The most important tips for caring for a newborn.Лучшая статья-памятка для mom и пап

Moms who have given birth to their first child are sometimes in
terrible confusion: preparing for the appearance of the baby and care for him
cause so many questions that you just do not know where to run and what
do. Worry and despair come to nothing here, because the reasons for
experiences from new parents and so lacking. В thisй статье
собраны главные правила и советы по уходу за новорожденным, поthisму
it can be safely used as an instruction for all exciting
parents issues.

The content of the article

  • 1 Preparing “dowry” for the child
  • 2 Кое-что для momы
  • 3 Morning toilet: my eyes, clean the spout
  • 4 Change the diaper
  • 5 We go for a walk
  • 6 Feed
  • 7 Bath procedures
    • 7.1 After bathing
  • 8 We sleep
  • 9 The most popular questions of concern to young mom
    • 9.1 Strange color and dry baby skin
    • 9.2 Baby hiccups
    • 9.3 Baby spit up
    • 9.4 Baby sneezes and coughs
    • 9.5 How to dress a child
    • 9.6 How to understand whether the child is warm
    • 9.7 Can I give the baby a pacifier?
    • 9.8 What if the baby sucks a finger?
    • 9.9 Should I run to the child at the first cry and take it to
    • 9.10 How to deal with colic?
    • 9.11 How to treat a child so as not to scare him?
    • 9.12 What to do if diaper rash appeared?
  • 10 Recommendations for dads
  • 11 Video guide: care for a newborn baby
  • 12 The block of useful links to articles about the newborn baby


Cooking “dowry” for the child

there is суеверие, что покупать что-либо не рожденному ребенку
нельзя, поthisму некоторые momы специально не готовят «приданное»
kiddies. This is just prejudice. For future
parents and all relatives are a real pleasure to walk
shopping, choosing tiny hats and undershirts. Будущей momе
the preparation of the “dowry” helps to tune in to early motherhood.
In addition, when a child is born, there will be such a commotion that
quietly choose, wash and stack things for the baby
it will simply be impossible. So, what you need to prepare for the appearance
crumbs to light:

  • Diapers (In total, they will need about 20-25. The ratio of thin
    и теплых пеленок определяйте исходя из того, в какое время of the year
    baby will be born. By the way, knitted diapers are very convenient: they are very
    soft, well stretch and fit the body).
  • Sweaters or bodysuits (Pockets without fasteners are no longer relevant,
    because they are not comfortable. It is best to buy a few blouses on
    button or strings and some body).
  • Fused overalls (Warmed overalls for the first time
    one is enough, and you can buy a few thin ones).
  • Caps (Conveniently, knitted caps without ties.
    Enough 2 thin and one warm).
  • Socks (Soft knitted socks will be useful even in warm
    время of the year. You can safely buy 4-5 pairs).
  • Warm wool blanket.
  • Duvet cover or blanket.

Some purchases can be left for later and when necessary.
instruct their grandmothers. These include, for example, mittens –
anti-scratch. Not all kids resist cutting
ноготков, поthisму варежки могут и не пригодиться. Another purchase from
thisй серии – подушка. Kidам до of the year можно спать без подушки,
using a folded diaper instead.

Читаем очень подробно: список вещей для
newborn baby  

In addition to things, the appearance of the baby need to prepare
first aid kit:

  • Baby oil for the processing of folds (you can do
    sterile vegetable oil), baby cream;
  • Pipette, hydrogen peroxide, a bubble of brilliant green for processing
    umbilical wound;
  • Zinc ointment for rash and diaper rash;
  • Herbs for swimming, potassium permanganate;
  • Vapor tube, hot-water bottle with cherry stones, carminative
    drugs (Bobotik, Sub-Simplex, etc (see all preparations for colic))
    in case of colic;
  • Wet wipes, cotton pads, sterile cotton wool, means for
    washing spout – for hygienic procedures.
  • Antipyretic (preferably in candles), antihistamine (Fenistil) (see
    all drugs on temperature).
  • Absorbing diapers and nappies for newborns.

According to the situation, you can buy a cream under the diaper,

We look and download the full list of first-aid kits for
новорожденного ребеночка
— список тут  

Кое-что для momы

После выписки из роддома momе тоже понадобятся кое-какие вещи,
which need to buy in advance:

  • Cream Bepanten from cracks in the nipples.
  • Absorbable breast pads.
  • Comfortable underwear for feeding.
  • Sanitary pads (either special postpartum, or
    ordinary, but with maximum absorption).
  • Postpartum bandage (for better muscle recovery
  • Onкладки на грудь для кормления (для чего они и зачем).
  • Breast pump (how to choose and express).

If in the domestic plan everything is ready for its appearance – it has come
time to figure out and master the basic procedures that are young
momе придется выполнять ежедневно и не по одному

Morning toilet: my eyes, clean the spout

Утренний туалет – this аналог нашего с вами умывания. Prepare
a small bowl of warm boiled water, cotton pads and sterile
cotton wool. Wipe the eyes with wadded disks moistened with water, making
movement from the outer edge of the eye to the inner. Then into each
1-2 drops of nostril with special drops for washing
nose (you can use saline). We are waiting for a few minutes
until the crusts are slightly sodden. At this time, we twist from the fleece
small flagella and gently clean the nose with them, making
circular motions. It is impossible to shove the flagellum too deep. Such
with flagella we clean the ears. Remember that newborn
the child can hold the toilet of the nose and ears only with cotton
Children’s cotton buds with limiters
designed for children from 1 year. (See detailed articles on
topic: eye care, how to clean the baby’s nose and article:
care for baby ears)

In the morning, be sure to treat the umbilical wound. For this
With a clean pipette, we drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the wound.
The peroxide begins to foam, separating the crusts and “carrying out” them on
surface. We remove these crusts with a clean cotton swab, and then
Apply Zelenka on the wound with another stick (detailing the processing
umbilical wound).

Important hygiene articles:

  • About hygiene of newborns
  • Daily and weekly child care from birth to
    of the year

Смотрим видео: Ежедневный уход за

Change the diaper

Most modern moms prefer to use
disposable diapers. Change a disposable diaper baby
приходится около 10 раз в день: ребенок не должен находиться в
one diaper longer than 3-4 hours, and besides, change the diaper
need every time after baby poop. Second point
Moreover, it is necessary to perform even at night, because the feces do not
absorbed by the diaper and severely irritate the skin.

Before changing the diaper, the baby must be undermined. If he crap one’s pants
with soap, if not – with warm tap water (if it is not possible
undermining – wipe with wet wipes). If there is irritation –
You can put a cream under the diaper on the skin, if not – just give
dry skin

Be sure to take care of the umbilical wound and monitor
so that the clasp of the diaper does not rub it.
there is
special diapers for newborns who have navel in place
notch. If you use others, turn down the edge of the diaper or
Cover the navel with a piece of sterile bandage.

  • How to apply a cream under a diaper (top creams rating)
  • What diapers to choose for newborns (+ video
  • Disposable diapers – “for” and “against”, benefit and harm

We go for a walk

If the child is healthy – you can walk with him from the first day of life.
Regarding children’s walks, the rule is “the nature does not have
bad weather. ” Cancel the walk can only be outdoors.
severe frost, abnormal heat or other extreme weather
conditions. In bad weather, you can carry the cradle with the baby on

Usually babies sleep in a stroller, so time to walk
may choose at its discretion. Start walking better with 30-40
minutes, smoothly increasing the walk time. Over time, you can walk
up to 4-6 hours a day, dividing this time by 2 “calls”.

The most important thing is to dress the baby according to the weather, take with you
wet wipes, a replaceable diaper and rain cover for


If there are no contraindications – you only need to feed
breastfeeding WHO recommends exclusively breast milk for up to 6 months,
This means that even giving water up to this age is not worth it.
to mention juices and fruit purees.

Feed the child need on demand. That means on
any crying and worrying mother offers the baby a breast. Be
at the breast the child can until he releases it himself.
To interfere in this process and try to regulate the sucking time
worth it: nature and instincts are “smarter” than our mind, the child himself
knows how much and how often he needs to suckle.

Important publications on the topic of HB

  • Tips for nursing mothers about organizing HB
  • How to breastfeed your baby
  • Basic rules for breastfeeding

Bath procedures

It is necessary to bathe the baby every day. Bathing water temperature
should be about 37 degrees, but here it’s better to focus on
child: someone calmly behaves in the cooler water,
someone in warmer.

Boil water for swimming, as they did before, now is not
recommend, but as long as the umbilical wound has not healed, it is better
add manganese to water – it acts as an antiseptic. Solution
potassium permanganate should be pale pink. After healing the wound,
If you have skin problems, you can bathe your baby in herbs.

For newborns, it is better to use a small bath. On
the first bathing can wrap the crumbs in a diaper so that it does not
scared of water. You can wash the baby with soap and other means 2-3
once a week, and the rest of the time to dispense water. When bathing is not
forget to wash the head. At the end of bathing for tempering you can
pour cool water over the baby’s feet.

After bathing the baby must be properly wrapped in a warm diaper.
or a towel. The head also needs to be covered.

Подробно: как купать новорожденных детей

After bathing

After bathing тоже нужно провести кое-какие процедуры:

  • Process the umbilical wound in the same way as we did this
    in the morning.
  • Trimming the nails while they are soft from the water.
  • Wipe all the folds with oil (including the area behind the ears –
    there are often crusts).

Watch the video of how to bathe the baby:

We sleep

Most babies on HBs fall asleep with
breastfeeding You can rock the baby in your arms and then gently
put him in the crib. The experience of moms shows that to sleep kids
better swaddle: so their own movements do not deliver them
no worries, they are not afraid of their own hands or legs.
By the way, a newborn baby is better to buy a cradle, and not
Limited space is more comfortable for
baby rather than spacious and not proportional to his calf

Room before bed must be aired. It is believed that
optimum temperature for the room where the baby sleeps – about 20

It is impossible to lay the baby on your back – in a dream the baby can
belch and choke vomit. So that the baby does not
turned over on his back, putting him on the flank, support his back
small pad or rolled up blanket. Sleeping baby posture
periodically you need to change, shifting it from one side to
other. This is to ensure that the bones do not deform.
the skull.

Read on:

  • How long does a newborn baby sleep during the day
  • How to put a child to sleep without tears and whims

Смотрим видео, this просто гениально! Метод Onтана
How to put a baby to sleep:

The most popular questions of concern to young

Трепетная молодая momа вздрагивает от каждого чиха
your baby and gets confused in front of many strangers
her phenomena. Let’s try to deal with the most frequent questions.
молодых mom.

Strange color and dry baby skin

The skin of a newly born baby may have a reddish,
yellowish tint. The first is associated with a very thin layer of subcutaneous
жира: красный оттенок — this просвечивающие через кожу кровеносные
vessels Yellowness (zheltushka) is a consequence of increased
bilirubin content and leaves when the liver is more active

Dryness and flaking of the skin is also normal. So
The way skin adapts to the new air environment. Usually
Peeling takes place a month after birth. Ускорить thisт
the process can be done by lubricating the flaky areas with baby cream or
маслом (см статью: Почему у новорожденных шелушится кожа на
голове и теле — что нужно знать momе)

Подробно: правильный уход за кожей
newborn baby

Baby hiccups

Many babies start to hurt while still in the stomach. Usually икота у
babies are caused by excess air that has entered the stomach during
feeding The best way to get rid of her is to wear the baby.
«столбиком» и сделать массаж животика (статья об икоте и как с
ней справиться

Baby spit up

Срыгивание – this следствие неразвитости пищеварительной системы
and a special children’s mechanism of “struggle” with overeating. As
prevention, make sure that the baby correctly captures the chest
(so it does not absorb excess air), and keep it “column”
after feeding. In general, regurgitation is not nearly dangerous. OK 1
Once a day, the child can even belch “fountain”. Если this
happens more often and regurgitation lasts longer than 6 months – you need
обратиться к неврологу (см статью о срыгивании).

Baby sneezes and coughs

Если никаких признаков простуды при thisм нет (насморк, высокая
температура) – this естественные рефлексы самоочищения организма от
mucus in throat and nose.


  • Cough in a child (how to treat)
  • Temperature (how to treat)
  • Onсморк (как лечить)

How to dress a child

The body crumbs still poorly retains heat and supports
constant temperature. This should be taken into account both at home and on the street.
Excessively kutaya, the child can easily be overheated, and leaving naked
– on the contrary, supercool. The main rule of dressing for the baby:
dress like yourself + one layer of clothes.

The clothes for the baby should be made of natural fabrics, have
Convenient design and safety clasps. Best to choose
blouses and overalls, which can be easily dressed without twisting
child hands and legs and not pushing the head into a narrow
the neck. All accessories (buttons, buttons) should be
quality and securely sewn so that the little tot could not tear off and
swallow small items of clothing.

How to understand whether the child is warm

Температура ручек и ножек в thisм вопросе ни о чем не говорит,
because they are infants often cool because of bad
thermoregulation. To understand whether the child is warm, you need to touch him.
neck: if it is cool – it is better to dress the baby warmer.

Can I give the baby a pacifier?

If you have plans for a successful and long-term breastfeeding – better not
it is necessary, in any case, up to 6 months, until lactation is completely
will be established. Nipple confuses the child, he begins to confuse
momину грудь и ее силиконовый заменитель, и может вообще отказаться
from the chest. In addition, it is believed that nipple sucking is bad
on the formation of bite. Read on: как соску
choose and how to wean from nipples

What if the baby sucks a finger?

Finger sucking is a manifestation of sucking reflex, characteristic
for babies. The first thing to do is to offer the baby a breast:
perhaps he is hungry. Finger sucking can be a manifestation
stress response: baby sucks to calm down. In any
случае, this нельзя игнорировать. Try to understand the reason and
устранить ее (см как отучить ребенка сосать пальцы).

Should I run to the child at the first cry and take it to

The answer is unequivocal – yes. Какой бы ни была причина плача  —
it can not be ignored. A child may not only cry from hunger and
physical discomfort. Он может просто нуждаться в momиной ласке
и тепле – this такая же жизненно важная потребность, которую
обязательно нужно удовлетворять (см как понять причины плача
новорожденного ребенка

How to deal with colic?

Профилактика всегда лучше, чем лечение, поthisму в рамках
Prevention lay out the baby on the tummy, do a light massage
tummy, wear a “column” after a meal. If the attack has started
– give the medicine, apply something warm to the tummy (a heating pad,
iron heated diaper). In case of emergency, when nothing
helps and the attack does not pass – put a vapor pipe
Important: как избавить ребенка от  колик.

How to treat a child so as not to scare him?

Newborn babies react very specifically to sounds: under
the monotonous hum of a vacuum cleaner the baby can sleep peacefully, but the sharp
the loud sounds of the baby are very scary. Silence the baby
absolutely not necessary, but that the child is not afraid, you need
avoid harsh sounds.

Вообще, все движения и действия momы должны быть плавными. Kid
may be greatly frightened if, when bathing, it is abruptly immersed in
water, or if it is dramatically put on a changing table. Until
the child has not adapted – everything that surrounds him in the “big world”,
may be alarming, so caution is needed in everything.

Read on: Что делать, если ваш
the child is afraid of loud noises

What to do if diaper rash appeared?

С thisй неприятностью сталкиваются почти все momы. Red
crusts and severe irritation appear when baby’s skin
long in contact with moisture. Contrary to prejudice, in disposable
diaper diaper in a child appear much less frequently than in
diapers. If the diaper does not overflow, moisture is absorbed into
it’s fast and the baby’s skin is barely in contact with it, so
discard the diaper in favor of diapers when
diaper rash is not worth it.

Irritated skin needs healing and hydration. Constantly
it is not necessary to wash the baby with soap at diaper rash: the soap is very dry
skin and only enhances the feeling of discomfort. Need to wash away
water the child, and then lubricate the irritated place with oil or
healing cream (Bepanten, Bubchen). Be sure to arrange
air baths, that is, to leave the baby just naked, without
diaper and nappy. In the evening bathing, you can use herbs
(chamomile, string) – they also have a healing effect.

Читаем подробно: опрелости у новорожденного —
causes and treatment

Recommendations for dads

Прочтите: Отчего ты устала? You’re sitting at home!
Or a memo to husbands who do not understand all the “charms” of maternity

The main advice of the fathers is to properly prepare for the meeting of the wife from
maternity hospital. Цветы, шарики и украшение комнаты – this здорово, но любая
momа больше оценит, если вы освободите ее от домашней работы,
which in a few days in the hospital can accumulate a lot.
After being discharged from the maternity hospital, I would rather get home to
finally wash your bath and lie on your bed so
that mountains of dirty dishes and scattered things are not at all happy
spouse Besides, not all women are ready to flutter after
childbirth. Most feels no matter: weakness, pain from stitches,
fatigue. This should be considered not only at the time of discharge, but also
In general, the first time after the birth of the baby. To enter the
rhythm and start coping with the child and household chores, young
momе нужно время.


Caring for a newborn only at first glance
It seems something very difficult. Уже через месяц любая momа все
manipulation makes “with closed eyes” and crying intonation
understands that worries favorite child. The most important in caring for
as a kid – do everything with love and “get involved” as much as possible in life
little man Именно this, а не «механический» уход, делает
baby happy, calm and healthy.

Video guide: care for a newborn baby

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