The influence of music on the development of the child

From the 16th week of intrauterine development, the child hears
sounds. The sounds of the outside world during this period he hears very
muffled, but my mother’s voice, heartbeat, murmur of blood flow
accompany him constantly. These sounds are woven for the baby in
a real melody that gives him peace and feeling
security. From that moment on, sounds begin to play great
role in the life of the child, and this influence does not recede until the end of life.
Sounds are especially important for mental and even physical development.

скрипка и ноты

Music for the baby in the stomach

Prenatal development specialists unanimously believe that
acquaint the child with the music you need before birth. Perceive
melody babies begin at gestation about 16 weeks
(см по теме: когда новорожденные начинают слышать).
It is best to acquaint the crumbs with classical music
они проверены временем и заведомо имеют
positive influence. Including music, all moms notice that
the activity of the child changes: under one melody he calms down, under
others, on the contrary, begin to actively move. The fact is that music
It affects the emotional state very much: some melodies calm down,
relax, others invigorate, cause a surge of activity.

Calm and energetic music is useful for child development:
through her he expands the range of emotions he experiences. WITH
using research by psychologists, it was proved that children who listened to
classical music before birth, develop better physically and
mentally, before mastering different skills and better
they say

By and large, expectant mothers can not be limited only
classical music and listen to everything that is nice to them but
Some directions of music should be limited. For example,
rock music is believed to lead to increased emotional
excitement and provokes aggression. Kids, “grown” on such
music is characterized by restless behavior and excitability.

Music from birth

After birth, music begins to play an even more important role in
the life of a child. On a newborn baby music acts approximately
just as it did before birth: it sets its emotional background.
During active wakefulness, you can turn on cheerful dynamic
songs, before bedtime or while screaming and whims – quiet
calm melodies. True, if we talk about lullabies,
definitely much better if mom sings her herself. Some of the moms
rate their vocals very low and prefer to include
ready-made recordings so as not to form a bad ear for music
child These fears are in vain, because the kids are the most
grateful listeners, and the voice of his beloved mother for them is the most
desired melody. If you really don’t really sing,
you can just chant – it’s better than someone else’s voice from


The older the child becomes, the deeper and more comprehensive
music has an effect on him. In addition to the development of emotional
сферы, музыка способствует развитию двигательных
Even if you do not teach your child dance
movements, when he learns to stand on his own two feet – his legs go
to dance as soon as he hears his favorite song. And the child is very
feels good rhythm and moves in accordance with the sound.

  • Very good music affects the development of fantasy and
    Music not only causes certain
    emotions – after them almost always there are visual images.
    The child represents the heroes of a musical work, in his
    imagination, there are pictures associated with the melody. The older
    child, the brighter the emerging images. For children over 5-6 years old
    �”Musical fantasies” are so characteristic that they are capable
    express them artistically – draw a picture of your beloved
  • A very important aspect of the influence of music on the development
    child is the formation of aesthetic taste.
    Like us
    already said, you can listen with any child absolutely
    music, but classical music must
    be included in the program. They are a kind of benchmark for sound.
    and musical taste, universal for people of any age, gender
    and social status. In this regard, parents can not worry
    that classical music is too complicated for a child:
    it is also “classic” to be enjoyed by any listener.
  • In addition to classical music, the child must be introduced
    with folk music.
    Through her he joins the culture
    of their own people, and folk songs are generally a storehouse of wisdom and
    knowledge about the structure of the world. Folk music can not only listen,
    but also play. If we talk about Russian folk instruments, then
    many of them are quite accessible to the child: pipes, spoons, rattles.

Even if parents are not fans of folk music
and do not to the national musical instruments, children
musical instruments and toys must be in the house.
This could be a tambourine, a metallophone, a children’s synthesizer, or any
another tool. The main criterion is good sound and
доступность для child For babies good musical toys
making different sounds and playing melodies. For such toys
also the main criterion – the sound quality. Such toys help
develop skills of auditory concentration.

Children older than two years are already able to memorize lyrics of songs.
You can not even memorize them specifically: listening and trying to sing along
the child remembers the words and then pleases the parents with the first attempts
solo singing. Thus, music also affects the development
memory and speech.

For people living in the world of sounds, music is a means of relaxation,
recuperation, increase efficiency, overcome
stress. By introducing a child to the music, we do not seek to grow out of
him a musician (although some of the children are really from childhood
demonstrates good musical skills that are needed
develop), we only contribute to its full development. From
dating a child with music is not worth waiting for any specific
positive results, let it be a process for the sake of the process.
The human psyche is so complex that never
it is impossible to predict in advance when and in what situation
the effect of the previously heard works of Mozart or mom’s

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