The formation of the character of the child begins withdiaper

The nature of an adult person begins to form in early
childhood. The main role in the development of certain qualities plays
parental attitude to the child. Psychologists say that character
baby is laid in infancy.

характер newborns

Relationship classification

There are three kinds of mom’s relationship with

  • Secure relationship. With such
    relationship, the child is surrounded by care, attention. He feels
    protected and careless, confident in parental love and his
    significance. Parents respond quickly to wishes and needs.
    your baby, talk to him. Such relationships cause
    child only positive emotions, learn to trust others, to be
    kind and helpful. In such an atmosphere, the child grows confident in
    self-esteem and a sense of inner
  • Avoiding relationship. Data
    relationships are characterized by ignoring the parents of their child.
    The principle of “cry and stop” causes a feeling in the kid
    indifference of parents to his person and uselessness. Environment
    seems to him hostile, it seems that he is alone against
    all Over time, the child becomes hardened, ceases to demand to itself
    attention and affection and feels abandoned. Such relationship
    bring up in a child complete indifference and indifference to all
    around him, he becomes cruel and callous without a hint of
    sympathy and pity.
  • Unstable relationship. This type
    relationship is characterized by inconsistent behavior
    parents. They can praise and punish for the same thing. Mama
    admires achievements, and dad punishes for excessive
    curiosity. The baby fell and cried, mother hugged and regretted, and yesterday
    scolded for not looking at his feet. Baby is lost no
    understands what is wanted of him, how he is treated, how he should be
    continue to behave. This line of behavior inspires the child
    uncertainty, doubt, and in adulthood he will always
    try to please everyone around and depend heavily on the object

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Raising a child, you should first think about how
or your other word or action can drastically change it
adulthood. I wish you happiness and prosperity!


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