The manifesto of a mother of a large family: why children arehard and what to do if you want to quit and run away

Few people can imagine the device.
typical large families. This is often a very complicated mechanism, in
where everyone is obliged to fulfill their part of the mission so that the mechanism
this one didn’t fall apart. And so it has historically formed that
it is on the shoulders of a large mom that more than half of all lie
household tasks.

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  • 1 Прием 1: Мама — не рабыня!
  • 2 Прием 2: На myself денег не sorry
  • 3 Прием 3: Распорядок дня to allу head!
  • 4 Прием 4: Никому нет дела до того, сколько у тебя
  • 5 Прием 5: Распределите обязанности!


Usually with the phrase “mother of many children” in the imagination
most people draw an ugly picture: tired, rumpled
and a miserable woman of uncertain age, in whose eyes
hopeless sadness froze. I have to admit that
stereotype are real reasons. For example, having in the house
a huge number of small children can not fall every day
a good time to set aside his care for his own face and
by the body. And even if this time appears happily, then
more than anything else at this moment I want to lie still on
couch, portraying a mummy, and not hanging around the bathroom mirror.

But not everything is as gloomy as it may seem. Yes, three (and
more) children in the same apartment is hard and difficult, troublesome and
sometimes unbearable. Here are just usually women himself
aggravate their position, deliberately denying themselves everything,
pounding himself worse than a workhorse. Want to learn always
radiate happiness like mom from an orange juice ad? This is very

Прием 1: Мама — не рабыня!

The most difficult thing is to make a woman with many children realize that
It is not a device for cleaning the apartment, cooking food and wiping dust.
Very often, many-folds are so addicted to their absurd
self-sacrifice that they begin to go too far and completely
forget about yourself. Even when everything in the house has long been redone,
the children are washed, fed and laid to sleep, and an hour or two appears
free time. Instead of relaxing or taking care of yourself
a tired mother puts on the guise of humble humility and runs
looking for new activities.

A reasonable share of selfishness is very important. At least because
a worn and frazzled woman is aging and decreasing ahead of time, and
because worse watching their children and begins to pass early
physically. Take care of yourself so that you can continue
take care of your family. Anyone needs rest, needs sleep,
relaxation for congested nervous system. And even an hour
doing nothing on the couch or at the computer.

Teach your children to understand this. Mom is a man. And mom needs
their personal time when no one will distract her, disturb or
run around on heels with loud screams. I advise you to allocate to your
the needs of the evening, when the children are already getting ready for bed, and the chores
of the day left behind. In a pinch, you can lock yourself in
bathroom with headphones and music. Everything that goes on
the benefit of a large mother is good for her family too!

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Прием 2: На myself денег не

Oh, those post-Soviet mothers of many children raised on the thought of
that mother and wife are first of all a slave on a sacrificial
hearth table. The whole family budget is taken to spend
exclusively for children and family. On anything, but not on itself
mother! Remember when the last time you appeared in your closet
anything new? When did you enjoy shopping? But you
– woman. And this is a top priority!


There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy a new lipstick, shoes or
the dress. Moreover, these desires are completely natural and normal.
Stop pinching every penny, denying even the very
necessary. No one will appreciate these victims, and on the relationship with her husband
such constant deprivation is not the best way. Because
a self-satisfied woman is a happy woman. And all
know perfectly well that 90% of female mood derives from quite
material things. Such as a bouquet of roses given by her husband or
buying a new bottle of perfume.

I do not have to spend all the money on myself! But not
forget at least once a month to allow yourself spontaneous and joyful

Прием 3: Распорядок дня to allу

Even before the appearance of the third child in the family, I started a useful
the habit of writing on a sticky sheet all the important things in
chronologically, and then stick it on the fridge.
The sticker always allows me to follow the plans of the current day, not
miss important moments (after all, even the young mother’s memory often
there are problems).

Thanks to the coordinated schedule you can postpone
minor matters so as not to wear out for a day, but at the same time
all the most necessary will be fulfilled. Teach myself
take notes on all your plans. Everyday!

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Прием 4: Никому нет дела до того,
сколько у тебя children

I understood that right away. People on the street do not care what you have at home
three snotty babies are sitting, because of which you have not slept all night and not
успела привести myself в порядок. They see only neglected and
untidy woman.

You can not justify the fact that you are tired, that you are having many children. Or
something else. Научи myself отметать факт того, что у тебя более
heavy device of household life than others. This is by no means
case should not be a reason for indulgence! Do not cover children
your unkempt hair or poor appearance. I became
mother of many children in 25, coping without the help of nannies and grandmothers, so
что я прекрасно знаю: даже в самый сумасшедший день 5 минут
comb and makeup can be found!

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Прием 5: Распределите обязанности!

Stop doing things alone, if you have a home
there is a whole squad of little helpers. Even a one year old child is already
able to put toys in place. And older children can make
for a bed, help mom with housework. School child
age can easily wash dishes regularly;
shopping in the store. And do not forget about her husband! He is also obliged to contribute
its contribution.

В большой семье каждый берет на myself часть тех обязанностей,
which he agrees to perform. And do not even think
refuse help from relatives and do everything alone!

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