The norm of the hormone prolactin and its function in the femalein the body

Functions and importance of the hormoneHormone prolactin in the female
in the body вырабатывается фронтальной частью гипофиза. He answers
for the proper functioning of all female reproductive organs and
milk production during lactation, and also forms secondary
sexual signs. Even a slight deviation of this
hormone from the norm can occur amid a serious malfunction in
in the body.

Functions and importance of the hormone

ATажнейшей функцией лактотропного гормона является поддержание
reproductive capacity of the female body, so its
need to constantly monitor. Special attention is normal hormone
prolactin should be given in preparation for motherhood and during
pregnancy planning. The study of its features and tasks to
scientists of the whole world are still actively engaged. AT женском
in the body вырабатываются три формы пролактина:

  • monomeric;
  • dimeric;
  • tetramer

The most active is the monomeric form, the rest show
extremely low activity at rates in the normal range.
Some patients who go to the doctor when they appear
health problems do not even know exactly what is responsible for
women’s hormone prolactin, where it is produced and the danger of it
deviation from the norm. ATажнейшими функциями пролактина

  • Rate indicatorsparticipation in the adrenal glands, stimulation
    androgen production;
  • the formation and development of adolescent girls secondary sex
    signs (growth of mammary glands);
  • Breast preparation in pregnant women
  • Breast enhancement to produce enough
  • prevents the possibility of fertilization in the lactation period
    and at the onset of pregnancy;
  • contributes to the development of maternal instinct;
  • supports progesterone at the required level, thereby
    preventing premature birth or miscarriage.

In addition, the most important tasks of the hormone are to regulate
hair growth, normalization of water-salt balance and strengthening
immune system.

Reasons for increasing PRLMen also produce hormone.
prolactin, for which the anterior pituitary is responsible. It regulates
the quantity and quality of prostatic secretions and sperm as well
testosterone production processes. So this is the most important
hormone for both women and men,
planning a family and the birth of children.

Any deviation of hormone levels from normal levels in
more or less is fraught with serious problems and even
diseases. ATо время стресса его выработка активизируется, а в
moderate and sufficient production occurs during
sleep time, during exercise and at the time of sexual

Rate indicators

Level reductionThe prolactin hormone is responsible for the work of all
systems and organs, but his main task is still considered regulation
childbearing function. Deviations can result in both pronounced
symptoms, and to invisible signs.

ATрачи объясняют своим пациенткам, что повышение в крови уровня
PRL does not always entail negative consequences and
violations. Often recorded cases in which indicators
exceeding the norm, do not cause failures. The woman can continue
normal menstrual cycle with a certain regularity, she
can get pregnant and have a baby. But it happens that even
minor jumps cause dramatic visible changes.

This is because the hormone in the blood is in different
states: small, large, macro – and glycosylated. Most
active microprolactin circulates freely in the blood, the rest
considered to be related, therefore do not cause pronounced violations. For
women of childbearing age PRL rate set at not less than 600
μED / ml, and the excess of the indicator to 1000 μED / ml is considered mild
by leap. Experts believe a further increase is dangerous for
body, and therefore recommend that patients undergo
examination. Standards are:

  • for girls 10-14 years old – 191-2735 mIU / ml;
  • 14–16 years old — 339–3519 mIU / ml;
  • 16-18 years old – 445-3901 mIU / ml;
  • 18–20 years old — 860–4960 mIU / ml;
  • from 25 to 40 years – 252-504 mIU / ml.

With the onset of menopause indicator takes the value of 170-330
mIU / ml. Pathology is detected during the diagnosis. Excess
more than 60% microprolactin content is considered dangerous, its
a value within 40% indicates entry into the blood
inactive hormone and is not critical.

Reasons for increasing PRL

If a в крови обнаружен повышенный уровень лактогенного гормона,
The doctor diagnoses hyperprolactinemia. To change the numbers to a greater
side is affected by various factors which include
physiological processes and pathologies. To physiological
reasons for doctors include:

  • Symptomsexcessive passion for sports, excess
    physical exercise;
  • fasting, frequent diets;
  • regular sleep deprivation;
  • food high in carbohydrates;
  • stress, psychoemotional instability;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • too active sex life.

The causes of violations can also be pathological
states. Most often, hyperprolactinemia is detected as a result of
of education tumors in the anterior pituitary gland. ATследствие этого
the thyroid gland is disturbed and its hypofunction occurs. Deviation
indicators from the norm may be due to polycystic ovary,
injuries in the breast and chest (including
surgical intervention).

The level of prolactin increases with herpes zoster,
chronic kidney or liver failure. Lead to violations
any resulting tumors consisting of cells that produce

Analyzes and diagnosticsHyperprolactinemia can trigger
some drugs, especially if they are taken for a long time and
out of control. These include Aminazine, Metoclopramide, Morphine,
Галоперидол, ATерапамил, Резерпин, а также оральные

In men, abnormally low rates of PRL may be associated with
problems in the pituitary gland, insufficient levels of estrogen, and
also increased intracranial pressure. Deviations develop
на фоне паротита или генетических изменений, при диабете и
exhaustion, after severe stress.

The more accurately and quickly the cause is identified, the more successful it will be.
терапия, направленная на нормализацию уровня пролактина в in the body
women. Many do not pay attention to the first symptoms.
diseases, including their manifestation of an active daily rhythm
of life. But they are important bells requiring immediate attention.
refer to a doctor.

Level reduction

Based on what prolactin is responsible for in women,
understand what consequences can cause a decrease in its
indicators. According to doctors, hypoprolactinemia (decrease
Level PRL) is much less common than hyperprolactinemia.
The following factors can provoke it:

  • infarction damage to the pituitary gland (Shahan syndrome) may be
    diagnosed only in women after childbirth
    with significant blood loss during labor; due to
    ischemia of the pituitary tissue disrupts the production of breast milk,
    lactation is impossible;
  • taking dopamine, pyridoxine and diuretics;
  • active smoking.

Prolactin is produced when a person is sleeping, so regular
недосыпания могут привести к снижению его содержания в in the body.
If a не уделять полноценному ночному отдыху минимум 7—8 часов,
then over time this will lead to serious violations.

Уровень гормона также понижается due to перенесенной
traumatic brain injury, pulmonary tuberculosis or extrapulmonary
формы, а также при новоof educationх на гипофизе. On indicators
brain tumors and associated radiation can affect
therapy. Also, doctors emphasize that the failures
leads an unbalanced and irregular diet, including
vegetarianism, drug abuse or alcohol abuse.



Treatment methodsThe female body reacts differently to
deviations of PRL indices up or down. With
an elevated hormone level is marked by irregular menstrual
cycle or its complete disappearance, not associated with menopause.
A woman cannot become pregnant, but despite this, from her breasts
colostrum or milk is released. Changes affect organs
In view, causeless headaches and migraines appear.

Rash, acne appears on the skin, especially
localized on the chest, face and back. On the same sites
male-type hair growth is activated. Women complain
insomnia and other sleep disorders, often depressed,
hard to handle stress. An increase in prolactin indicates
unreasonable weight gain. With понижении уровня
hormone symptoms include the following:

  • the lactating mother completely loses milk or remains only
  • menses become irregular, more abundant or,
    on the contrary, scanty;
  • drowsiness, fatigue;
  • propensity to mood swings, neurosis, apathy;
  • active growth of the mammary glands, weight gain without changes in
    питании и образе of life.

Doctor's recommendationsIf a в процессе диагностики обнаружено,
that women only decreased prolactin levels, and the rest
hormones are in the normal range, then special therapy is not
required. With отсутствии серьезных патологий и жалоб достаточно
limit exercise, refrain from mental stress (on
work is better to take a monthly vacation). Be sure to comply
recommended sleep patterns and try to avoid stressful situations.
On the background of a balanced diet, smoking cessation and alcohol
well-being will improve without hormone therapy.

If a же изменения показателей в большую или меньшую сторону
associated with another pathology, then treatment will be required
to eliminate a specific cause. After that will be assigned
complex to restore the balance of hormones.

Analyzes and diagnostics

To determine the level of prolactin, which is contained in the blood,
on the study take venous blood. Most reliable
are the data obtained in the first days of the menstrual cycle,
when the selection ended. After 20 days of menstrual diagnosis
is uninformative. Blood must be donated in the morning
(from 7 to 10 hours), but no later than 3 hours after

For the most accurate results woman
Must properly prepare for the analysis:

  • За что отвечает у женщингормон пролактинexclude intimate
    communication within 24 hours before going to the clinic;
  • wear soft cotton underwear that doesn’t irritate the nipples and
    non-compressive mammary glands;
  • do not engage in sports on the eve and avoid stress;
  • Do not drink alcohol and if possible do not smoke at least
  • do not eat before the analysis, but complete the last meal
    until 8 pm (light snack in the form of vegetable salad, yogurt,
  • sleep well;
  • before taking blood in the clinic calm down and relax, so
    like even a slight excitement and physical exertion in the form
    walking can affect the results.

За что отвечает у женщингормон пролактинIf nursing mom
weaned the child from the breast and decided to be examined, the doctor
assign tests on the seventh to eighth day after the last
feeding Prolactin is actively changing almost daily. Him
the rate depends on the stage of the menstrual cycle, mood, fatigue
and even food. This must be considered before passing

The state of the female body can be studied not only one by one.
blood test. Him повторяют минимум трижды и при обнаружении
deviations recommend to undergo additional research.
Diagnosis involves magnetic resonance therapy and
computed tomography of the hypothalamus and pituitary. The doctor will prescribe an ultrasound
pelvic organs, as well as an overall assessment of hormonal levels.

Do not worry in advance if the doctor recommended
comprehensive examination. In most cases, received
the results indicate minor deviations. If a
there are no visible signs of violations, and a decrease has been recorded on the form
or increased prolactin, therapy is not prescribed, but
continue to control hormone levels.

Treatment methods

Normalize the content of prolactin will help hormonal
drugs that must be prescribed only by a doctor. Their disadvantage
there are numerous side effects and conditions that are bad
tolerated by many women. Treatment is often accompanied by
increased fatigue, nausea and vomiting, increased
palpitations, a tendency to depression and muscle spasm
pains. With a slight decrease in the level of the hormone
can be enhanced without prescription pills:

  • Пролактин за что отвечаетinclude in the diet a lot of fresh
    fruits and vegetables;
  • do yoga or other physical activities;
  • take a massage course;
  • drink vitamin B12 complex together with folic acid;
  • take a relaxing bath every day with soothing

It should be remembered that excessive prolactin levels
leads to a decrease in calcium, iron and iodine in the body. AT
The daily menu should contain legumes, eggs, sea fish,
nuts, linseed oil, dairy and dairy products.
Greens (parsley and spinach), liver and
lean products from meat.

You should not often drink hot tea and coffee, in addition
take medicines because under their influence actively
folic acid is destroyed. The production of prolactin is affected
psycho-emotional stress, so it is recommended to drink warm
decoctions of valerian, mint, lemon balm, elderberry and hops.

If a анализы показывают повышение уровня гормона, необходимо
adjust nutrition to completely eliminate smoked meats and
sausages, cakes and other sweets, baking and baking, white bread and
canned food. AT первую очередь гиперпролактинемия основывается на
treating the root cause. If a ею является опухоль гипофиза, тогда
an operation with a mandatory histological examination is required.
In case of polycystic doctor, the doctor may prescribe a surgical intervention.
or hormonal treatment.

For the prevention of serious violations it is necessary to undergo
regular checkups at the endocrinologist and gynecologist. Recommended
at least once a year contact specialists to have
the ability to timely detect and prevent pathology.

Doctor’s recommendations

Prolactin can be raised by simple folk remedies. Before that
how people started to be treated with pharmaceuticals were
The beneficial properties of some plants and their effects on
human health. At low rates, PRL is recommended.

  1. Broth from leaves and inflorescences of raspberry. Collected in the spring and
    dried raw materials can be stored all year. 2 tablespoons
    crushed collection pour a glass of boiling water and leave a half
    hours in a tightly closed thermos. Drink 2 cups daily
  2. Hop decoction. Normalizes hormonal balance, calms,
    eliminates insomnia. The seedlings of the plant fill a bottle of
    dark glass to the middle, the second half filled with vodka.
    Insist 3 weeks and drink 10 drops, diluting with water or another
  3. Sage. Decoction of this plant stimulates the pituitary gland. 50
    gram sage leaves brew in 1 liter of boiling water, insist 2 hours.
    Drink 2 cups a day.

The level of the most important female hormone depends on many factors
for example, on the age and general physiological state of all
systems and organs. Every person is responsible for your health as well
bad habits and rejection of a healthy lifestyle is his
voluntary decision. The body functions smoothly, therefore
any failures in it are reflected not only in a particular body, but also
on the general condition.

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