The magic of speech, or what word is guaranteedhelps to cooperate with the child

Making contact with a child is not so easy, and
try to persuade him to any action – and even more so. But
adults can competently take advantage of the most powerful magic
in a word, to achieve cooperation with your child. And this
the word will be the word “give.” Up to 9 years old
детей слабо сформировано чувство своего «Я». A permanent
commands and orders for a child are the inevitable construction of a wall
between a parent and a son or daughter. Isn’t it better instead
engage in strengthening the natural connection that exists between
older and younger generation ?! Any order can be easily
translate into a request and get a positive from the child


At every opportunity, try to invite your
children participate in common activities with you. Even if you give
a child has a specific task, for example, to put things in order
детской, обязательно предваряйте эту просьбу фразой: «Давай
хорошенько подготовимся к приходу гостей»
. If your
the task or request becomes part of the invitation to the general
activities, children are much more willing to contact.

Формула «ДАВАЙ» действует для большинства
ситуаций, но только пока вашему ребёнку не исполнилось 9
years old.
После этого, ваше «Давай наведём порядок в
будет звучать фальшиво, в особенности если вашего
participation in the cleaning process is not planned.

To encourage cooperation try to observe
following rules:

  1. Never order, formulate everything in the form of a request.
  2. Try to make your child feel cooperative with you, and
    no submission. You can let him and show resistance. If
    the child has no right to refuse, argue and lead a compromise
    negotiations, this is no longer a request, but an explicit order or demand.
  3. Значительно облегчить контакт помогают фразы «Not
    сделаешь ли ты»
     или «Сделай,
    . On
    «пожалуйста» постарайтесь не скупиться.
  4. Try to completely abandon all rhetorical
    questions and monologues.
  5. Formulate all your requests directly and positively.

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Notсколько примеров из жизни

Приказ: Убери игрушки.

Просьба: Давай соберём с пола игрушки. You can
put them in their places?


Приказ: Not бросай одежду где попало.

Просьба: Давай будем складывать все вещи в
cupboard. Will you put them on the shelf?


Приказ: Not повышай голос на бабушку.

Просьба: Давай будем уважать друг друга и
older ones. Talk, please, to the grandmother politely, without raising


Приказ: Onдень шапку.

Просьба: Давай защищать уши от ветра. Onдень,
please head over your hat.


Приказ: Вымой руки перед едой.


Просьба: Давай будем соблюдать правила личной
hygiene. Won’t you wash your hands before breakfast
(lunch, dinner)?


Приказ: Почисть зубы перед сном.

Просьба: Давай подготовимся ко сну и
take care of the health and beauty of their teeth. Clean them
you are welcome.


Приказ: Выключи телевизор (компьютер).

Просьба: Давай не будем слишком сильно утомлять
eyes long watching cartoons. Turn off the tv please
(computer) as soon as this cartoon ends. It will be minutes
after 10.


Приказ: Иди завтракать.

Просьба: Давай позавтракаем вместе. Come on in
please, to the table.


Приказ: Not болтай с полным ртом.

Просьба: Давай во время еды не будем
speak. Eat, please, keeping silence.

When a child resists …

At the very beginning of this approach, your child may
feel too much power in your hands. Quite possible,
that he will laugh in your face and even say no. Not
worry: this should be expected. The child always has two
action options: either cooperate with pleasure, or
pleasure to resist. After all, you don’t always
doing what you asked for ?! I want to believe that no.



Mutual understanding, peace and harmony in the family – like this
to reach if there are children in the house. There are several powerful proven
words having magical power. Try them in action and
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