The norms of the daily diet of a child at 2 months


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In the first months of life, the baby intensively grows and develops, therefore, two-month-old children, despite tiny tummies, eat often and a lot. How much should a child eat in 2 months in order to stay full and keep growing?

Due to the fact that at this time the newborn is breast-fed or artificial nutrition, it will be difficult to determine how much food he gets. Let’s find the answer to this question together.


During periods of intense growth, you may notice that your baby wants to eat more often. Healthy children will consume only this the amount of food they need. The kid will resist the desire eat “just one spoon” and be sure to show when full. Excessive feeding can cause excess weight. Important to pay close attention baby signals that are changing daily.

You can be sure that breastfeeding is saturating enough baby if he:

  • It is active;
  • Steadily gaining weight;
  • Grows and develops;
  • It feeds six to eight times a day;
  • He regularly stains diapers and diapers.

Your baby does not eat enough if he or she does not stay dissatisfied even after feeding or constantly crying.


Nutrition rate for a child at 2 monthsDo not forget that you have little man, and he, like all of us, has his own appetite. This directly affects how much he will eat. Most pediatricians say: “Feed the newborn as much how much he will eat. ”


There are several universal formulas to determine if how much should a child eat in 2 months:

  • Weight in grams / height in cm * 7;
  • Weight in grams / 6.

The results can be different, because all children born with different weights and appetites, it’s hard to say exactly how much the baby must eat. On average, by the end of the first month and by the beginning second, the baby must eat at least 120 grams per feeding.

If your child eats the correct amount, then he will be healthy, and will also have normal growth, weight and continue to grow. there should be an increase in weight in infants by months.

It’s good to know how long breast milk is stored in the refrigerator. milk.

Advice to moms in our publication – how to choose good bottles for newborns. Although there are no strict rules on how many children should eat in 2 months, you can be sure that he gets enough food, watching for signs of adequate consumption milk. Signs of hunger in a baby of this age:

  • Biting the lips;
  • Suction of a hand or finger;
  • Turn your head to your hand when you touch his cheek;
  • Tears


Parents must follow baby’s cues and trust intuition – feed him when he shows you that he is hungry and stop feed when he shows you that he’s full. Completly not It is important to know how much a child should eat in 2 months.

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