The impact of modern gadgets on children (pros andminuses)

The life of a modern person is no longer without
things like a tablet, phone, computer. Children watching
life of adults, from the cradle begin to be interested in gadgets: time
mom and dad pay so much attention to these things, which means they
really interesting. The attitude of parents to the introduction of gadgets in
the life of the child is ambiguous: some actively use them, others
persistently trying to protect the child from modern

Влияние современных гаджетов на children

Do not rush to extremes, because the truth, as usual, is somewhere
between them. A child is born and grows in the modern world, and
modern life makes a person quite high
requirements. Already in elementary school, the child will need knowledge
computer, so carefully not to allow a child to
different electronic devices are not very prudent.
Uncontrolled use of gadgets by a child also does not lead to
good, so gadgets should be in the life of children, but dosed
and under parental control. Let’s take a closer look at what
There are pros and cons of using gadgets.

Advantages of using gadgets

  1. The way to temporarily occupy the child in the “field”
    Children are quite difficult to tolerate long
    waiting in lines, long road, standing in traffic jams. Toys,
    books, felt-tip pens and an album may not always come under
    hand, but adults do not part with the gadgets, and here they will be
    very handy. Smartphone or tablet with cartoons, games or
    interesting applications will help brighten the child weary
    minutes and hours.
  2. Development of cognitive processes and getting new
    Some computer games and applications
    really contribute to the development of attention, memory, logical
    thinking, learn to read, count, draw. Also exist
    educational cartoons that allow the child to get new
    knowledge of the world. The catch is that quality
    there are not so many developing games and cartoons, most
    declare a developing effect.

Малышам в возрасте 2–3 лет (именно в это время
дети начинают интересоваться новыми современными устройствами)
can be installed on a laptop or tablet educational games,
age appropriate. The main thing is for parents to control
время, проведенное ребенком с гаджетом. Children up to
3-х лет заниматься с устройствам не более часа в день, каждые
20 minutes you need to take a break in order to
отдохнули глаза.
Older child
возраста время «общения» с гаджетами можно увеличить, но также
you must take breaks after 20–30 minutes of training or

Cons of using gadgets

гаджеты и дети

  1. �”One-sided” developmental effect. Since we are
    talked about the fact that gadgets contribute to the development of the child, it is worth
    say about the reverse side of the coin. For a young child,
    whose figurative thinking is still evolving, developing
    the effect of cartoons and programs tends to zero. When baby
    actively mastering the world of objects, it is important that he had
    all channels of perception are involved. To understand that cube
    square, and the ball is round; it is not enough for him to see the images –
    it is necessary to touch, feel with the handles the edges and edges of the cube,
    ball roundness. As a result, the developmental video gives a one-sided effect:
    formally, the child remembers something, but does not actually master it
    information is deep and high quality.
  2. Adverse effects on health and physical
    First of all, it is about the deterioration of vision.
    Если ребёнок регулярно больше 20 минут в день
    looking at a computer monitor or screen of a phone or tablet, then
    after six months, his visual acuity begins to decline. Second aspect
    negative health effects are due to the fact that children conducting
    a lot of time for games and cartoons, much less move, and
    This has a systemic effect on the state of the whole organism. Kids for
    компьютером/планшетом/ноутбуком сидят часто сутулясь, а это
    this provokes spinal curvature and posture problems
    the future. ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Влияние планшета на
    child: 10 reasons to say “NO”!
  3. Reduced creative activity. No games and
    applications will never replace spontaneous creativity, working with
    real materials and vibrant color. In real life, a child
    fantasizes. He glues, sculpts, cuts, colors, combines,
    finds the most unexpected solutions. Virtual space deprives
    his work, because there he can only act within
    options provided by the manufacturer of the program.
  4. Repression of interests, attitudes and attachments in
    virtual space.
    This is a very serious consequence.
    and it occurs only with the abuse of gadgets. Child
    literally falls out of real life: all his interests
    focused on the virtual world. In this case, we can talk about
    depending on gadgets.
  5. Редко, но возможно наблюдаться и психическое
    If a child often plays games where
    много крови и ужасов.

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Dependence on gadgets and how to avoid it

If gadgets occupy the entire consciousness of the child, you can talk about
that dependence is forming. You can recognize it by the following

  • Child перестаёт интересоваться реальной жизнью: не играет в
    toys, do not strive to communicate with peers.
  • Relationships with parents are sidelined for the child, and
    instead of sharing classes, he also prefers to spend time with
    tablet or computer.
  • Attempts to limit the time for games and cartoons causes stormy
    protest and tantrum.

Normal intellectual and personal development with such
It’s impossible, because it can only happen in real
relationship and in the real world. To prevent dependence on
gadgets and reduce their negative impact, it is important to use them with
mind and stick to the following rules.

  1. Do not allow exceeding the allowable time for
    computer / tablet. For each age it is different. Maybe,
    the child will protest, but parents should be firm.
    Do not forget that you are an adult and responsible for life
    and the health of the little creature lies with you.
  2. Follow age recommendations for games and cartoons.
    Do not overload the child with information that he can not
    to perceive.
  3. Do not use gadgets to “get rid” of the child without special
    needs In some situations, they are really salvation, but
    if mom, for example, is going to cook dinner or engage
    household chores – it is better to include the child in this process than
    turn him on the cartoon.

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By the way, to give children to play gadgets before bedtime is not
It is recommended, as the child may be overstimulated and from this
sleep badly or not fall asleep at all.

Thus, it is important for parents not to let gadgets in
the life of a child has become a source of problems. Competent and moderate
the use of gadgets will really contribute to the development
child and help him keep pace with the times.

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