The most unforgettable childhood memories

детские воспоминания

In each person there are probably some of the most
unforgettable memories come from childhood. Undoubtedly there is no
very pleasant memories, but there are those who will always be
warm the soul and bring a smile. So that your children will have in the future as
you can have more pleasant childhood memories, you need
act as follows:

  • Open the world of baby books.
    Reading together contributes to the development of imagination and thinking,
    makes a pleasant impression and leaves indelible
    memories of the joint fabulous travel.
  • Learn to listen and hear your
    Even once asking the child to wait with
    question or request, you can greatly offend him. Not necessary
    ask the child to wait a bit, answer now, because
    then it will be late, not relevant. Yes, and you are unlikely in fifteen
    minutes will become more free. Very typical for modern
    parents to take the child with anything, just so that he does not take them away
    precious time and did not tear them away from work. But they all forget about
    that a child is more important than any work, that work can wait, and
    child grows devoid of attention and care.
  • Hug your children as often as possible.
    In the mother’s tight embrace, the baby feels all the parental warmth,
    care. Constant hugs allow him to grow careless confident
    in a person, and give a certain sense of security.
  • Create your little family ritual,
    которая не только станет приятным
    entertainment and pastime, but also leave an indelible mark
    в памяти вашего baby Then he can talk about him with his
    children and grandchildren.
  • Have dinner with the whole family. By virtue of
    crazy rhythm of modern life is pretty hard to get together
    family in its full composition and have dinner together. But it is very important that
    at least one meal took place in the family circle. It is positive
    affect family relationships and deliver
    a lot of pleasant emotions.
  • Feel free to tell your child about your feelings for
    Many parents consider this to be overkill and that
    such a display of emotions can spoil the baby, but it is not at all
    So. Every person is pleased and important to hear and know that his
    love It instills a sense of confidence and increases self-esteem.
  • Arrange holidays. Joint
    preparations and celebrations will make your life richer and brighter.
    Celebrate small successes and great achievements of your child,
    Give him a holiday. This will encourage it to new
    accomplishments. Do not forget to support him in all his
  • Play with your kids. Rarely can
    meet a mother who chases the ball or cooks a gruel of sand with
    my child And children need adults to share their interests.
    If you are bored playing dolls or rolling cars, think up
    occupation, which will be interesting for all family members. It is so
    nice to have fun together! It will unite family members, deliver the sea.
    fun and make you feel like a baby again.
    So naive, carefree and sincere.
  • Follow the promise. Many parents
    often promise, but do not fulfill the promise. It hurts a lot
    child and he stops trusting them, which leads to the fact that he
    he starts to lie. It is also unforgivable to forget memorable and important
    даты из жизни baby For example, Birthday or New Year
    matinee. Believe me if you missed because of your employment
    An important day or event, the child can be very hurt.
  • Love your children. Not only on
    in words, but in deed. Show them how dear you are.
    are important to you and your child will be incredibly happy.

Only parents can influence their future.
children and make it happy, give children love, care,
caress talk to them. While they are small, they need
you. And it depends only on you how bright the children will be.
memories of your children!

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