The optimal age (for women and men) forchild birth

Идеальный возраст для child birth это не
just a figure in the passport and the physiological readiness of the body
women are a number of factors among which
physiological, psychological and social.

когда рожать?

Physiological factors

The appearance of the girl menstruation suggests that her
ova are ready for fertilization. But this does not mean that her
organs are ready to bear and give birth to a child. Related loads
childbearing and childbirth in adolescence are fraught
complications of the heart and kidneys are also likely
that the pelvic bones will not be able to separate properly, which is
direct contraindication for natural childbirth. Girls grow and
develop on average up to 18 years old, for this age you can
to be guided, as on start.

Is there an extreme limit?

While there is menstruation and there are no weighty contraindications for health,
you can theoretically give birth. But you need not forget to connect
common sense. With 25 years in the body starts the process of aging.
Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sleep culture and rest
can delay visual aging, but you can’t get away from nature
– by the age of 30, girls start progesterone
deficiency, the level of testosterone increases accordingly,
what is a risk factor for gestation pregnancy. The girl
up to 30 years more compared with more mature women
the birth canal and the movable bones of the pelvis, which also inclines to the conclusion –
in terms of physiology, the best age for birth
children are 20-25 years old. The age of 18-35 years is considered conditional.

What’s up with the father?

The participation of the male half in the physiological part comes down to its
genetic material, that is, the quality of sperm.

молодой папа

If a woman has all the eggs at the stage
intrauterine development and new does not appear, then all men
much happier – sperm can change their qualities in
depending on his lifestyle. That is, if at 50 a man is not
drinking, not smoking and not destroying himself in other ways, then his
genetic material is not inferior to sperm 25-year-old boy.
Characteristics such as sperm motility are also directly
does not depend on age, but in practice it is lower for 40-year-olds than for
30 year olds. This means that a 40-year-old man needs to attach
a little more effort for fertilization, but for further development
fetus it will not affect.

If there is no upper limit for potential daddies,
then the bottom is still there.

A teenage dad runs the risk of passing defective genes to a kid and
увеличивает риск child birth с малым весом и пороками
development, since its own reproductive system is still plainly
not adjusted. Therefore, a physical start for potential
dads will be considered 16 years, and better than 18, so as not to violate the framework
of the law.

Dealt with the physiology, go to the less tangible point –
psychological readiness of future parents to appear

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Psychological factors

Рождение первого baby подразумевает пересмотр обычного уклада
and requires a restriction of privacy. You can change jobs
развестись с супругом, но, решив завести baby, уже невозможно
reverse the time continuum – the child stays with us
forever and ever.

Parenthood is a completely new way of life where everything
выстраивается вокруг baby

The heroine of Julia Roberts in the film “Eat, pray, love,” said:
«Завести baby – это как сделать татуировку на лице. Seriously
и надолго.»
, — это хороший антипример того, когда женщина
Mature age is not psychologically ready for motherhood.

Such unavailability can generate a number of internal conflicts and
hidden claims to the child due to the fact that the mother did not have time
to cash in on their own life. These conflicts are likely to be
нивелированы детским смехом и эмоциональной отдачей от baby

It also happens that mother can not immediately dissolve in
maternity. Psychological unavailability translates into postpartum
depression, parenting mistakes and family problems.

The psychological readiness of future parents is associated with
physiological age only indirectly, but more dependent on
existing social experience.


There are a number of tests to determine psychological readiness.
become parents. They are useful to pass in order to outline for
yourself questions to work on.

Social factors

You can have a baby when you can feed him,
Buy nose drops, diapers and a minimum set of toys.
The three-storey villa does not need a child – he needs caring lovers
parents. Wealth is long and difficult to acquire, but can
easily and quickly get lost.

Future mom and dad will feel more confident if
моменту child birth они уже будут понимать, что их
education, specialty and existing experience are demanded by society,
that is, to show a certain social result. In our country
it is already clear by 23-25 years

Having supposedly always ready to help grandparents should not
to be a decisive social factor for the birth of the first child,
because not always grandparents meet expectations.

In the situation with the second child help grandmother, well
proven firstborn can be significant
pushing factor – to have time to give birth to the second, while the grandmother is still
young and can help.

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More about the second child

The rules of having a second child are not much different from the rules.
для первого с единственной разницей, что организм женщины
recovers after childbirth about 3 years.
However, it is
this age difference between children is rare.

двое детей

Usually, parents prefer either to “shoot back faster”, i.e.
give birth to the weather to quickly survive all the difficult moments of the early
parenting, or vice versa waiting until the first child reaches
school age.

Both approaches with pluses and minuses.

The weather

Benefits of education pogodok:

  • By raising the kids, parents create the effect of kindergarten –
    children are the same toys, activities, day routine, older children play
    each other, allowing parents to focus on others

Cons concern only parents:

  • Mom does not have time to recover from childbirth;
  • Two children are always harder than one – both physically and
  • Working, having a hobby with two children is almost impossible. Usually,
    Mom throws overboard sociocultural life at least years on
  • Simultaneous diseases of two children are able to knock even
    most morally stable parents.

Children with a significant age difference


  • Mom’s body is fully restored;
  • With proper upbringing, the eldest child helps with the younger
    or, at least, already able to take care of itself;
  • Each of the children in their own time gets more in its pure form.
    attention of parents and this attention is individualized.

Disadvantages are also available:

  • The process of raising children to their feet is more extended in time;
  • There may be problems with the adaptation of the older child to the new
    conditions where it is no longer he, but the younger child accumulates care and
    parental attention (Why is the eldest child jealous of the youngest? What
    do parents?);
  • Children grow up under the same roof, but not together. Friendship between them
    can begin only during the period of maturation, or not start
    at all.

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There is no single correct algorithm by which
calculate the optimal age for the appearance of the child. Ideally, you need
have time to give birth to all children from 20 to 30 years, while being
psychologically mature personality, get an education, have experience
work and live in abundance. In practice, this rarely happens, but
our children do not become less desirable and loved.

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