The mystery of the formation of magnetic balls in the brainhuman

Update: February 2019

Back in the 90s, scientists found some people in the brain
magnetite nanoparticles (a mineral with magnetic properties), and these
patients often complained of persistent headaches. The specialists
were shocked because of their concentration (5-100 million particles for each
gram of brain tissue). How they got there was a mystery.

Recently, staff at Lancaster University in the UK
managed to shed light on this phenomenon. Modern researchers
claim that they can penetrate the nerve tissue from
polluted urban air and contribute to the formation of various
diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


A huge amount of magnetite nanoparticles found in bodies 37
people who died natural deaths or died during accidents in
Mexico and the UK. They also show up in large
quantity on roadsides from car exhaust.

Barbara Meyer, one of the authors of the study, states that in
the composition of nanoparticles extracted from the human brain was
platinum which is widely used in modern engines
cars. Scientists believe these harmful particles
distributed not only in the form of road dust. They already
присутствуют везде и с легкостью проникают в организм human.

How harmful are these magnetic balls, and what role do they play in
The development of diseases of the nervous system, scientists do not yet know. Have them
there are only guesses and assumptions.

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