The list of harmful substances in cosmetics, creams,deodorants

Update: October 2018

When buying various cosmetics, we rarely look into
description of the composition. Much more attracted colorful inscriptions on
the front of the bottle, broadcasting on how many vitamins,
natural oils and other usefulness in the product.

All these supercomponents account for a tiny fraction of what
is in the bottle, and about 90% of any cosmetic –
This is water. It turns out that disproportionately big money we pay not
only for water in the composition of the funds, but also for hazardous substances in
cosmetics, voluntarily poisoning your body. Moreover,
research scientists found women abusing
cosmetics, the use of personal care products, household chemicals
bring your climax.

As a rule, the manufacturer indicates them as part of the small print.
or in English. Own inattention works
at the hand of the producers and against us! Harmful substances in
косметике – учимся читать состав cosmetic продуктов (см. также
composition and harm to the health of household chemicals).

Very dangerous

Mineral oil or Paraffinum Liquidum

In creams, emulsions, oils, jelly


In creams, emulsions, oils, jelly

DESCRIPTION Under these kind of like innocuous names is harmful
component – technical oil! In most products referred to as
exactly as the Mineral oil, counting on the illiteracy of the population and
perception of the name as a mineral component.
Petrolatum or technical fat
ORIGIN Technical oil is obtained from oil, in fact it is a mixture of liquid
Oil product
PROPERTIES Creates a waterproof film on the skin
  • besides water, the oil film detains toxins, carbonic
    gas and other harmful products of metabolism, which normally are displayed
    через skin;
  • препятствует попаданию oxygen в дерму;
  • slows cell growth;
  • increases dehydration by dissolving natural skin
  • contains carcinogens.
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Если влага не будет покидать skin, то кожа будет гладкой,
young and soft
Positioned as an ideal softening component (popular
due to its low cost)
  • пересушивает skin, приводя к трещинам, раздражению и повышенной
  • skin becomes thinner and aging faster;
  • clogging pores causes the formation of acne and rashes;
  • can cause cancer.


Propylene glycol

In creams, moisturizers, oils


In creams, moisturizers, oils

DESCRIPTION Propylene glycol – a dihydric alcohol, a substance organic
of nature.
ORIGIN Derived oil product. Chemical compound of fat and water.
PROPERTIES It attracts and binds water molecules. It attracts water molecules.
  • вытесняет полезные вещества из skin, в т.ч. water;
  • can damage the liver and kidneys by doing exactly
    через skin;
  • when humidity is below 65% (which is probably observed practically
    in each apartment) draws moisture from the deep layers of the dermis, i.e.
    young cells and holds it on the surface.

It gives the skin a young and fresh look.

The ideal humidifier, which takes away moisture from the air and gives away
her skin.
  • leads to allergic reactions and irritations;
  • is the cause of dermatitis;
  • causes the formation of acne and rashes
  • пересушивает skin, придавая ей нездоровый вид: чрезмерное
    hydration of the dead stratum corneum cells leads to its


Means with moisturizing and anti-aging effect


Средства с омолаживающим эффектом для skin, средства для волос
(balsams, shampoos, serums)

DESCRIPTION Collagen, protein. Elastin, protein.
ORIGIN Obtained from cattle hides, as well as from
plantar side of the paws of birds.
PROPERTIES Оседает на поверхности skin, препятствуя испарению влаги.
HARMFUL ACTION Due to its high molecular weight it does not penetrate into the deep layers
skin, а остается в эпидермисе, закупоривая поры.
  • улучшение коллагеновой структуры skin;
  • excellent moisturizing effect.
  • wrinkle removal;
  • восстановление структуры skin.
HOW DOES IT WORK Пересушивает skin, закупоривает поры, результатом чего является
thin and irritated skin with acne and cracks.

Lauramide dea

Shampoos, cleansing foams and gels


Nail polishes, shampoos, perfumes, conditioners, lotions,

DESCRIPTION Lormid Day. Фталаты, соли и эфиры фталиевой acids.
ORIGIN Химическое вещество полусинтетической of nature. Chemical substances.
PROPERTIES Thickens liquids Фиксируют запахи, связывают компоненты cosmetic средств,
create a wet film on the surface, good solvents.
HARMFUL ACTION Высушивает волосы, skin, а также обезжиривает их, удаляя
natural protective layer
  • inhibit the action of testosterone;
  • possess allergenic activity;
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Безопасное очищение skin и волос. Safe component to improve properties cosmetic
  • causes allergic reactions
  • leads to dry skin and hair
  • may lead to impaired male sex development
    systems in the fetus, gynecomastia in adolescents;
  • cause asthma and allergies.

Alpha hydrox acids – AHA’s

Exfoliating cream

Sodium lauryl sulfate – SLS

Shampoos, facial cleansers, balms, toothpastes, foams for
baths, gels and liquid soaps

DESCRIPTION Lactic acid, other acids Sodium lauryl sulfate
ORIGIN Formed during the fermentation of sugars Surfactant, sodium lauryl sulfur salt
PROPERTIES Destroys the top layer of keratinized epithelium Active foaming agent

Destroying dead epithelial cells makes defenseless
young skin cells that are exposed to factors
external environment

Especially harmful with prolonged use:

  • accumulates in tissues, incl. in the brain and eyes,
    causing cataracts;
  • oxidized on contact with skin and hair, leaving them to
    irritating film;
  • enters into a chemical reaction with other components of the means
    forming nitrates
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Fresh complexion, soft skin Thick and healthy foam
  • The skin becomes dry, aging faster
  • causes allergic reactions, приводит к шелушению и
    promotes gum formation;
  • irritates skin and hair, making it brittle and dry;
  • worsens the course of dermatitis;
  • can cause stomatitis (in toothpaste)


Cleansing masks and preparations


Cleansing masks and preparations

DESCRIPTION Bentonite, mineral Kaolin, white clay
ORIGIN Natural
PROPERTIES Forms the gel upon contact with liquid, drying in
airtight film
Possesses enveloping and adsorbing action
HARMFUL ACTION Creates a thick film on the skin, depriving the skin of access
Dehydrates the skin
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Cleansing the skin, release from the keratinized epithelium, black
  • retains toxins and carbon dioxide in the skin
  • due to the presence of spiky particles injure the skin
  • retains toxins and metabolic products in the skin;
  • dries out, clogs the skin, preventing oxygen from penetrating
    deep in the dermis

Useless Supplements


Практически во всех cosmetic средствах


Anti-aging remedies

DESCRIPTION Hyaluronic acid, glucosamine Liposomes, phospholipids
ORIGIN It is isolated from plants and animal tissues. Receive from fats
PROPERTIES Participates in tissue repair Easily penetrate into the cells due to the similar structure (cellular
HARMFUL ACTION Due to its high molecular weight it does not penetrate into the deep layers
They do not improve the state of the membranes of old cells, because
the membrane structure of old and young cells is the same.
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Омоложение skin, ускорение клеточного division Merging with the cells, fill them with “life” and moisture.
Радикальный способ омоложения skin
HOW DOES IT WORK Остается на поверхности skin. It is added to cosmetics in very
in small quantities, often only to indicate it in
composition. Essentially a dummy
Embedded in the cell membrane without changing the structure
the last

Рlancental extract

Средства против старения skin

Royal bee jelly

Увлажняющие, питательные средства для skin и волос.
Anti-aging cosmetics

DESCRIPTION Placenta extract Royal jelly
ORIGIN Extracts from human or animal placental tissue Beekeeping product
PROPERTIES It has a rich composition (vitamins, biologically active
HARMFUL ACTION May contain hormones, the introduction of which in any quantity
dangerous to the body
Not absorbed by the skin
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Омоложение skin, репарацию тканей, ускорение клеточного
Увлажнение, питание и омоложение skin «натуральным»
HOW DOES IT WORK The placenta, while in the womb, is the source of the future
of life. But the selected extracts from the already “dead”
nonfunctioning placenta does not bring any benefit. Yet another
  • gives a more pleasant texture and appearance;
  • is not an active component, i.e. not absorbed into

 Harmful substances in deodorants


Dry and liquid deodorants for sweat


Dry and liquid deodorants for sweat

DESCRIPTION Aluminum, light metal Triclosan
ORIGIN Chemical element Antiseptic chemical nature
PROPERTIES Tightens pores, preventing perspiration Destroys bacteria
  • with prolonged use can get into the internal
  • уничтожает нормальный биоценоз skin;
  • causes bacterial resistance;
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Safe sweat protection throughout the day
HOW DOES IT WORK Всасывается кожей и попадает во внутренние organs, что может
lead to development:

  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • hematological diseases;
  • breast cancer;
  • cardiovascular pathology
  • провоцирует контактный дерматит, раздражает skin;
  • can cause hormonal disorders and dysfunction
    thyroid gland


Dry and liquid deodorants for sweat


Dry and liquid deodorants for sweat

DESCRIPTION Amines Talc, water silicate
ORIGIN Chemical substances Soft mineral
Properties Преобразуют acids в соль Adsorbent
  • toxic substances that are carcinogenic.
  • May contain asbestos fibers.
WHAT THE MANUFACTURER PROMISES Adjust the pH level Adsorbs sweat
  • cause allergies;
  • damage the kidneys and liver;
  • Carcinogenic (in the presence of asbestos)

Other harmful substances in shampoo, soap, creams,


This is a mandatory component of products containing both water.
and fats (and this is almost all cosmetics). Are
surfactants and make a uniform emulsion of
substances that do not react with each other.

  • Possess cytotoxicity;
  • Разрушают липидный барьер skin;
  • Cause dermatitis and eczema;
  • Ускоряют старение skin.


These are substances due to which cosmetics has long terms.
shelf life, i.e. in fact, it is antiseptics that do not give bacteria
breed in a nutrient medium. Most often represented

  • Have proven carcinogenic activity;
  • Cause irritation and allergic reactions.


They are responsible for the pleasant smell of the agents, masking the chemical
the smell of the main components.

  • The most common allergens;
  • Able to provoke asthma and asthmatic bronchitis.

Вывод: Многие могут сказать – все это
relatively, the meager amounts of even harmful substances are not dangerous.
But it is not. Harmful substances in the cream that you use
for many years, even if they enter the body in meager amounts, but
have properties to accumulate. And the stochastic effect is still no one

And yet – in the struggle for youth and beauty you should not lose sound
meaning. The aging of every person is genetically inherent
a process affected by any creams and serums
Impossible, and only existing wrinkles can be corrected.
scalpel surgeon.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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