The first signs of pregnancy before a delaymenstruation and after

Update: October 2018

The first month of pregnancy is an important and very exciting period.
in the life of every future mom. In practice, it turns out that a large
Part of this wonderful period of laying a new life a woman spends
either in ignorance or in doubt, did you succeed in conceiving

Byлосатый двумя полосками тест и отсутствие очередной
menstruation are clear signs of pregnancy, but so
I want to literally from day one know that the long-awaited baby is already
conceived and goes the hardest way of forming a full

The female body begins to signal the beginning of development.
pregnancy is much earlier than the cessation of menstruation, which we
talk in this article. The earliest signs of pregnancy before
monthly can not be called one hundred percent, and they are not observed
always and not all, however, they have a place to be and
traced by most expectant mothers.

Subjective feelings of a woman

The first signs of pregnancy before a delay, ощущаемые субъективно,
every future mom can mark at the beginning of the carrying
because incredible changes are already taking place inside the body,
imperceptible to the eye, but presenting themselves with certain features
sensations. Many of the listed symptoms may be in women
PMS sufferers (see symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and the difference
from pregnancy), but after conception almost immediately
feel similar symptoms and changes. Moreover, if a woman does not
PMS suffers, such changes can be taken for not

Malaise Malaise первых дней беременности можно принять за легкую
cold, only without respiratory symptoms. Marked fast
fatigue and tiredness
Emotional destabilization Crying, replaced by euphoria, joy and tears at the same time –
frequent companions of developing pregnancy, especially
emotional and impressionable ladies
Drowsiness and restless sleep Drowsiness and lack of sleep are signs of pregnancy.
first days. Наблюдается постоянное желание поспать, но even
12-hour sleep does not bring the feeling that a woman slept.
Characterized by sudden waking up early in the morning and the inability to fall asleep
Libido change Libido change либо в сторону усиления, либо в сторону
decreases may occur throughout pregnancy and
starts from 2-3 weeks
Heaviness in the pelvic region Fullness in the pelvic region due to an increase in
blood flow to the pelvic structures by many women
perceived as a sensation of one’s own uterus
Byкалывание в матке There are periodic non-intense tingling in the area
uterus location
Lower back pain in legs Periodically there is pain in the lower back like lumbago,
extending to legs
Headaches, migraines Headache may be experienced throughout the day and subside
only by night
Byвышение или изменение чувствительности груди Excessive sensitivity of the mammary glands, manifested as
reaction to the slightest touch, pain is noted in
most pregnant. In some cases, the woman is practically not
can touch the chest – so strong are these unpleasant
sensations. Byтеря чувствительности наблюдается у тех беременных, у
which had previously been marked breast sensitivity before
Feeling hot and cold Sensations, when he suddenly feels hot, and then begins to shiver,
Overwhelm a woman several times a day. And these sensations
internal and not dependent on external factors (weather, clothing,
ambient temperature)
Increased appetite or strong cravings for certain foods.
power supply
Many women mark a brutal appetite and literally cannot
move away from the fridge because the feelings of saturation are not eaten
gives. Traction to a certain food and drink begins at the beginning
pregnancy, and not to notice it is impossible, because pregnant
the body often selects in priority products those that
previously absent in the diet
Nausea Bouts of nausea, especially in the morning, which may
Reach vomiting. Characteristic rejection of certain
products that automatically recall memories
Byвышенная чувствительность к запахам и извращение обонятельных
Неприятие и even отвращение к ранее привычным запахам –
perfumery, prepared food, spouse body, etc. On the background
this may appear to chemical odors (gasoline,
acetone). Interestingly, some women begin to feel atypical
the smell of food, for example, the smell of oil from fruit. These first
signs of pregnancy appear 3-5 days after conception,
the woman immediately notes an unusual olfactory sensation
Discomfort in a sitting position Literally from the first days of pregnancy, the expectant mother is difficult to find
comfortable sitting position, feeling that something is interfering without
leaves a woman, forcing her to fidget in a chair and change her

 External changes

The first bells of life originated by the body gives, changing
externally. Often a woman does not notice these changes, but others can
note some features of the appearance of the future mother.

Puffiness of the face and hands, legs There is a slight puffiness of the face – all day face
It looks like a woman recently woke up. Swelling of the hands is noticeable
if you try to squeeze them into fists. On the feet in the evening it is difficult to shod
previously free shoes
Acne A sharp hormonal adjustment leads to the fact that women
even ранее никогда не страдавшие от угревой сыпи, обнаруживают у
yourself these skin phenomena
Вздутие stomachа From the first days of pregnancy, the intestine becomes “lazy” and
more slowly performs its function, leading to constipation. Besides,
increased hormone production leads to edema of the intestinal walls. Everything
это проявляется видимым вздутием stomachа.
Strengthening the venous pattern on the chest There is a marked venous mesh, appearing through the gentle
breast skin
Breast augmentation Breasts are poured, lush. Some women already for
the first month of pregnancy the breast increases by 1-2 sizes
Byтемнение кожи вокруг сосков It may be barely noticeable, and may be clear on the type
Byкраснение кожи лица Blooming blush appears on the skin due to enhanced
blood circulation. This feature is especially clearly manifested to
in the evening
ANDзменение pigmentation белой линии stomachа The conditional line from the navel down becomes
pigmented and gradually darkens

 Physiological and laboratory changes

Changes in the physiological plan sometimes scare a woman and
forced to consult a doctor, in fact, it may be
signals that the first periods of pregnancy have come, and the body
changes strongly under the interests of the new life.

Early pregnancy factor It is a special substance found in the blood of pregnant women.
или слизи шейки матки спустя 28-48 часов после conception. According to
international research, this factor is found in 67%
cases of pregnancy. Its growth is observed during
whole first trimester. This diagnostic has not yet found
widespread practical application, although some doctors of her
are using.
Growth hormone hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin Special tests or analyzes determine the increase in the level of hCG, which
indicates the presence of pregnancy and its normal course.
It is important that this indicator grows until the monthly delay:

  • 1-2 week – 25-156 mU / ml;
  • 2-3 week – 101-4870 mU / ml;
  • 3-4 week – 1110-31500 mU / ml;
  • 4-5 week – 2560-82300 mU / ml;
  • 5-6 week – 23100-151000 mU / ml;
Vaginal bleeding Normally, they are difficult to call secretions, rather it is smearing or
small droplets of yellowish or pink discharge. Their
the beginning falls on the 7-12th day after conception and testifies to
fixing the embryo in the uterus. The cervix may also bleed
If there is an erosion in the history, the blood circulation is increased during
pregnancy leads to increased bleeding
Exacerbation of hemorrhoids Byскольку усиливается приток крови к органам малого таза,
hemorrhoids may worsen in the first weeks
Byвышенная базальная температура The first weeks of pregnancy, before the operation
placenta, characterized by elevated basal
температуры более 37 С (37,1-37,5) — перед menstruation в случае,
when conception did not occur, the basal temperature drops from 37, 2 –
37.3 to 36.6-36.8 and the next day, menstruation occurs. AND
if in the days of the next menstruation the temperature keeps above 37 – this is
can be a consequence of both pregnancy and just delay due to
late ovulation.
Spasms of the gastrocnemius muscles This phenomenon occurs at night and forces a woman
wake up
Byниженное давление A particularly pronounced decrease in pressure is seen in hypotonic patients, since
their numbers reach 90/60 mm Hg. and below that leads to
головокружению, слабости и even обмороку. It provokes such a phenomenon
long standing up in a stuffy
indoor and transport
ANDмплантационное западание базальной температуры Women leading a basal temperature chart note
one-day temperature reduction in the second phase
Reduced immunity Manifested a decrease in immunity easy cold in the form
cold and pharyngitis
Increased drooling Often combined with nausea and aggravates toxicosis.
Increased vaginal discharge The blood circulation of the pelvic organs leads to increased
vaginal secretion
Thrush Byскольку в секрете влагалища находится большое количество
hydrogen ions, it becomes an excellent breeding ground
fungus candida. Typical cheesy itchy discharge
indicate a thrush that is imperative
to treat
Increased frequency of urination Byвышение уровня гормонов, прилив крови к малому тазу и
increased kidney function leads to increased
urination, both day and night
Delayed menstruation The absence of regular menstruation is the most obvious sign
come pregnancy. During this period, a test for self
diagnostics is already starting to show two treasured stripes

Of course, all of these signs are relative, and even
delayed menstruation with a positive pregnancy test,
which may later be false positive, not
guarantee its offensive.  All the symptoms are not
has any significant age or ethnic characteristics.

The only thing that can be noted – women with elevated
emotional background is much more likely to notice signs
pregnancy, rather than balanced and “cold” ladies. More pronounced
symptoms are observed during the first pregnancy, in subsequent
a future mom may have no idea about her
position is also quite difficult to determine its attack by
Symptoms of women with menstrual disorders.

On the contrary, women with chronic gynecological
diseases (adnexitis, salpingoophoritis) may feel
conception is stronger than healthy women because
возможно появление  болей в пояснице, в области придатков.

Symptoms of conception after the delayed menstruation

Of course, every woman who discovered a delay in menstruation,
interested in the question – after how many early signs of pregnancy
will be guaranteed evidence of its occurrence. This question
makes future mothers immediately run to the gynecologist and demand
registrations. However, doctors are not very welcome
behavior, and, most likely, will send the future mother to wait another 2-3
of the week. Conception, unfortunately, does not guarantee pregnancy, but
a period of 4-6 weeks is most dangerous when there is a high probability
spontaneous miscarriages.

The following are the first symptoms of pregnancy after a delay.
menstruation can be called the exact manifestations of the occurred conception,
testifying that the fruit grows and flutters:

  • Positive pregnancy test done at least three times
    with a break of several days. Highly sensitive diagnostic
    the test begins to “strip” on the first day of the delay, but better
    wait about 7 days – then it will be more reliable.
  • Examination by a gynecologist on the chair. For a period of 6 weeks the cervix
    becomes softer and gets a bluish tint due to
    enhance blood circulation. Softened and the isthmus between the body and
    uterus, an enlarged uterus size is detected.
  • Increased levels of hCG found in the blood and urine of a woman
    is not only indicative of a pregnancy, but is
    for the doctor an indicator of its course. HCG initially grows very
    quickly, doubling every 2 days for the first month, then doubling
    indicator occurs in 3.5-4 days.
  • Ultrasound of the uterus in the early period of approximately 5 weeks detects
    implanted gestational egg (or a few with multiple fetal
    pregnancy), in which the embryo and yolk sac.

The earliest signs of conception by a boy

What are the first signs of pregnancy in favor of
conceiving a boy? Trace these manifestations can be already at first
days of the conception, you should only carefully listen to
to myself. Naturally, this may not be 100% indicative, but
most mummies described their condition in this way when
hatched boys.

Appearance A visible improvement in the appearance of a woman who is literally
blooms, acquiring peach, matte skin, thick and beautiful
hair and nails
Limb temperature Lower skin temperature of the lower limbs amid feeling
internal heat (cold feet when feeling hot)
Appetite A marked increase in appetite from the first days of pregnancy. Meat and
meat products become favorite food for expectant mothers
Nausea Отсутствие тошноты  либо незначительные явления легкого
Mood Хорошее настроение, высокая работоспособность и even заметное
increase in activity in general
stomach Округление нижней части stomachа в виде небольшой выпуклости.
It’s hard to notice from the first weeks, but very attentive women
can catch this slight 1-2 difference

Early signs of pregnancy by a girl

Pregnancy girl also has its own distinctive features,
which can be traced in the first weeks after conception, again
with the proviso that most women do, but there are also

Appearance Change in appearance for the worse (about the 3rd week
pregnancy). The face loses its attractive features. By
the face of the woman can be seen that she is pregnant (her lips swell, pales and
skin swells, etc.)
Limb temperature Byвышенная температура кожи нижних конечностей на фоне озноба
(warm feet with feeling of internal chill)
Appetite Снижение и even отсутствие аппетита с первых дней беременности.
Of the preferences in food there is a craving for sweets and citrus
Nausea Morning nausea, somewhat calming by the evening is characteristic
for almost all pregnancies by girls
Mood The unpredictability of actions, frequent mood changes,
confusion of thoughts and actions testifies in the direction of conception
a girl
Stomach Stomach визуально не увеличивается, скорее even слегка западает,
due to weak appetite due to nausea

The first signs of multiple pregnancy

Conception of two or more children, some considered a gift from above, and
some are called trial. Anyway, this news is for
Parents are always somewhat shocking. Suspect this
pregnancy is possible on the following grounds:

Appearance The change in appearance for the worse, associated with colossal
hormonal alterations, as well as due to toxicosis.
Feature – the appearance of acne on the face.
Urinary frequency Urinary frequency уже на 3й неделе беременности из-за
accelerated growth rate of the uterus
Appetite Appetite чаще всего повышен, несмотря на nausea. Even
appetite suffers from toxemia, weight gains well and
Nausea Severe and painful nausea with occasional vomiting, which
practically does not let go throughout the day, from the first days after
Mood Decreased mood due to constant fatigue and
drowsiness. Any habitual business comes with great difficulty.
Stomach Равномерное легкое округление stomachа с первых недель,
due to increased uterine growth. The sign may
not manifest at all.

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