The list of analyzes (for women and men) withpregnancy planning

The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in
of life. And many couples are preparing for it in advance. If future
parents will take care of family planning and pass a series of tests,
the probability of a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy
baby will increase several times.



The content of the article

  • 1 What tests need to pass a woman before
    by pregnancy
  • 2 What tests should be taken by a man
    • 2.1 When might a visit be necessary
      genetics doctor
  • 3 Видео: Подготовка к беременности


It is no secret that many children born were not planned.
parents. However, every year the number of couples who are seriously
подходят к зачатию ребенка, increases. The better will be
Potential parents are trained, the more likely that the future
the mother will more easily endure the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. For
In order to determine how future parents are ready for conception,
It is necessary to pass a number of tests and visit several
to doctors.

Какие анализы необходимо сдать женщине перед by pregnancy

Family planning for a woman begins with a visit to the office.
gynecologist. You will significantly help your doctor if
think about all your diseases and calculate the duration
менструального cycle. Do not forget to grab a medical card.
The information provided will help the doctor to make a complete picture.

So, the list of analyzes:

  • Gynecologist – gynecologist consultation is very important, it is
    Major doctor who will lead the entire pregnancy.
  • Dentist – timely examination of the oral cavity and
    treating diseased teeth will relieve the risk of dangerous
  • Otolaryngologist. Diseases of ENT organs are also dangerous and even in
    хронической форме будет постоянным источником infections.
  • Cardiologist. Additional load on the cardiovascular
    a woman’s system during pregnancy and childbirth can be harmful if
    there are diseases or pathologies in this area.
  • BUTллерголог.
  • vaginal smear on flora;
  • general, biochemical blood test;
  • general urine analysis;
  • scraping from the cervix to the PCR study;
  • cytology scraping;
  • thyroid hormones;
  • Ultrasound of the mammary and thyroid glands, organs of the small pelvis, to
    eliminate the presence of pathology;
  • the presence of antibodies to toxoplasmosis, herpes virus, rubella,
    cytomegalovirus, human papillomavirus;
  • antibodies to HIV, syphilis, gonokkam, mycoplasma,
  • antibodies to E. coli, staphylococcus;
  • blood clotting test;
  • hepatitis B and C analysis;
  • HIV analysis;
  • syphilis analysis;
  • PCR for latent infections;
  • colposcopy;
  • PCR examination of the scraping produced from the cervix – on
    the presence of herpes pathogens, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia,
    mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis;
  • thyroid hormone thyroid hormone test
    (thyroid stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland regulating the function of the thyroid
    glands), T3 (thyroxin), T4 (triiodothyronine).

1. В первую очередь вас осмотрят на кресле и
will colposcopy. This is a diagnostic inspection using
special device – colposcope. With this procedure and
a cytological smear is performed to assess the condition of the cervix
uterus. The main task before planning a child is to eliminate
sources of infection and the cause of inflammatory diseases. therefore
you will be assigned several directions for testing and
passage of ultrasound diagnostics.

2. В стандартный список анализов перед
by pregnancy входят общий анализ мочи и blood. First analysis
reflects the general condition of the body and allows you to identify diseases
urinary tract. BUT анализ крови определяет уровень гемоглобина и
helps to keep track of inflammatory events in the body
processes. Also required blood test for sugar, biochemical
blood test to evaluate the work of the most important organs and
coagulogram. Last analysis determines clotting.

3. ПЦР-диагностика инфекций – одна из самых
necessary procedures. This is a blood test for many dangerous
infections that pose a significant risk to the development and
жизни fetus.

One of the most important components of preparation for conception
is to check the body for the presence of TORCH infections. BUTббревиатура
TORCH is formed from the most dangerous for the child infectious
diseases: toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasma), rubella (Rubella),
cytomegalovirus (Cytomegalovirus) and genital herpes (Herpes).
If a woman is found in pregnancy at least one of
listed pathogens, then most likely she will have to do
abortion. BUT если беременность еще не наступила, зачатие следует
set aside until recovery.

The results of PCR diagnostics will clarify whether you are sick and others.

  • ureaplasmosis;
  • Gardnerellosis;
  • chlamydia;
  • mycoplasmosis

If you are not sure that you have had rubella in childhood,
be sure to take an analysis to clarify whether there is a risk
заражения во время of pregnancy. Disease can lead to
fetal malformations fetus. In case you already
suffered rubella, you can safely plan a child. If you
she has never been ill, it is better to be vaccinated to avoid
заражения во время вынашивания fetus. Pregnant allowed through
three months after vaccination.

4. УЗИ органов малого таза выявляет заболевания
and pathological processes that prevent conception and normal
course of pregnancy. Study assigned to 5-7 and 21-23
days of the cycle. At the first stage, the overall condition is assessed.
pelvic organs.

At the second stage, the transformation of the endometrium and the presence of
corpus luteum (whether ovulation occurred). During the ultrasound doctors
often diagnose problems requiring surgical
Interventions: ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, mucous polyp

5. Вашу кровь в обязательном порядке проверят
for such dangerous diseases as hepatitis B (HbSAg), hepatitis C
(HCV), HIV and syphilis (RW).

6. Необходимо выяснить группу и резус-фактор
the blood of both the woman and her husband. Positive rhesus factor
the wife and negative for the husband cause no concern. BUT
But if the results of blood tests in the future mother detected
negative rhesus, and in men – positive, then
pregnancy is possible rhesus-conflict.

This is especially true for women who have ever had a transfusion.
blood, pregnancy, abortion or other surgery, because
probability of formation of specific antibodies in their blood
increases. Between Rh-positive baby and
Rh-negative mother may have Rh-conflict,
leading to immune complications such as hemolytic
diseases of the newborn.


With a negative rhesus of a woman, a positive rhesus of a man and
in the absence of rhesus antibody titers before pregnancy,
rhesus immunization. Blood group conflict is less common
however, doctors must take this fact into account.

7. Следующим немаловажным критерием оценки
female reproductive capacity is the definition in her blood
hormone concentrations. BUTнализы гормонов необязательны. Survey
may appoint in violation of the menstrual cycle, overweight,
unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child of more than a year and previous
unsuccessful pregnancies.

A specific list of hormones that will need to pass
tests will determine the doctor based on your circumstances and condition
health Most hormones are examined on days 5-7 and on days 21-23.
cycle. In this list can be:

  • prolactin, affecting ovulation;
  • testosterone, which may be the highest
    cause miscarriage;
  • ДГЕBUT-сульфат, от которого зависит работа яичников;
  • progesterone, responsible for maintaining pregnancy;
  • estradiol, which determines the development of the uterus, fallopian tubes and
  • prolactin, which is responsible for the ovulation process;
  • thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism;
  • luteinizing hormone (LH) affecting

8. Подготовка к зачатию ребенка будет неполной
without researching a potential future mother on the factors
невынашивания fetus. To do this, she takes tests that determine
the content of antibodies to cardiolipin, chorionic gonadotropin,
phospholipids and detect lupus anticoagulant.

9. Комплексное обследование завершается
visit the ENT doctor, dentist and therapist. ENT doctor will determine
Do you suffer from chronic diseases of the throat, nose and ear.
It should not be allowed that the ARI and ARVI, severely transferred by mom, are not
нарушили развитие нервной системы fetus.

During pregnancy it is difficult to carry out full treatment.
teeth, and at the same time, infections in the oral cavity provoke
inflammatory processes. Therefore, to solve dental problems in
ideally needed before a woman is in position.

General urine and blood tests should be shown to the therapist. On
Based on the research and examination performed, the specialist will make
заключение о состоянии вашего health Perhaps you will
assigned additional diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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must be done before pregnancy

What tests should be taken by a man

Carrying a future child to be a woman. However
half of the genetic material received by the baby belongs
to the man. Not all husbands love to visit doctors, so a wife can
reassure her husband that testing and visiting a clinic by a man
going much faster and easier.

What you need to pass the future father:

  1. General analysis of blood and urine, determining the state of health,
    the presence in the body of infectious and inflammatory diseases.
  2. Determination of blood type and Rh factor to identify
    the possibility of rhesus conflict between mother and fetus.
  3. BUTнализ крови на заболевания, которые передаются половым путем.
    If a man is infected with an infection, before conceiving
    need to be cured.
  4. Additional studies assigned by the doctor. Among them
    may be hormonal blood test, spermogram (study
    sperm) and analysis of prostate secretion. If all tests are in
    norm, and pregnancy never comes, the man will have to pass
    spouse compatibility analysis.

When might a visit be necessary
genetics doctor

To pass the genetic tests should be married couples:

  • having hereditary diseases in the family (mental illness,
    hemophilia, Duchenne myopathy, diabetes, and others);
  • where a man and a woman are in adulthood, because
    aging chromosome cells increase the risk of pathology
    in the formation of the embryo;
  • relatives who suffer from mental and mental retardation
    physical development without visible external causes;
  • who already had two or more regressive
  • in which the child has a hereditary disease.

If there is a good reason for genetic research,
neglect a visit to the doctor-genetics is not worth it. remember, that
hereditary diseases can manifest after a few
generations of your child.

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misconceptions about pregnancy and childbirth. Best compilation: 63 myths

If the test results are normal, you can safely
start preparing for conception. All future parents are recommended
for a few months do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, do not
drink medicines, do not go to the bath and protect your health.
Eat healthy and take vitamins.
Planning a pregnancy means taking care of your future.



Видео: Подготовка к беременности

The obstetrician talks in detail about preparing women for
of pregnancy. A list of tests that must be passed
before pregnancy: STDs, Torch infections, hormones, vaginal
candidiasis. You must also visit a dentist, gynecologist,
therapist and others. Follow the rules of personal hygiene and lead a healthy
образ of life.

Where do you need to start planning pregnancy for the future
parents to reduce the risk of having an unhealthy baby.
You must start with yourself, with your lifestyle.
Optimally pass a medical examination for 2-3 months before
planned conception. The scope of the survey at the planning stage
pregnancy is selected individually, based on age
parents, the presence of chronic diseases, heredity and
other Therefore, the plan of the survey when planning pregnancy
is selected individually.

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