The list of medicines for the first-aid kit on the road, rest, onsea

Update: October 2018

Когда вас двое, вы можете спокойно ездить на sea, на отдых или
abroad, taking with you only the usual bactericidal plaster and those
medications that you usually take. After all, if something happens
unforeseen, you can go to the nearest pharmacy and count
to the rescue of the second half.

When children appear in the family, any rest becomes
responsible action requiring the slightest nuances
and be ready for any trouble: poisoning, raising
temperature, burns, motion sickness, or other. We will tell you what
necessary medicines need to stock up for a child from 0 to 18
years old.

What dangers can complicate leave with a child

На sea, на даче, в чужом городе и даже в лесопарковой зоне
your city, your baby may meet with unplanned and sometimes
even a dangerous situation. And the younger the child, the more all
troubles can happen. it обусловлено тем, что его нервная
the system is still immature, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is more
loose, and skin – less dense. Also still missing
understanding what can and cannot be done. Therefore, the task of parents
– to provide for such situations:

  1. Outdoors:
    • Insect bites: mosquitoes, ants, causing both painful
      sensations and allergies;
    • allergic to herbs in various forms: from a cold and
      sneezing to angioedema;
    • tick bites that can cause both allergies and illness
    • poisoning;
    • overheating;
    • sunstroke;
    • injury to the skin, mucous membranes or eyes, as well as muscles and
  2. В дополнение к предыдущим, в отпуске на sea могут также

    • cold with fever, in the background of which in children
      under 6 years old seizures may occur;
    • ARVI with acute stenosing laryngotracheitis (croup), which
      manifested by “barking” cough and shortness of breath;
    • obstructive bronchitis with dry or wet cough, increased
      respiratory rate, lack of oxygen;
    • hypothermia;
    • jellyfish tentacle burn;
    • motion sickness;
    • sunburn by ultraviolet rays;
    • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
    • acute intestinal infection – the semblance of poisoning, but with an increase
      temperature, persistent diarrhea or vomiting. Wherein,
      if you don’t give your baby enough calcium, potassium, or
      magnesium, there may be muscle spasms (“cramps”) of the muscles of the legs and arms without
      loss of consciousness;
    • acetonemic condition that may complicate ARVI or
      intestinal infection or overeating sweet or fatty foods;
    • constipation;
    • otitis;
    • conjunctivitis.
  3. За границей могут случиться те же ситуации, что и на sea,
    поэтому аптечка должна содержать те же drugs. Besides them, here
    antibiotics “just in case” are also added, as
    in a foreign country, you have to be too long and difficult to achieve
    prescription for buying the right drug. If the child has
    chronic diseases, first of all take the help from the pediatrician
    that your child needs constant admission

General rules for kit kits

They are as follows:

  • A first aid kit for rest with a child should be with you.
    thermo-bag so that the drugs in it are not heated by
    exposure to high ambient temperatures. Especially this
    for candles for temperature and severe allergies.
  • Before складыванием в сумку лекарства нужно проверить на предмет
    shelf life.
  • Take only the drugs in the package, otherwise with rubbing bag
    Letters can be erased, and it becomes unclear what this drug.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions for taking the medication,
    because it is a child, and it is dangerous to overdose it.
  • Optimal, чтобы список для аптечки на sea с ребенком
    Compiled by a pediatrician, taking into account the characteristics of your baby.

In this article we will talk about drugs that take in
road for a healthy baby. If the child already has chronic
pathology, the first aid kit is replenished with it

In the trip you need to take

Sure to

  • thermometer
  • antiseptics:
    • bottle of alcohol 70%
    • hydrogen peroxide
    • Zelenka (better in the form of a pencil)
    • miramistin
    • chlorhexidine
  • sterile gauze wipes, wet wipes with antiseptic
    (with methyl alcohol), antiseptic for hands (spray that
    sprayed and not washed off)
  • cotton pads and cotton swabs
  • bactericidal and simple adhesive plasters
  • antihistamines: fenistil drops (they can be on the skin, and
  • antipyretic drugs: paracetamol or eferalgan, nurofen,
  • средства от укачивания: драмина или аква-sea и пр.
  • sun products:
    • sunburn: panthenol spray or dexpanthenol cream
    • for sun protection: sunscreen with a protection factor
      30-50 SPF (for adults with fair skin and children)
  • remedies for diarrhea:
    • enterofuril (stopdiar) or furazolidone
    • for rehydration: rehydron or scream
    • smect and enterol
  • antibiotics: Amoxiclav and Sumamed
  • antispasmodic: Nosh-pa or drotaverine hydrochloride
  • with possible problems with the ears, nose, throat:
    • Otipaks (anti-inflammatory and analgesic drops in
    • Nazol or Nazivin, from the age of 6 (vasoconstrictor drops in
    • Okomistin (miramistin, который можно и в глаза, и в горло, и в

Additionally you can

Additionally you can взять с учетом индивидуальных проблем со
health in an adult or child:

  • nasal drops:
    • with antibiotic (isofra)
    • for washing (aquamaris, quix, aqualor, etc.)
  • for throat – sprays lugol, hexoral, ingalipt
  • drugs for food poisoning, diarrhea, diarrhea

    • for adults – fluoroquinolones (ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, etc.)
      or rifaximin (alpha normix)
    • для детей — противомикробное (Энтерофурил или phthalazole,
      фуразолидон, сульгин), для регидратации (Regidron или Оралит),
      сорбенты (Smecta), а также Энтерол (или Энтерожермина Украина),
      Linex (или Bifidumbacterin, Хилак форте, бифиформ, Atsipol (см.
      remedies for diarrhea)
  • remedies for vomiting (tsirukal)
  • broad-spectrum antibiotics: Sumamed, Amoxiclav,
  • pharmaceutical sorbents: polysorb, activated carbon,
    filter, смекта, энтеросгель и пр.
  • drugs for convulsions: phenobarbital, calcium D3, Magne B6 or
    Asparkam, as well as candles Rektodelt 100.

If a child is prone to obstructive bronchitis, or at least once
stenotic laryngotracheitis, take with you a nebulizer
(compressor inhaler):

  • In the first case, you can fill there “Naphthyzin” 0.5%
  • In the second – drops for inhalation “Berodual”
  • Both of these drugs will need to be pre-diluted.
    saline sodium chloride.

Below are first aid options for an adult or child.
before examining the doctor in various conditions with a list of drugs,
which can help.

Antiallergic drugs

On any trip with a child, even to the country, to a picnic or the beach
Take allergy medication in the city:

For insect bites

If an insect has bitten and a small stain has been formed.
(up to 3 mm in diameter), itching. Wherein ребенок так же активен, весел,
as before, periodically stops to scratch the element

Fenistil (gel) фенистил гель

For any age, the gel is applied to a non-bleeding area.
skin with a rash, 2-4 times a day, a thin layer.

Psilo-Balsam (gel) плисо-бальзам

Up to 6 years, the gel is not used.

Over 6 years applied with a thin layer, up to 4 times a day

If pollinosis developed or urticaria appeared

If an insect bites, it causes an itchy stain.
more than 3 mm in diameter, one is used in addition to paragraph A.
из следующих drugs. The same list is suitable for the situation
if allergy is manifested by sneezing, dry cough, lacrimation
(see pollinosis), only then you do not need to smear anything. Required
leave this place where the allergic reaction occurred.

The third use of this list of drugs – if after
Insect bite urticaria began. In this case, the bulk elements
also need to process the gel from the list A, as well as go to another
place or, if possible, stop traveling.

Tavegil тавегил

  • Up to year: not applicable
  • 1-3 года: 2-2,5 мл дважды в day (перед ужином и на
  • 4-6 лет: по 5 мл дважды в day
  • 6-12 лет: по 5-10 мл дважды в day
  • Старше 12 лет: по 10 мл утром и на ночь


  • До года: ¼ таблетки 2-3 раза в day, не более 2 мг/кг в
  • 1-6 лет: 1/3 таблетки 2-3 раза в day, не более 2 мг/кг в
  • 6-12 лет: ½ таблетки 2-3 раза в day
  • 12-14 лет – ½ таблетки 2-3 раза в day
  • over 14 years old – 1 tablet 3-4 times

Phenystyle фенистил

  • До года: 10-30 капель 3 раза в day
  • 1 год: 30 капель трижды в день
  • 1-3 года: 30-45 капель трижды в день
  • Старше 4 лет: 45-60 капель трижды в день


  • Up to year: not applicable
  • 1-6 лет: ½ мерной ложки 1 раз в day
  • 6-12 лет: 1 мерной ложки 1 раз в day
  • Старше 12 лет: 2 мерных ложек 1 раз в day

Eden / Erius эриус

  •  6 месяцев: 2  мл 1 раз в день
  • 1-6 лет: 2,5 мл 1 раз в day
  • 6-12 лет: 5 мл 1 раз в day
  • Старше 12 лет: 10 мл 1 раз в day


If after an insect bite, or after you
settled down among the plants or gave him some new food from him
the condition has changed, he has turned pale or showed edema,
features on the face.

  • The first point of assistance in this case is to call
  • Secondly, you need to unbutton or remove the interfering clothes,
    lay, raising his legs at 30 degrees. It is necessary to follow the breath and
    by consciousness, приводя ребенка в чувство механической стимуляцией его
  • And only then you need to attend to the setting of the “Rectodelt” candle
    100 ”, which should always be in the first-aid kit.

it препарат на основе гормона-глюкокортикоида преднизолона –
�”Ambulance” for strong allergic reactions, especially
accompanied by difficulty breathing. It is used if there were
convulsions with loss of consciousness – with or without fever. Until 6
years, you can use half the candle that will be 50
mg of prednisone, you can – 2 times a day, in severe conditions.
Over 6 years, 1 suppository is used at a time, with a large
необходимости – дважды в day.

If the child is allergic, and already had at least 1 anaphylactic shock
or angioedema with impaired airway, with
you should always have a vial of “Adrenaline” and insulin syringe on
100 divisions (or the ready packed syringe from a set). You
will need to learn how to perform a subcutaneous injection prior to arrival
�”Fast.” The calculation is as follows: 6 divisions in a syringe graduated by 100
U, for every 10 kg of weight. So, if the baby weighs 10 kg, with the development
anaphylactic shock under the skin must be done 6 IU under the skin, if
20 kg – 12 U.

Motion sickness medications

Dramina драмина

  • До года: не применяется
  • 1 год: не применяется
  • 1-3 years: ¼ tablets three times a day
  • 4-6 лет: ¼ – ½ tablets thrice  день
  • 6-12 лет: ½-1 таблетка трижды в day
  • Старше 12 лет: 1 таблетка трижды в day


It is applied only from 3 years, on 1 tablet on reception. Can
take every half hour ride, no more than 5 tablets per day

Bonin бонин

It is applied from 12 years. 1 hour before travel – 1-2 tablets
chew on Repeated reception – only in a day.


  • вертигохельДо года: по 1-2 капли 3-4 раза
  • 1-3 года: по 3 капли 3-4 раза
  • 4-6 лет: по 5 капель 3-4 раза
  • Старше 6 лет: по 10 капель 3-4 раза

In case of vomiting as a result of motion sickness,
first aid kit for a trip to the sea should be a pair of ampoules “Cerucala”
(“Metoclopramide”) or the same pills, as well as a syringe. Optimal
– give to drink the solution from the ampoule based on the following dosage:

For children over the age of 14, the recommended dosage is 2 ml for children.
3-14 years dose is calculated depending on weight: you need 0.02 ml / kg
for 1 time (that is, for 10 kg of weight – 0.2 ml, for 20 kg – 0.4 ml).
Рекомендуем брать insulin syringe on 100 делений и отмерять так:
0.2 ml is 20 divisions, 0.4 – 40 units respectively.

After that, it is good to take Motinorm syrup for several days.
If a child weighs more than 35 kg, you need 10 ml every 3 times a day.
If the weight is less than 35 kg, you need to drink at the rate of 2.5 ml per 10 kg of weight.
three times a day.

In case of injured skin or eyes

In addition to iodine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, cotton pads and
adhesive tapes may be needed:



It is an antiseptic solution that can treat wounds, with
using a cotton or gauze pad or treat your throat.

Chlorhexidine digluconate

It is an alcohol-free antiseptic, active against most
bacteria, used to treat wounds, abrasions, cuts.



Antibiotic eye drops. They drop 1 drop 3-4 times a day.

 Okomistin окомистин

The basis of the antiseptic Miramistin: they can be instilled into the eyes, if
there came a branch or a child touched them with unwashed hands,
these drops can also be used for treating small wounds and for
instillation into the nose (with a cold) or ears (with a complaint of pain in

Sunscreen and sunburn treatment

Especially needed if you are going to first-aid kit for a child at sea.
You can buy any tool: Vishi, Faberlic or another with SPF
30-50. For sunburn, be sure to take “Panthenol” in the form
foam from any company.

On temperature

In addition to the above preparations, when traveling to the sea with a child
or abroad need to take antipyretic just in case
drugs. Optimal – взять 1 лекарство в сиропе и одно – в
candle light:



Syrup: in a single dose – 0.5 ml / kg or 15 mg / kg. Interval between
Reception – 6 hours.


  • эффералганДо года: До 5 месяцев – свечи по 80 мг, 3-4
    раза в day, от 6 месяцев – по 150 мг, 3-4 суппозиториев в day.
    At 1 dose – 4 mg / kg paracetamol
  • 1 год: По 150 мг, 3-4 раза в day. 1 reception – 4
    mg / kg / day
  • 1-3 года: По 150 мг, 3-4 раза в день
  • Старше 4 лет: Из расчета 4 mg / kg / day. For kids
    over 6 years old suppositories usually do not apply

нурофенNurofen (Ibufen)

  • До года: С 3 месяцев по 2,5 мл каждые 8 часов
  • 1-3 года: по 5 мл трижды в day
  • 4-6 лет: по 7,5 мл каждые 8 часов
  • 7-9 years: 10 ml every 8 hours,
  • 10-12 years: 15 ml every 8 hours
  • Старше 12 лет: в таблетках


  • До года: 1-3 месяца, по 1 свечке в 50 мг, с 3-12 месяцев –
    1.5-3 candles 50 mg 2-3 times a day
  • 1 год: По 1 свечке в 100 мг 2-3 раза в день
  • 1-3 года: По 1-1,5 свечки в 100 мг 2-3 раза в день
  • 4-6 лет: По 1,5-2 свечки по 100 мг 2-3 раза в день
  • 6-12 лет: По 1-1,5 свечки по 250 мг 2-3 раза в день
  • Старше 12 лет: По 1,5-2 свечи по 250 мг 2-3 раза в

From cold

At temperature – any of the above means. нурофен
аква-марисWith a cold: rinse nose with drugs: “Salin”,
«Аква-Марис», 3-4 раза в day. Can использовать обычный
physiological solution of sodium chloride in ampoules. He can
need for inhalation
ксило-мефаAt a cold: to facilitate nasal breathing
need drops, narrowing vessels. it «Називин», «Назол»,
�”Xylo-Mefa”. Их капают 3 раза в day
окомистинWith a cold, for 2-3 days, drops with antiseptics:
Okomistin, miramistin
отипаксПри боли в ухе: «Отипакс» + «Okomistin»
нафтизинWith a barking cough: inhalation with Naphthyzinum 0.5%: 3
drops of 10 ml in saline solution injected into the nebulizer
цефексЕсли уже третьи day, а температура не спадает, нужен
antibiotic in the age dosage:

  • Cefadox, Cedex, Cefix, Suprax or
  • Augmentin, Amoxiclav or
  • Sumamed, Ormaks.

With diarrhea or vomiting

If you have diarrhea and vomiting in children, you should consult a doctor if
It is difficult, before the examination of the doctor, the main thing is to prevent
dehydration and stop vomiting or diarrhea as quickly as possible.
Do not use products like Imodium or Loperamide!

Восполнение потерянных солей:  регидрон

  • Оралит
  • Regidron
  • Chlorazole
  • Litrozole

They are bred for different, specified in the instructions, the amount of water
(например, «Regidron» – на 1 л, «Хумана электролит» – на 250 мл).
They need to drink with a liquid, which should be at least 20 ml / kg
веса в day. Another 10-20 ml / kg can be given with ordinary water,
compote of dried fruit.

Сорбенты: смекта

  • Атоксил
  • Smecta
  • White coal
  • filter
  • polysorb
Антибактериальная терапия: Нифуроксазид

  • фуразолидон
  • enterofuril (nifuroxazide)
  • phthalazole
  • intrix, alpha normix (for adults)

  • Enterol (Enterohermina)
  • Linex
  • Bifiform
  • Bifidumbacterin
  • Atsipol
When nausea, vomiting – “Tsirukal” (“Metoclopramide”) in the form
tablets or solution from an ampoule

  • Nosh-pa, drotaverine hydrochloride
  • Spazmalgon
  • Savior

With painful cramps in the limbs, with preserved
by consciousness

кальций магне аспаркам
Calcium gluconate or Calcium-D3 Magne-B6  Asparkam (Panangin)

With convulsions (bending of the whole body, muscle contraction
limbs) with loss of consciousness

In this case, all you can do is:

  • call an ambulance;
  • put a candle “Rektodelt 100”, which was mentioned
  • if high temperatures occur, cool
    child: wipe it with alcohol and water in a ratio of 1: 2, you can
    add a spoonful of vinegar to the 200 ml mixture. Need to wipe intensely
    leaving the fabric for several seconds in places of large vessels.

If a child has vomiting and smells of acetone

When you are on a vacation trip, you need to anticipate this situation,
which usually occurs as a complication of colds or intestinal infections.
Then the child may complain of abdominal pain, he has noted
vomiting, often one that prevents him from drinking water. Wherein
he really needs a liquid. Diagnosis is carried out on urine, in which
the strip of “Acetone-test” purchased at the pharmacy is being lowered.

Usually, in children under 5 years old, this condition requires only
hospital treatment. But before that you can try to treat the child.

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a liter of warm water. Water
    cool, make the child an enema.
  • Betargin (Citrarginine, Stimol). Contents 1 sachet (sachet,
    ampoules) dissolved in 200 ml of water, you can add honey there. By this
    with a solution of the child they drink, gradually, 5 ml every hour. In children
    старше 5 лет можно за day дать 2 пакетика.
  • From nausea – “Tsirukal” (“Metoclopramide”), which was discussed
    above. Optimal, если раствор будет дан ребенку из ампулы.
  • For abdominal pain can help:
    • No-shpa in dosages;
      • До года: не применяется
      • 1 год: 1/4 таблетки максимум 2 раза в день
      • 2-6 лет: максимум – 1 таблетка 3 раза в день, минимум – ½
        tablets thrice
      • Старше 6 лет: 1 таблетка 2-5 раз в день
    • If pain appeared after drinking substandard
      products, you can give “Smektu”, “Atoxil” or other

This help is needed only in acetonemic condition. Before
the beginning of the treatment is necessary to exclude surgical diseases:
appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and others, as well as sugar
diabetes, which can also detect acetonemic

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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