The influence of fairy tales on the development of the child

No matter how rapidly society developed, no matter how
views on education, values ​​and attitudes have changed, we cannot
imagine childhood without a fairy tale. And this is absolutely correct, because
the tale is simply necessary for the harmonious development of the small
little man.

сказки и ребенок

When the age of fairy tales comes

You can start reading fairy tales to your beloved baby even when
is in the stomach of mom. True, while the plot of the tale itself
absolutely not important: it is important for the child to hear his mother’s voice and affectionate
intonation. With the same success you can read the unborn crumbs of the article.
from women’s magazines or “adult” artworks.

A newborn baby can read fairy tales, in principle, it is possible, but
it will be much more useful to sing songs, tell pestushkas and
to read the short author’s poems. In this age
рифма и ритм — то, что нужно для развития speech.

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Closer to two years old, the child may already perceive prose, but
overloading it by reading long fairy tales with a complex plot is not worth it.
The first baby tales should be simple and understandable to him.
The best option – folk tales, for example, “Turnip”, “Teremok”,
�”Kolobok”, “Hen Ryaba”. These tales have a linear plot and
fairly simple shaped row.

The present tale comes by 4 years. To this age
the baby is immersed in the world of imagination, fantasy and artistic
images. He is able to understand the plot, to associate himself with the characters
tales, to draw some conclusions.

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gadgets can not replace the child a book?

The influence of fairy tales

The main purpose of fairy tales is to tell the child about
order of the world, about how laws live life in
society. In other words, fairy tales prepare the child for the future.
adulthood. In addition, fairy tales form moral
landmarks, instilling in the child ideas of good and bad, about
good and evil.

�“Living” the plot of the tale, the child develops emotionally,
learns to empathize, rejoice, grieve with the characters, looking for
way out of problematic situations. It turns out that reading fairy tales for
A child is not just a rest, it is learning in the school of life. Exactly
Therefore, parents should be serious and responsible approach to
tales in the life of the baby.

сказки для маленьких

Psychologists have voiced the view that even in some
a person’s life scenario is shaped to a minimum, because through fairy tales
the child learns behavioral stereotypes, reads from fairy tales
social role models. Parents such statements are very
impressive, and they sometimes begin to tightly filter everything that
read to child.

Если смотреть на сказку глазами взрослого,
logically and rationally thinking person, many things seem
very dangerous: cruelty, aggression, death of heroes, cunning and
deception is everywhere, indifference of loved ones is seen in fairy tales

Sometimes it seems that fairy tales promote laziness, parasitism,
stupidity and other negative qualities. The thing is to watch
on a fairy tale through the eyes of an adult is not necessary. Fairy tale
�”Speaks” with us in a special language – the language of symbols and
Everything that happens in a fairy tale is not necessary
take it literally. Even the strangest and most negative from the point
view of the rational mind things in a fairy tale – just a symbol
something. For example, in a fairy tale about a boy with a thumb parents
took the children to the forest. It would seem that there could be worse: adults,
instead of solving their problems, get rid of the children and
send them to ruin. If we dig deeper, we see that
the situation is a symbol of separation of the child from the parent, which, in
essence, is the logical outcome of maturation. Forest full
hazards – the image of adult life in which you have to take
decisions, stand for yourself.


Terrible tales are not only possible but necessary to read.
Such tales are a kind of “vaccination”
before going into adulthood. In real life, people have a lot
it is necessary to undergo, and it is necessary to prepare for this from childhood.
Through the tale, the child is confronted with an acceptable share for him
stress, “develops immunity” to it and thus prepares for
meeting with real circumstances.

Fairy tales play an important role in shaping the model.
sex role behavior in a child.
the idea of ​​“unisex education” was promoted, girls and boys, and
later women and men are creatures from different planets, they have different
задачи и по жизни, и в семье, и в society. Based on this
We can distinguish fairy tales for girls and fairy tales for boys. In fairy tales
for girls the plot develops around the female main character,
and in fairy tales for boys, around a male hero.

персонализированные сказки для воспитания детей

The girl through the fairy tale learns the role of a good housewife, desired
women and good mother. Negative heroines are also important for
girls. For example, an evil stepmother in fairy tales is the so-called
�”Social trainer” who criticizes, shows discontent,
punishes. This is the person next to whom such qualities are trained.
as patience, forgiveness, and this thought is well shown in the fairy tale:
if stepdaughter goes to open conflict with stepmother – she
left with nothing.

The boys also have their own roles: the role of the breadwinner, the role of the man,
able to make decisions, the role of the protector of the weak and the master
of his case. A boy through fairy tales comprehends those male tasks
who are entrusted to him by society.

Of course, the division of fairy tales for fairy tales for girls and fairy tales for
boys conditional. And those and others need to read to children of both sexes,
After all, in each of us there are both feminine and masculine.

Fairy tales so strongly affect the mind of a child that in
Psychology appeared a whole direction “fairy tale therapy”, within
which psychologists work with fairy tales with strong emotions,
fears, offenses of the child, help to improve relations in the family and with
peers. Helping a child with a fairy tale can not only
specialist, but also mom. Collections with psychological tales,
Selected by different topics can be found in any bookstore.
Most often in home practice used tales of whims,
tears, fairy tales to sleep.

And for the magic, and for the “educational” tales
the rule is fair: that a fairy tale has an effect, it is necessary not only
read, but also discuss. The older the child, the more complex and
deep discussion is needed after reading. You can discuss heroes,
their qualities, actions, fantasize on the subject of the plot (what would be
if the hero acted differently). And if the child does not know how
read it yourself, it is important that the story was read or told
adults, not losing devices.

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What tales to read to children

If you answer this question shortly, you can say that
Children need to read diverse and “correct” tales. What is it

Существуют сказки народные и авторские: И
those and others certainly deserve attention.

  • Народные сказки складывались веками, и,
    despite the apparent simplicity, they all have a deep philosophical,
    psychological sense. Of course, first of all the child needs
    to acquaint with the tales of his people: so he joins the native
    culture, learns national values. However restrict
    the child is not worth the tales of his ethnos, especially in our
    days when national identity in society is not so bright
    expressed and there is a trend towards globalization.
  • Авторские сказки тоже нужны и важны, но к ним
    parents need to be more critical because copyright
    the work is always the result of a subjective perception of life
    and the personal views of one particular person, and mom and dad can
    do not separate them.

As for the signs of a “correct” fairy tale, they can be
highlight three:

  1. Good always triumphs over evil. This principle is not
    extends to warning tales where the fox ate the Kolobok,
    the mouse smashed the golden egg, and the teremok collapses. Such tales
    special purpose.
  2. Shaped row. Listening to a fairy tale, baby
    identifies himself with the characters, so their images must be
    understandable, close and cute little man, moreover, in
    they must have deep meaning.
  3. The style of presentation. Even folk tales now
    we read already in someone’s author’s treatment. Beautiful language of fairy tales
    brings up aesthetic sense in a child and helps development

With skillful use, the tale really becomes powerful.
tool for the upbringing and development of the child, but chase
educational effect is not worth it. For a child, reading fairy tales is
An exciting game that should be fun.

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