The newborn is afraid of its pens: causes andwhat to do?


Nine months in the mother’s belly the child is in
state of weightlessness. Appearing on the light, about his body, he is not yet
knows nothing Loose muscles are in a kind of tone and not
can still serve the crumbs in full. In the first months after
birth movement of the child unconscious and chaotic. Limbs like
as if they do not belong to him, therefore parents during this period may
заметить, что новорожденный боится своих рук. Sudden
touching the body with handles, scratching a scare child. is he
shudders, wakes up and cries.

Why is the baby scared of her hands?

Infants are first aware of only their mouths in part of their bodies.
since the sucking reflex is present in the intrauterine state and
By the birth of a child is already fully formed. Mastering others
parts of the body occurs gradually.

After the birth of the hands of children, almost all the time they are clenched into fists
relax only in a dream. And although there is an unconditional
grasping reflex, until about 2-3 months the child does not own
do it yourself Up to this age, baby’s grasp
reflexive, the child grabs something that touches the palm or
is close to it (the Robinson reflex). This explains
the presence of uncoordinated kid actions: pinching, grabbing,
a scrape that scares a child.

How to help the crumbs?

In the daytime, when the child is awake, it is not often that the hands get scared
is due to the fact that the baby scratches itself inadvertently and then
crying in pain. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the nails are
short trimmed, and wear antitsarapki. It is more convenient when they
attached to the sleeves. Separate antitsarapki many kids
take off.


During sleep, sudden flapping and grasping
scare crumb. Для того чтобы он не бояться своих рук,
новорожденного пеленают.

Modern pediatricians advise “free” swaddling, which
preserves the natural position of the limbs and the possibility

�“Tight” swaddling that was used before can slow down
development of motor, tactile and other skills of the baby.

�”Free” swaddling promotes quicker acquaintance
новорожденного со do it yourself Therefore, swaddle with handles worth
no longer than the first month, and later, months to three, swaddle
only legs. After 3 months in swaddling there is no longer any sense, since
from this age begins the extinction of the unconditional preceptor
reflex and the formation of arbitrary grasping.

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