The formation of consciousness of the individual. Selectionsolutions.

Update: February 2019

Perhaps in the next decade we will see the emergence of the present
artificial intelligence, and not the surrogate that we are trying
issue for him under the guise of neural networks. We all know how
at the same time, the mosquito is small and skilled in flight.

This hints to us that artificial intelligence is simple
realizations and quite a few tens of thousands of neurons in order
to learn to skillfully maneuver in space. Besides,
mistakenly believe that artificial intelligence will be presented in
as separate individuals, divided into many solitary I.
in fact, it will be a single organism without any restrictions in
transfer data between your parts.

Currently, Russian scientists are actively studying the processes
the formation of consciousness of the individual, trying to penetrate into its depths and
understand the primary sources of worldview in terms of
interneuronal connections.

Neurons as part of the community

The human nervous system is a galaxy of millions of neurons,
that twinkle, like stars, activating in response to the entry
they have calcium ions. Thanks to the formation of interneuronal connections,
the inner world and consciousness of a person is created, it is activated
memory and thinking.

The study of human mental processes and brain
mechanisms of these processes – perhaps the main direction
modern science moving along the path of creating artificial

It used to be that the nerve cell is full
operational element of the central nervous system (like
chip), for which activation states are possible (1) and
shutdown (0). In fact, interneuronal are involved.
associations for which the options for states are much greater than
on or off. And the intercellular contacts themselves

Model of the world

A huge number of physico-chemical reactions occur in the brain,
the main purpose of which is to create a model of the outside world. More
there is evidence that the surrounding reality –
is the result of the reflected simulation. From the point of view of physics
the outside world is colorless and silent, and only the presence of certain
receptor allows you to perceive the waves of acoustic or color
a certain range. The dog or the bee does not see the same
the picture that a person, a dolphin hears is not at all the same as children,
crowded around his pool.

For the formation of individual reality, thought or
memories meet the neurons coordinated to solve any
tasks of higher nervous activity.

The subjectivity of the model of the world lies in how different
Emotional response is caused by certain stimuli in this
an individual. This is the basis of the difference between the memories of the same
events in different people, their different attitudes to the same facts
or phenomena.

Consciousness includes memory, thinking, speech. U not tired
a healthy person keeps the cerebral cortex under control
subcortical processes. Once the bark begins to weaken (tired,
fall into a trance, fall asleep), as the subcortex takes up, disinhibiting
basic instincts.

Perception and information

The theory of transformation of consciousness is associated with computerization and
availability of a huge amount of information on the Internet. By this
explain the fragmentation of the resulting information flow and
the formation of a certain subjective unreal world that
is a reflection of the information field, and not the surrounding
of reality.

It is possible that a person who does not have sufficient
skills of collecting and processing information, in the absence of a holistic
the pictures will complete the missing areas on their own
method of fantasy. Already today, immature minds are poured pretty
large amount of both garbage and fake information calculated
not only on sensational perception, but also on insufficient
knowledge or ability to analyze the data from a large number
young. The positive side of this perception
is a great potential for developing creative abilities

Distributed networks are activated in response to novelty in the cortex.
neurons. Neurons are activated and with an arbitrary physical
activity, it is enough to think about the possible known
movement as it can be performed. Thus, the formation
foci of excitation of cortical neurons allows a person to remotely,
“By the power of thought” to manage limb prostheses and even some

Already created robots, learning from the person who looks to him
eyes and sends clear thought orders.


The decision-making mechanism goes through many intermediate
stages, and does not fluctuate between the banal yes and no. It’s connected with
огромным множеством вариаций interneuronal connections.

On a person today there are external factors for which
evolution did not have time to create ready-made solutions (chronic stress,
visual overload, noise). In our model of the world, the body controls
the brain itself is at the mercy of our consciousness. it
classic model of the world.

In the alternative the experiment turned out to be another seven seconds
before the person has the desire to move, the hearth
excitement is already formed in his brain. Turns out that
a conscious desire to keep the hand away from the hot is rather
a restful secondary moment reinforcing our view that
that everything is under our control.

With the advent of MRI in medicine, it became possible to see how it works
brain online. After experimenting with arbitrary
stop images associated with MRI fixation of the brain
activity, there were big doubts about the arbitrariness of choice
man of certain decisions. And before that it was well studied that
the heart or breath does not need a person’s arbitrary desires to
be carried out.

An assessment of the possible consequences of a choice is made.
simultaneously different areas of the brain. The amygdala is responsible for fear and
sense of danger, ventral striatum – the center of pleasure,
the prefrontal cortex is logic, reason, and the attainment of goals, and
also self control. The amygdala gives a signal, and
the prefrontal cortex must choose a solution in case of danger. But
when the amygdala is very frightened, the cortex is suppressed and switched on
instincts. A powerful release of hormones triggers the pheromones of fear
which a person reacts weakly but very sensitive

The concept of a norm in behavior and appearance is adjacent to this.
person When he notices that different from those around him
Significant society for him, activated cingular cortex. Wherein
pleasure center sharply suppressed. Man not only does not want
differ from people significant to him, but also tries to be like
on them.

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