The latest news on coronavirus in the world at 30 March 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has already been detected in more than 180 countries. The COVID-19 virus is a global threat to the global economy and humanity as a whole. Some people still think SARS-COV-2 is only a seasonal disease and relate to this infections superficially. If you track disease statistics coronavirus in the world, you can see how the epidemic is picking up pace every week. For example, in the United States at 25 In February, only 35 cases of infection were detected, and a month later, indicators recorded142 637 infected. For a month, the US overtook China by the number of infected twice.

How quarantine is respected in India:

1,024 cases of infection were detected in the country. Indian government is trying by any means to force citizens stay indoors. Sticks and batons with which the police go “punish” naughty people. Home Quarantine Announcement was made public shortly before the entry into force of the relevant decree. Millions of people were left in other cities without money, food and work. All establishments are closed in the country, except for those of paramount importance. In India, people are massively heading home to other cities on foot, so how public transport ceased operations. Recently, the first death from overwork was recorded when the Indian wanted to return home on foot, deciding to cover a distance of 250 kilometers. Many media outlets criticize such measures as the most severe. and inhumane, although the government of India believes that this method может спасти страну.Tough quarantine measures in India

Пустующие города на карантине:

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, almost all states have declared a regimen high alert and ask their citizens to stay home. because of quarantined, many densely populated cities are now empty. Here A selection of the most popular photographs of famous cities where what coronavirus does with tourist centers:

  • Mecca – because of a pandemic coronavirus, saudi arabia canceled big and small pilgrimage to the holy city of Muslims. Hajj and Umra temporarily banned until the situation in the country improves; Saudi Arabia - Mecca during Quarantine
  • The heart of Italy – Rome is also in sad condition. Tours and excursions canceled; Coronavirus in Italy
  • New York is the most developed A megalopolis in the USA on weekdays looks like this: Quarantine in New York because of the coronavirus
  • Moscow Red Square – the cultural and administrative center of Russia is also in a deserted condition: Red Square is empty during the coronavirus

World situation due to coronavirus:

  • President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced the adoption of two new laws for land reform and the banking system at an extraordinary meeting on March 30. These new bills passed to receive financial assistance from International Monetary Fund. If “Ukraine will not have financial support from the outside, the country will face a crisis “- the head reports state;
  • President of the United States considers the death of 200 thousand Americans from coronavirus good scenario of events. “If the epidemic continues spread at that pace, mortality from COVID-19 may amount to 2 million “- experts say. Maximum Coronavirus mortality rate in America is expected in the middle next month;
  • China moves to a new stage quarantine – only 4 died of coronavirus in the PRC yesterday person. The country has recovered from the 2019-NCOV pandemic by 93% and Chinese government will try to prevent a new outbreak infection from the outside.

Scientists predict further deterioration of the situation in the world, if not serious measures will be taken to fight a new infection COVID-19. World Health Organization advises keep a distance of at least 2 meters with potentially infected Wear medical masks and rubber gloves. Who will take all sorts of measures to combat the infection of SARS-COV-2.

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