The harbingers of childbirth in figurines,recurrent symptoms of false labor

Update: October 2018

When the exciting 9 months of waiting come to an end, each
a pregnant woman asks herself the question: how do childbirth begin?
Sharply or gradually, painfully or barely perceptible? How not to be late
with departure to the hospital and not arrive too early? What are the forerunners
childbirth in pervorodok never occur in subsequent
pregnancies? All these worries are understandable, especially for those
who become moms for the first time.

The question of the onset of labor activity is of concern not only
pregnant women. Obstetricians and gynecologists are also very attentive
apply to all precursors of imminent labor. After all, in this situation
their actions or inaction can both help and hurt.
To avoid stress and unnecessary problems, the expectant mother should
listen to your body and describe in detail your doctor
state. Such teamwork will certainly lead to
the safe birth of a healthy baby.

How to start childbirth?

It is still not exactly clear why the uterus dwelled within
the fruit by the end of the 40th week begins to be expelled from it. It is known that
these processes are controlled by the brain and the hormonal system, which
start a cascade of reactions. As a result, the uterus muscles begin
shrink in a special way, pushing the child out.

But in order for this to happen, the body of a woman for a long time
getting ready. In fact, the preparation lasts for the entire pregnancy. And the main
stage falls on the last month before delivery. At that time
a woman can clearly feel the signs of an approaching event, and
may not notice them (see the calculation of the approximate date of delivery).

Harbingers of childbirth

Abdominal prolapse

By the end of pregnancy, the baby in the womb goes down;
the head is pressed against the entrance to the pelvis. This is the precursor of childbirth
primiparous appears a few weeks before birth, and
multiparous can happen already in the process of generic

Expectant mother can detect this by changing the size of the abdomen,
especially its upper part. He seems to be “falling”, freeing
diaphragm, reducing heartburn and easing breathing. In parallel with this
pressure on the bladder increases, so the problem is first
trimester – frequent urination – returns again.


A large volume of the abdomen, its displacement downward and the load on
the spine leads to the formation of a special posture. Pregnant
walks with his back thrown back to maintain balance when
displaced center of gravity. Such a precursor to childbirth is not
is required and specific. It depends on the size of the abdomen,
weight of the pregnant woman and the baby, as well as the physical fitness of the woman.
In third births, weakening of the ligamentous apparatus can lead to
the changed posture is already at 20-25 weeks.

Changes in well-being and mood

Shortly before giving birth, the expectant mother may feel sleepy,
some apathy and desire to retire from the noisy world. Partly it
due to the inability to move easily and quickly, with the general
state change. But in part this is affected by the work of the brain.
Gradually, the dominant of pregnancy passes into the dominant of childbirth,
the body is tuned to a difficult stage, the woman is completely
immersed in their own experiences. For the same reason may
nervousness and tearfulness appear, especially if family members
underestimate the degree of anxiety pregnant.

Nesting instinct

If you conduct a survey among young mothers on the topic “what did you do,
when did the birth begin? ”, many will probably give similar
the answers. Kleila wallpaper, dismantled wardrobe, soap tile in the bathroom
– these are the few things that a woman decides to do at the end
of pregnancy. Such a “nest arrangement” is akin to the instincts of
many animals, when before the appearance of offspring need
take care of the home. If such troubles are not too tiring
future mother, then they need to be treated positively. After all, home
the work is a little distracting from anxieties and worries about
upcoming delivery.

Weight loss

Often, a few weeks or days before giving birth, a woman loses weight by
1-2 kg. This is associated with a decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid. But
You can not rely on this feature. After all, weight is highly dependent on
nutrition, so a pregnant woman can stop eating because of unrest
or vice versa, will start at night to run to the refrigerator, seizing the alarm
(which, by the way, is highly undesirable).

Reducing the number of baby movements

When the uterus gets too tight for the grown fetus,
the volume of his movements is reduced. This leads to hormonal
reorganization of the maternal organism before the birth. Therefore, in a week
before an important event, the baby as if “quietens down”. This happens often
but not always. In addition, a sharp decrease in activity can
talk about the oxygen starvation of the child, which is the reason
immediate medical attention. Similar harbinger to childbirth to 37
weeks rarely appears.

Discharge of mucus plug

Throughout pregnancy, the cervix is ​​closed and filled
mucous secretion. It protects the fetus from infection. In several days
before роbeforeв шейка настолько сглаживается, что слизистая пробка просто
can not keep it and starts to go out. At that time
a woman may find mucous or mucopose blood on the underwear
highlight. Sometimes the cork comes out immediately, and sometimes – a little and
gradually. It can not be confused with anything. This event talks about
steadily approaching childbirth, so it’s worth notifying your

Training fights

Brexton Hicks infamous (false) contractions are common in
последние недели беременности, предвестник роbeforeв у большинства
women. Some may cause discomfort, others may not even
understand that uterine contractions occur. The essence of such bouts –
постепенная подготовка шейки к процессу роbeforeв и «настройка»
well-coordinated work of the muscles. Braxton Hicks contractions usually begin.
за 1-2 недели before роbeforeв. The main task of a pregnant woman and a doctor –
отличить их от настоящей роbeforeвой деятельности, так как ложные
contractions do not require any medical measures.

Differences between conventional and false labor

Braxton Hicks contractions

Начало роbeforeв

Frequency of contractions Irregular, no tendency to increase Regular, at regular intervals with a tendency to
more frequent
Movement changes Movement can decrease or stop
Do not depend on movements
Strength Weak, weaken over time and disappear Strong, over time, even stronger
Nature of pain Slightly painful sensations of false labor or discomfort in
abdomen area
Sensations arise in the back area, spreading to

Вышеуказанная таблица подходит только для стандартных роbeforeв. With
Brexton Hicks contractions become unbearable
and long lasting, which requires pain relief and medication
сна-recreation. This phenomenon is called pathological preliminary.
периоbeforeм. If he was present in the first pregnancy, then great
the likelihood of recurrence of painful harbingers at second

We should not forget about such a medical term as
«неочевидное начало роbeforeв». Sometimes even experienced professionals have a hard time.
distinguish too painful training fights from abnormal
роbeforeвой activities. It so happens that the birth has already begun, but
contractions too weak for the cervix to open.

Such cases require monitoring and control, women are prescribed
droppers with oxytocin, pain relief, and in severe cases –
cesarean section. Therefore, the slightest doubt about the symptoms of false
схваток – повод поехать в родbeforeм для консультации. Usually
beforeстаточно пары часов наблюдения, проведения CTG и осмотра шейки
uterus to a competent gynecologist diagnosed.

How to count the contractions?

In order to calculate the fights, you need to stock up on a timer or
for hours. Since the beginning of the reduction timer include, and when the fight
end – turn off, mark the result and start again. Now
нужно отметить время before следующего сокращения. These observations need
lead about an hour to draw appropriate conclusions. If a
the intervals between contractions are reduced (10 minutes, then 7, then 5
etc.), and the duration of the reduction itself increases (5 seconds, 15, 30,
40 и т.д.), то это может быть началом роbeforeв. If a интервалы растут,
duration decreases or contractions stop altogether – then great
the likelihood of training spasms.

Как отличаются предвестники роbeforeв у повторнородящих?

Женщина, однажды прошедшая все этапы беременности и роbeforeв, более
prepared for them. With второй беременности опущения живота не
will be. Repeated more easily distinguishes training
contractions from ordinary, will feel a change in your mood and
well-being. Начало роbeforeв может произойти чуть раньше, после 36
недели of pregnancy.

Какие обслеbeforeвания могут назначить при ложных схватках?

If a беременная женщина сомневается в своих ощущениях, не имея
the ability to distinguish false contractions from the real ones is better
направиться в родbeforeм. Там специалисты назначат beforeполнительные
обслеbeforeвания, по результатам которых картина станет яснее.

Cervical examination

Для врача одним из главных отличий ложных и роbeforeвых схваток
is a change in the cervix. With начале роbeforeв с каждым
contraction of the neck is revealed. With тренировочных схватках никаких
There are no visible changes in the neck.


On cardiotocography, two important parameters can be estimated:
regularity of uterine contractions and the condition of the fetus. Often a woman
subjectively describes false contractions during pregnancy, in
depending on your pain threshold. На CTG очень четко
the regularity and intensity of contractions appears. If a
the intervals between them are about the same and decrease, then
the real births begin. In addition, it is imperative to find out
the degree of suffering of the baby. If a при редких схватках на CTG четко
there are signs of severe hypoxia, then you need to raise the question of

По результатам обслеbeforeвания врачи могут отпустить беременную
beforeмой, направить в родблок или госпитализировать в отделение
pathology of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth.

When you need to call an ambulance or go to

  • If a отошли воды
  • If a вместе with water or mucus plug stands out large
    amount of blood
  • If contractions began to fit the formula 1-5-1 (duration
    one minute, the interval between them is 5 minutes, does not stop for
    1 hour)
  • If the contractions are so strong that they do not allow
  • And finally, if you are prompted by your intuition (she very often
    leads to the correct decision of a pregnant woman)

In conclusion, it should be noted that it is impossible to predict the day
birth with great precision. None of these precursors
Not mandatory, every pregnancy is absolutely unique.
Therefore, when one or more signs appear
imminent labor, especially when false labor begins, not
need to panic. It is enough to report them to the doctor and start
tune in to the happiest event – the birth of a new
little man.

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