The main and main rules of breastfeedingbaby

The first half year of life of the newborn baby maternal
milk is the most complete food. To this period was
comfortable for the mother, and the baby brought only benefits, each
неопытной маме следует знать основные и самые
главные правила кормления грудью.

Putting the baby to the chest. Important points:

  1. правила кормления грудью baby

    The first time a newborn is to attach to the mother’s breast
    immediately after the end of labor. Baby must get colostrum
    (the first thick yellow milk that appears), because it is
    natural protection of the baby against bacteria. It is the colostrum that strengthens
    Immune system of the newborn immediately after birth.
  2. Before feeding, take a comfortable position and turn the baby around.
    body to itself.
  3. Make sure the baby’s head and neck are arranged one at a time.
    straight line. In this position, the milk without obstruction enters
  4. Baby’s mouth close to the nipple – feeling the smell of milk, baby
    he himself will open his mouth wide.
  5. Place the nipple in the baby’s mouth so that only
    the upper part of the areola (dark areola). Achieve that
    so that the baby captures the nipple along with the areola. Lower areola
    must be completely in the mouth of the baby.
  6. If the child is passive and does not squeeze the lips, you can touch the mouth
    lower areola. It is undesirable to do this nipple, because
    the baby can grip the tip of it. Even
    slight sucking on the bottom of the nipple leads to it
  7. After the newborn grabs the nipple with the areola,
    you need to slightly adjust the position of the breast so that it does not interfere
    child’s breath.
  8. If the baby sucks greedily and begins to choke, you should
    stop feeding by gently opening the baby’s jaws with your finger. On
    hands hold the child vertically (column) until it appears
  9. Since at first the nipples are painful, you should not
    It’s better to wait for the breast itself to be taken from the newborn
    he refuses to suck. But you do not have to endure the pain when
    feeding, which may mean that the baby has captured the breast
    wrong. It should immediately pick up the chest, carefully opening his jaw
    baby, and put the nipple in the mouth again with the areola.

правила кормления baby

Features of modern breastfeeding

  1. One of the principles is free and unlimited feeding.
    first wish of the baby. Unlike the old methods, this method
    has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of the child and
    helps to increase lactation in mom. It is advisable to give chest
    in any restless state of the baby, without waiting for him crying.
    If a baby in the first months requires 10-16 feedings – this is
  2. Up to six months, the baby needs nightly feedings, as they
    bring the greatest benefit to the child, and the mother forms
    steady lactation.
  3. The duration of sucking depends only on the child. Last thing
    breast milk is the most fat and healthy, therefore it is recommended
    give the baby suck one breast to the very end.
    The second should be offered only in the next feeding. An exception
    can be only in case of lack of mother’s milk in one
    breasts for complete satiety.
  4. A baby up to six months can only manage breast milk.
    without the introduction of additional power. (when to start typing
  5. The best option for the full development of the child, strengthening
    immune system and virus protection is breastfeeding
    up to one and a half to two years.

правила кормления грудью

When breastfeeding is not necessary:

  1. Often wash mammary glands, since frequent washing removes
    Protective fat layer with nipples. Lack of protective film leads
    to nipple and areola painful cracks. Once or twice enough
    day to take a shower.
  2. Giving a child water – excess water can reduce appetite and
    increase flatulence in the digestive system of the infant. Teaspoon
    water per day can be given only if from my mother’s
    fatty milk in a child constipation.
  3. Before half a year, use pacifiers and water from a bottle. If the baby
    not enough mother’s milk, then supplementation should be given using
    spoons or pipettes. Infant may confuse breast sucking with nipple
    (it is harder to suck milk from a breast than from a bottle), and
    improper sucking can lead to nipple cracks. Besides
    the baby may completely abandon breast milk.
  4. After each feeding, rescue milk residues.
    An exception – застой в груди, нагрубание или вынужденное разлучение
    mothers with baby.
  5. Weigh the baby often. It is enough to control the weight of one
    once a week or two. Frequent weighing can unnerve the mother and
    to encourage the introduction of unnecessary supplements.
  6. To feed the baby with sweet tea. Sweet can harm future
    teeth, and tea can contribute to iron deficiency.

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Breast feeding is an individual natural process.
All children, like mothers, are different. Only with my own experience
любая мама сама сможет установить правила кормления грудного
child, relying on the features of your baby and following
recommendations professionals and moms who fed more than one

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