the number of abortions, moms also increased their number.
daughters. About 95% of all interruptions were made at the time of gestation.
less than 15 weeks. This means that the main cause of failures from
gestations were social factors. Simply the child was not

Canadians can not clarify what factors
interrelated stories of daughters and mothers. Was previously highlighted
influence of low social status, low income, divorce
parents and adverse relationships in school. On this
the moment is 100% clear that the right sex education
adolescents must be supported by a good “past”

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