The most dangerous carcinogens that cause cancer, arsenic andfluoride found in tomatoes, cucumbers grown by the Chinese onthe territory of Russia

Update: February 2019

The correspondent of the “Russian Planet” ( interviewed
one of the Chinese working in greenhouses in the Krasnoyarsk region in
Berezovsky district. He asked questions about the characteristics of growing
greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers on the Chinese technology. As a result
A conversation with a Chinese vegetable grower revealed that:

  • Seeds for planting

All hybrid seeds for planting are imported from China because,
according to the agronomist, Russian seeds are not resistant to diseases,
give a small crop, grow poorly. �“We are collecting 1 meter per season
100 kg of vegetables, and Russian only 10 kg. “

  • Fertilizers

�”You have rich land, but for faster growth and getting
more harvest as soon as possible, we spray once a week
sprouts from weeds, diseases, pests – special good
fertilizer brought from China, created specifically for
growing vegetables in cold climates in greenhouses. Also in the ground
add the necessary substances for plants, ”says the Chinese.

  • Fertilizer composition

To the question – what kind of substances are these, the answer was: “I do not know for sure, but
we almost never use Russian fertilizers, they are
the result is not given, the Chinese are much better. That is only 1 time in
week we water this Russian fertilizer, 1 bag is enough for
greenhouse “(on the bag, which he indicated, it is written -” Ammonium
nitrate, concentrated nitrogen fertilizer “, which
categorically can not be used for growing cucumbers).

  • Local outlets issue Chinese vegetables for imported or
    local, grown by Russian producers

�”If you think that we produce harmful vegetables, then why
Do you give them away for your own, as if grown by the Russians? We see ourselves
that all the cucumbers and tomatoes in the nearest stores are ours, we will find out
what they raised. Wholesalers buy them from us and sell as their own or
brought from Europe, only 10 times more expensive than purchased from us,
and ask to plant a specially large varieties, similar to your
(“Minusinskie”), in order to better give out for local ”, – says
vegetable grower.

  • What do you eat tomatoes?

�“For ourselves, we grow in a separate greenhouse, we don’t
we feed up in order not to rush maturation, we plant varieties,
they are accustomed to at home, they produce a smaller crop, but tastier. ”

The results of the analysis of these vegetables in the laboratory

To make sure that these vegetables, grown in Chinese
greenhouses, safe for health, and the very Chinese “bait”
(“Better than Russian fertilizers”) do not harm the body, after
conversation correspondent “Russian Planet” bought beautiful
shiny tomatoes and dark green, elastic cucumbers. Vegetables surrendered to
analysis in an independent laboratory LLC “Center for Biochemical
research. The results were staggering:

  • Нитраты — в огурцах содержание нитратов
    exceeded the maximum permissible concentration (maximum permissible concentration) by 9 times, in
    tomatoes – 4 times.
  • ДДТ(инсектицид, применяемый против
    cotton pests, soybeans, peanuts, mosquitoes) found in
    all investigated vegetables in the amount of 3 times the PDN.
    The use of DDT in Russia is strictly prohibited, it is proved that
    Insecticide causes the development of cancer.
  • Бензопирен — был обнаружен в огурцах, его там
    generally should not be. This most dangerous carcinogen class 1,
    causes oncology, destroys the liver and bones (see why there is
    cancer and what carcinogens are).
  • Мышьяк и фтор — были обнаружены в помидорах, в
    quantities that are 2 times the permissible concentration are
    to toxic substances that destroy human protein.

In addition, other chemicals were found
unknown, whose composition could not be determined in the laboratory. ABOUT
what effects such substances can have on health,
perhaps only the mysterious Chinese “agronomists” know.

Сегодня по всей the territory of Russia китайские
�“Entrepreneurs agronomists” grow various vegetables in greenhouses. AND
There is no certainty that the buyer, acquiring such useful
for health vegetables, do not buy the Chinese “mixture of carcinogens,”
causing cancer, given out as local healthy vegetables. Why
non-safe agricultural products on counters
and how to avoid buying beautiful likeness of vegetables – Chinese
precocious and essentially “poisonous”?


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