The main fears of a young mother

Behind the long period of pregnancy and childbirth. Your baby
lies side by side, and you can not get rid of worries and anxieties.
After all, you have to swaddle, feed, care for your baby. Is that all
can you do right?
Страхи молодой мамы

The first fears of a young mother

I remember myself when I became a mother for the first time, and
the nurse unfolded a diaper with a newborn daughter. I have seen
on the little red – yellow body of the baby and just scared. AT
there was only one thought to my head: “How will I take her in my arms? Pens and
legs like matches! And if I drop her? “But a newborn baby
much stronger than it seems. It cost me a couple of times
перепеленать, сменить подгузник, искупать малышку – и страх
не справиться с ребенком
прошел сам собой. In a few
days I remembered with a smile my fear and fear

Опасение уронить грудничка часто мучает молодую
woman Of course, it happens that a child left unattended
is falling. Therefore, do not leave the baby lying on the changing table
or parental bed one for a moment. Especially say about
pets. Do not leave a single infant in
room where the animals are. It’s hard to say how they are themselves
will lead. I myself once had a cat snuck into the baby’s room and
I almost went to bed right on the head of the baby.

Do not be afraid, it is not dangerous

Многих мам, впервые распеленавших ребеночка, пугает
внешний вид новорожденного
: желтоватый цвет кожи, мелкие
white pimples on the face, thick black hairs growing on his
backrest Calm down, all these manifestations are not dangerous and will soon pass:
hairs will fall out, pimples will disappear. Newborn’s jaundice also
come down by itself. This will tell you and your children’s doctor.
Ask him about everything that you do not understand and worry, do not be afraid
seem annoying or stupid. It is about health and
your child’s well-being, so that excess modesty is here
out of place. I say this based on my experience. Being young
mother, I did not insist on the cancellation of the medication, although my son became
covered with huge red spots. AT итоге жизнь 9-ти
month son with difficulty rescued in intensive care.

See the article on major ailments, problems and illnesses,
которые могут возникнуть у новорожденного ребенка


Keep a diary

Get yourself a notebook where write down your questions. AND
Be sure to ask their doctor. Many lead and so-called
Health diary. AT нем записывают все, связанное со здоровьем
baby (how long was breastfeeding, when and what vaccinations did,
how he suffered them, when and when he was ill, were there any manifestations of allergies and
which drugs or products). Over time, much will be forgotten. Can
a situation arises when this information is needed. For example, when
admission to the hospital the doctor is always interested in what diseases
the patient suffered, if he had any allergies to medications. Here and come
to help tetradochka.

Is the baby crying? ATозьмите на ручки

Newborns often cry. AND молодая мать боится, что
she does everything wrong. Take it easy kids
often cry. The only way they can tell you is to change
diaper, I want to eat, my stomach hurts. ANDли попроситься «на
pens “to mom.

Еще один страх всех родителей – боязнь избаловать
. Many fear once again hold the baby on
hands. Do not be afraid. ATашему малышу просто необходимы родительское
attention, caress and care. Talk to your child more often, take it to
hands, sing songs, stroke the head while feeding from
бутылочки обязательно держите его на hands. Very fast baby
learn to recognize you, smile to you. Child received
Enough parental caress and warmth, far ahead in development
children deprived of all this in childhood.

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    told here in this article;
  • As a baby, you can take and hold in your arms
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  • Well, how to calm the crying baby we wrote here.

Do not be afraid to breastfeed

Another fear that I had to go through is
�”I have bad milk, the child does not eat enough.”
Having given birth to a daughter, I really wanted to feed her myself. But after the next
feeding baby constantly crying. AND я подумала, что у меня
�”Bad”, low-fat milk, and gave her daughter a bottle. Cry daughter not
ceased (there were problems with the intestines), but from the chest
refused. ATедь сосать молоко из бутылки намного легче. therefore
if you suspect that the child is hungry, just give the breast
more often, applying even at night. AND посоветуйтесь с врачом, не
setting aside for tomorrow.

Почему ребенок не наедается грудным молоком

On this topic:

  • How much milk a newborn baby should eat;
  • How to understand that the baby is not fed up with breast milk

I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid

Обычны для матери и страхи, которые я бы назвала «страхи
материнского инстинкта
«. Baby sucks – are you afraid that
he chokes on milk. When bathing you think that he can
choke with water. At night, you listen to the infant’s breath –
is it breathing? Putting next to you for feeding, afraid to fall asleep and
unintentionally crush. Later, when the older child goes to school, you
You will also worry that you will come home on time, do not get into
bad company, etc. These are natural fears peculiar to all
parents. Just don’t let them turn into mania and
darken the life of you and the child.

Do not make life in cleaning

Очень распространен среди мам  страх вреда домашней
пыли, бактерий
. Of course wet daily cleaning
is required. But do not bring it to the point of absurdity. My friend
twins, late children. All day she scrubs, washes, cleans and
without that clean apartment. When I come to their house, I have
there is a feeling of complete sterility. Even sit on the sofa, and then
fearfully. The poor girls only hear: do not touch, do not walk, do not
sit down But the child must communicate more with other children, and
with animals, play outside, only then he will form
steady full immunity.

Dummy – the desired item

Среди родителей распространен еще один страх – «от соски
crooked teeth will grow.
ATрачи давно установили, что
baby needs a certain amount of sucking movements.
AND если он недополучит возможности сосать, это отразится на его
development. No wonder babes, devoid of nipples, begin to suck
own fingers therefore не забирайте у малыша пустышку.
Just pick a quality nipple that won’t spoil

вредные привычки новорожденных

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  • If a ребенок сосет пальцы, как отучить от этой

Do not wrap your baby

Страх «мой ребенок мерзнет» так же
quite common among inexperienced parents. Even me, already
four times my grandmother, I often catch myself trying to cover
the three-month granddaughter with the second wadded blanket! Forgetting that children
her constantly arranged air baths at a temperature of
The room is about 22 degrees Celsius. AND они редко простужались. So that
do not pack baby, 20 degrees of heat in the room are optimal
температурой (См об оптимальных нормах температуры в

ATреден ли подгузник?

AT последние годы марлевые подгузники сменили одноразовые
diapers. AND тут же возник миф о вредности одноразовых
. This is especially true of finding boys in
pampers But the data confirming these rumors, no. Observe
baby hygiene, often change diapers, arrange air
ванночки – и поводы для беспокойства исчезнут (См какие
подгузники выбрать для новорожденных детей

A little more about the fears of moms

Briefly list some completely groundless

  • If the child is swaddled tightly, the legs will not
    . Swaddling does not affect how slim
    there will be baby feet (Pros and cons of swaddling).
  • The newborn can be bathed only in boiled
    . Boil water for swimming is optional. If a
    still worry, then cook a decoction of the train or chamomile and
    use it when washing the baby. He will play the role of disinfectant
    means and at the same time soften the water (details about bathing).
  • When using slings in babies bends
    . On the contrary, it is useful to use sling.
    Strengthens the spine of the child, there is a sense of security
    �”Mom is near” (See about the types of slings and how to properly sling
  • The mucus in the nose of a newborn is not an indication that
    He caught a cold.
    Most likely, the room has dry air.
    Wet cleaning will help. (See article: how to clean the spout

ATыслушивая советы от других мам, не следуйте им
Remember that all children do not resemble each other. AND
what helped one is not always suitable for another!

If a же вы чувствуете, что страхи одолевают вас, обратитесь за
advice and help to grandmothers, husband, girlfriend. Leave the baby on
couple of hours with a nanny and go to unwind in a cafe, shopping, to
to friends. Do not let fear spoilпослеродовая депрессия

you and your child’s life, turn you into a shaky, exhausted
being. ATедь малышу нужна здоровая, благоразумная, веселая и
loving mom.

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