“The gynecologists’ intrigues”: an honest conversation withfemale doctor

Dr. Dmitry Lubnin, author of the book “Honest Conversation with
Russian gynecologist “, told how doctors cheat

Intimidating patients and thickening paints is a normal practice.
for doctors. Coming from a gynecologist, a woman can be terrified,
hearing about the diseases that showed up. In fact, half of
they do not need to be treated. There are three gynecological “ducks” in the Russian Federation,
over which the whole world laughs: the diagnosis “dysbacteriosis”,
the need to treat cervical erosion and the preservation of pregnancy
from the first trimester.

  • Cervical erosion is a condition that does not require treatment,
    except: the presence of superficial vessels that bleed when
    sexual intercourse, and copious amounts of discharge associated with
    overgrown epithelium. In these cases, cauterization is indicated. AT
    the rest are simply observation and cytological analysis.
    Annual turnover of clinics that conduct erosion treatment
    cervix is ​​huge – this “disease” is almost all
  • The constant struggle of ureaplasma and mycoplasma, transient
    microorganisms that periodically live in the genital tract of women
    and men. They are not dangerous, do not cause infertility, miscarriage and other
    complications. The treatment is very tough, using strong
    broad-spectrum antibiotics.
  • The same can be said about the most “terrible” virus – papillomas
    человека (ATПЧ). There is no such drug, which would have rendered him
    impact. Antiviral, immunomodulators, droppers, injections –
    it’s all empty. Moreover, some of these drugs and did not pass
    serious clinical trials, and what will be the consequences of their
    application is unknown.

Что касается «Гардасила», вакцины против ATПЧ – это средство
prevention, not cure. It creates immunity and warns
virus infection, so it needs to be applied before sexual
of life. Презервативы не защищают от ATПЧ, поэтому им заражаются
almost everything: immunity has to cope with it."The gynecologists' intrigues": an honest conversation withfemale doctor

  • Uterine fibroids – another stumbling block. Most common disease
    they treat it radically by offering removal of the uterus. AT ряде случаев операция
    not justified, moreover, you can even get pregnant.
  • Cervical cysts that are nothing but safe
    small bubbles on the background of duct blockage, our doctors
    persistently operate. ATообще у нас все кисты предлагают оперировать,
    whereas this is actually indicated if endometrioid ovarian cysts
    They are larger than 2 centimeters and cause other problems. AT
    In other cases, the operation is detrimental to the ovary: after the intervention
    the body loses activity.
  • Cicatricial deformity of the cervix and small postpartum
    ruptures are also not indications for treatment.

The category of commercial doctors that brings the clinic
good check, prescribing unnecessary treatment, tests, repeated
Consultations are successful and wealthy people, but not having
relationship to medicine.

Dr. Lubinin does not deny collegiality and exchange of views,
when one doctor insists on treatment, and the second has arguments
against, but only if they are based on evidence

As for sex education, our country is in
stone age. AT странах Запада, США действуют образовательные
programs designed for children from 9 years old, from which our
parents would be horrified by our Puritan upbringing.
Whereas this knowledge is necessary and avoids the early
pregnancies and PPIs in adolescents. Sex education is mandatory
part of education, there is nothing shameful.

AT нашей стране еще много стереотипов, бороться с которыми
will have a dozen more years.

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