The most common diseases, afflictions andпроблемы newborns детей (МИНИ СПРАATABOUTЧНИК)

AT семье появился новорожденный ребенок. ATместе с ним
it was not only a feeling of great love, but also a feeling
responsibility for his life and health. What difficulties can
caring parents in the first year of life
the most common illnesses, diseases and illnesses
parents will have to face – we will try to tell all this in
this mini encyclopedia.

The content of the article

  • 1 Colic and gaziki
  • 2 Poor Healing Navel
  • 3 Umbilical hernia
  • 4 Skin problems
    • 4.1 Jaundice
    • 4.2 Skin of newborn flakes
    • 4.3 Diaper Rash
    • 4.4 Sweating fever
    • 4.5 Baby diaper dermatitis (diaper) thrush)
    • 4.6 Bubble newborns
    • 4.7 Acne newborns
    • 4.8 Mipia
  • 5 Rickets
  • 6 Hormonal crisis
  • 7 Conjunctivitis
  • 8 Torticollis
  • 9 Oral thrush
  • 10 Problems with the chair
    • 10.1 Constipation
    • 10.2 Diarrhea
  • 11 Regurgitation
  • 12 Colds
    • 12.1 Runny nose
    • 12.2 Cough
    • 12.3 Temperature
    • 12.4 ATАЖНABOUT!

распространенные болезни newborns

Colic and gaziki

A common disease of little children – colic, severe pain
in the intestines of the baby.

If a грудничок сучит ножками, прижимает их к грудке, часто и
cries loudly, especially in the evenings, often farts, you can with
confidence to put this diagnosis yourself.

The cause most often becomes the swallowing of air with milk and
неправильное питание мамочки, кормящей breastfeeding.

After feeding, hold the baby upright to burp.
air. Spread it on the tummy more often. Reconsider maternal
diet, excluding cabbage, spicy seasonings, nuts, coffee, tomatoes.
Brew baby dill water or broth with fennel.

By three months, colic and gaziki usually pass. ABOUT
коликах — как to treat | ABOUT газиках — как
to treat | Массаж животика при коликах | List
colic medicine

Poor Healing Navel

The pupils heals in a week – one and a half after birth. If a же
it is constantly wet, blood, pus, ooze from the umbilical wound,
need to take action. ABOUTбработайте пупок стерильной ваткой,
dipped in hydrogen peroxide. ABOUTбразовавшиеся желтые корочки так же
remove. After treatment with peroxide, lubricate the navels with green paint. Bathe
the baby cannot be cleaned during the treatment period, the body can be cleaned
wet cloth. how обрабатывать пупочную
ранку | What to do if the navel bleeds

Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia – это слабость мышц передней брюшной стенки,
increased intra-abdominal pressure, loss of internal organ
through the umbilical ring. Most often, the hernia goes away by itself, but
Observing doctor should know about it. Symptoms and treatment
umbilical hernia

Skin problems


AT первые дни жизни кожа грудничка может приобрести желтоватый
shade, even the whites of the eyes may slightly yellow. Not worth it
пугаться, у малыша желтуха newborns. ABOUTна не опасна и обычно
passes by the end of the first month. Follow the rules of hygiene,
walk more with the baby. ABOUT желтухе — причины, симптомы, как
to treat

The skin of the newborn flakes

The skin of a term-born baby is coated with a special lubricant –
white oily liquid. ABOUTна защищает нежную кожу
newborn from the dryness of the air (because before his birth he
was in the aquatic environment) in the first hours of life. Gradually grease
absorbed into the skin of the baby almost completely.

If a же ее вытерли при рождении, или ребенок родился позже
term, and therefore practically without lubrication, the skin dries out and begins
peel off. Helps to solve the problem of frequent lubrication of the baby’s skin
sterile vegetable oil. Why peel off the skin and what
делать | ABOUT корочках на голове ребенка


A baby in the groin, armpits, neck folds may appear
redness, dry or weeping. The cause is overheating and
non-compliance with hygiene rules.

how to treat? Reduce the temperature in the nursery to + 21 … + 22 degrees.
ABOUTпределите, какая опрелость – сухая или мокрая?

When dry, lubricate with baby cream or sterilized.
vegetable oil. Use baby powder when weeping.
preferably without additives and flavors.

Rinse often with a light solution of potassium permanganate or just
warm water problem areas. Не кутайте baby Do
air baths, keep open diaper races for better
drying out ABOUTб опрелостях (лечение и
prevention) | Folk
методы лечения опрелостей

Prickly heat

how выглядит потница? Reddened skin, on her – clusters
small red pimples, sometimes with white purulent tips. ABOUTбычно
they pour out on the ass, neck, head, groin, armpits, can be
on the back, on the chest, behind the ears.

Sometimes the heatwort can be confused with allergies. Parents should
alert if the child is itchy, restless, rash quickly
spreads over the body of the baby. Accurate diagnosis will put children

With prickly heat, the rash does not bother the baby. Enough rinse
places affected by infusion of calendula flowers, chamomile,
succession, a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Brush with baby cream,
кремом «Бипантен», прокипяченным vegetable oil. Can
Use pharmacy powder. ABOUT потнице — лечение и

Baby diaper dermatitis (diaper)

The most prominent sign of diaper dermatitis is the appearance of small
rashes in the form of bubbles, crowded together, but not clearly
delineated border of the affected place. You can see them in the groin,
crotch, in the folds of the legs, around the genitals. For treatment
better to use nystatin or clotrimazole based ointment
(strictly prescribed by a doctor). About diaper dermatitis

Bubble newborns

Shortly after birth, large bodies may appear on the baby’s body.
bubbles (with pea), filled with yellowish liquid.
Gradually they burst, in their place remains a pink speck.
Treat the pemphigus with antibiotics and special ointments
(prescribed by a doctor).

Acne newborns

Acne newborns (младенческие угри, неонатальный
пустулез) – встречается ~ у 20% newborns children
Rash on the face in the form of pimples. Causes of Acne in Newborns
have a hormonal character. The treatment does not require. We read
подробно об Акне


White dots appear on the baby’s face, similar to acne.
They do not need to be treated, they will pass within two to four

ATажно: правильный уход за кожей
newborn baby



Rickets – недостаток витамина D в организме новорожденного
baby Symptoms, treatment and prevention of rickets

Hormonal crisis

Usually happens shortly after the baby is born. Have baby
mammary glands swell, girls may have discharge of white
or bloody, in boys, the scrotum swells.

When redness and fever appear, call
a doctor.

In other cases, it is enough to observe the hygiene of the newborn.
Everything goes by itself. Heavily swollen glands to relieve
It is advisable to apply a bandage with Vishnevsky’s ointment.


Conjunctivitis у младенца – достаточно серьезная проблема. Wherein
the disease, the eyes redden, purulent accumulate in their corners
highlight. After sleep, the child barely lifts stuck between
a cilia.

For relief, you can wash your eyes with infusion of chamomile, calendula,
weak tea brewing. It is necessary to wipe from the outer corner to
Inner each eye with its own tampon. The doctor will prescribe treatment
usually eye drops. Clean your eyes before every burying.
medication. If a у ребенка гноится глазик | Care
глазками newborn baby


Torticollis – очень распространенное заболевание у newborns
children This vice means the wrong position of the head,
asymmetry of the shoulders and further deviation of the development of the spine.
The treatment is carried out using electrophoresis, massage,
magnetotherapy, gymnastics. Cause and treatment of torticollis

Oral thrush

In the mouth of the child on the tongue and the inner surface of the cheeks appear
white uneven spots. They are coarse and greasy, looking like pieces.
curd or leftover milk. But, unlike milk stains, these are not
washed off the tongue of the baby. To distinguish thrush can be so – the remnants
milk in the interval between feeding disappear, spots of thrush,
on the contrary, spread through the oral mucosa.

It is necessary to treat thrush, because it causes painful
mouth sensations in infants. He sucks worse or completely refuses
take the chest.

When feeding, mother can also become infected with thrush. therefore
before giving the breast, treat the baby’s mouth with a napkin
gauze or bandage dipped in a solution of drinking soda (per cup
warm water add 1 teaspoon of soda).

Mandatory sterilization nipples, bottles, breastfeeding
– thorough rinsing of the breast before and after feeding. For treatment
thrush are used special preparations based on nystatin. Their
will pick up and write out a doctor. We treat mouth thrush

Problems with the chair


A newborn with breastfeeding may jump once
five days. And it’s ok if the kid is calm, cheerful, well
eats Just mother’s milk is absorbed almost completely.

However, it is safe to say that he has constipation if
crumb has difficulty defecating, crying, feces very
dense consistency.

How to help the little sufferer? Gently massage your tummy
light clockwise movements. Alternately press
legs bent at the knees to the tummy, as if flexing it. If a
the child was not able to poop and after these procedures, straining, crying, then
You can give a little lactulose syrup or use a candle with
glycerol. Лечение запора | Remedies for constipation
the smallest


Very frequent (more than 4-5 times a day), loose stools with mucus,
accompanied by pain in the tummy, bloating, sometimes even vomiting,
is a sign of diarrhea.

Necessarily, without delay, you need to call a doctor or “Ambulance
help”. After all, with severe diarrhea, dehydration quickly occurs.

Before their arrival, you must give more to drink water. From the month
age can be diluted Smektu, 2 sachets per day. Drink it so
need for three days. Symptoms and treatment of diarrhea in infants
детей | Зеленый стул со слизью | Dysbacteriosis


Sometimes regurgitation becomes a problem for young parents.
After eating, hold the baby upright so that he belched the air.
Usually this measure is sufficient.

If a же срыгивание не прекращается – обратитесь к врачу, ведь
it may be the beginning of more serious diseases (for example,
dysbacteriosis). Why does the child spit up a lot after feeding


Runny nose

When breathing baby through the nose you can hear hoarse sounds,
air is difficult to pass through the nasal passages. This is not a cold. AT
nasal passages accumulate dust, mucus. Make of gauze
turundochku, moisten slightly and accurately clean nasal

So, observe hygiene and temperature conditions, walk more with
baby, watch his behavior carefully and grow
healthy! Treatment of rhinitis in chest
ребенка | Зеленые сопли у грудничка | how
dig a drop in the nose of a newborn baby


Лечение кашля | Сухой cough | Wet


Чем сбить температуру грудничку | Treat the temperature
новорожденному народными средствами | Antipyretic
средства для the smallest


  • Кожные проблемы у the smallest
  • Полный список аптечки для newborn baby

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