The list of products nursing mom (that caneat, what to eat is not recommended during the period of GW)

Loving mother always cares about the health of her child.
And what is most important for a newborn? One of the important
points is the solution to the problem – what can you eat when breastfeeding
breastfeeding mom, because with the milk she will
transfer to the baby both the beneficial components of your diet and not

Download the list of products (what you can eat and what to eat

что можно есть при грудном вскармливании

What you can and can not eat when breastfeeding

First of all, you should prepare – the first month of feeding
even the strictest diet will not help you with a breast – the baby adapts to
to the outside world, to eating through the stomach, not the umbilical cord, therefore
sometimes he may have gas, intestinal cramps or diarrhea. Get scared
this does not follow – the baby will quickly get used to the new conditions, and
then it will be possible to gradually introduce new moms into the diet.


To track your child’s response to any
product, you can keep a food diary. Write down every day
the dishes you ate and the behavior of your child.

Short list of permitted products

  1. Овощи. Required in heat treatment, in
    At first, refrain from eating them raw.
    Bake, boil, stew. Fresh juices can be after one
    of the month. After three, add fresh vegetables to the menu. Read more about
    овощах при ГAT>>>
  2. Фрукты. ATоздержитесь от винограда,
    citrus, mango, papaya, avocado, strawberry and raspberry. Apples
    just baked, try to peel them. Can without fear
    eat bananas. Fresh juices can be after one of the month. After
    three – you can enter one new fruit in two days, watch for
    the reaction of the baby. Подробнее о фруктах пр ГAT >>>
  3. Можно употреблять практически все каши, они
    promote digestion, besides they are nourishing and contain many
    nutritional elements. In addition to instant cereals.
  4. Разнообразные супы на овощном бульоне.
  5. Мясо едим отдельно от всех продуктов и только
  6. Cheese.
  7. Poultry meat
  8. Кисломолочные продукты можно ввести через
    week – kefir, ryazhenka (it is better to use it, it is softer than kefir),
    cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt.
  9. Рыбу (морская, речная) отвариваем, запекаем с
    vegetables. (fish when breastfeeding)
  10. Яйца так же можно кушать, однако помните, что
    it is an allergen.
  11. Хлеб можно есть в небольших количествах с
    additives – for example, with bran.
  12. Сладким увлекаться не следует, однако можно
    eat dried fruits, biscuits, biscuits, bagels.
  13. Butter and vegetable oil.
  14. Сухой крекер, печенье, мармелад, пастила, зефир
    (without chocolate).
  15. Некрепкий зеленый и черный чаи, некрепкий
    кофе, морсы, компот, травяные чаи с мятой, чабрецом
    и душицей, минеральную негазированную воду.
  16. After месяца можно постепенно вводить в меню борщ,
    сметану, орехи, морс, варенье

По прошествии полугода можно кушать мед, различные
травяные приправы, бобовые, морепродукты
. Also this
период можно есть макароны, сыр, сезонные фрукты и
(это важно, только по сезону!).

What is not recommended

In addition, it is necessary to know about stop products, use
which is strictly prohibited to all nursing mothers. First of all,
this:что нельзя есть при грудном вскармливании

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Chocolate, some sweet foods – pastries, especially with
    adding various dyes and substitutes.
  3. Coffee and tea, refrain from this at least for the first six months. AT
    Consequently, they can be consumed, but only quality, coffee –
    well brewed, tea – brewed, not in bags.
    ATНИМАНИЕ! The exceptions are special teas,
    так называемые чаи при грудном вскармливании, в состав которых
    includes fennel, cumin, lemon balm, anise – such teas increase lactation
    breast milk.
  4. From convenience foods, products with artificial preservatives
    and dyes must refrain, you can only use
    качественные и свежие products.
  5. From carbonated drinks, too, should be abandoned – no baby,
    they will not bring any benefit to mum.
  6. Чеснок, лук и другие острые products.
  7. From smoked meat, sausage, fish.
  8. From fatty meat and fat.
  9. From legumes and black bread.
  10. From sauerkraut, radish, radish, fermented cheese
    (Suluguni, White Cheese, Adyghe), sausages, ham.
  11. From exotic fruits.

Download the list of products (what you can eat and what to eat

Detailed article of all prohibitions for nursing
— Что нельзя кушать кормящей маме, что
категорически не рекомендуется мамам при ГAT

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and true

The most important thing to remember is your body and
Your baby’s body is unique and the list of products for breast
feeding for you may differ from
provided by

ДАЛЕЕ => ПОДРОБНО Питание кормящей матери в период
Грудного ATскармливания

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