The first signs of menopause

Update: October 2018

With age, any woman from 45 to 50 years decreases secretion
female sex hormones. At this time in the body of a woman begin
significant changes occur. From this age woman’s life
can be divided into three periods:


The first, early period of menopause, which is called premenopausal
or premenopausal period, time from the onset of decline, extinction
hormonal ovarian function, up to complete cessation
monthly It is at this time that the first signs of menopause appear.
among women. This stage lasts for each woman differently, on average
from 2 to 10 years. Physiologically in the body occurs

  • Ability of the woman to conception sharply falls.
  • Menstruation fails, they become irregular,
    scanty or, conversely, copious, uterine
  • If premenopause proceeds normally, then gradually begins
    the interval between menstruations increases from 40 to 90 days up to
  • When scanty periods are observed, each time there is a discharge
    blood decreases until the final cessation of the bloodstained
  • You may experience such a symptom as engorgement of dairy
    glands due to fluctuations in the amount of estrogen in the blood.
  • Very rarely, but there are times when a woman’s menses.
    end abruptly.


If after the last menstruation, which was a woman, was
год, это значит, что наступил период menopause. After the last
menstruation getting pregnant naturally the woman is no longer
will be able.


The first signs of menopausePostmenopause считается периодом от
last spontaneous menstruation until the end of a woman’s life. On this
stage of a woman’s life finally stops producing ovaries
hormones, stably low estrogen levels. Leather
labia slackens, pubic hair becomes rare, shape
the mammary glands also change, the nipples flatten, the skin becomes
flabby. During a gynecological examination, a decrease in the number of
mucus from the cervix, gradually it disappears completely.

How does menopause in women

At what age, when, with what first signs will begin
menopause in each particular woman, with accuracy can not
identify any gynecologist. Every woman is unique, any
организм имеет  индивидуальные особенности, поэтому женщина
must be sure that with the advent of menopause life is not
ends, and just begins its new wonderful stage. how
begins menopause in women?

Famous hot flushes and night sweats – the very first
signs of menopause in women, and these are the most frequent complaints that
note almost all women who entered this period.


TIDES – the occurrence of heat in the whole body, heat, starting from
areas of the face, neck, chest, and further down the body. In this case, the skin can
become stained, red, pulse quickens, and body temperature
too can rise. Often the tides are accompanied by increased

Many women note that they are disturbed by the tides even at night.
In addition to the main signs of menopause in women, also for premenopause
there are other symptoms that either women have or have
and very worried, or not at all:

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  • Insomnia – women may be disturbed by insomnia, sleep disturbance,
    Difficulty falling asleep, before bedtime, a woman worries, recalls
    trouble, obsessed with problems, all this prevents her
    fall asleep.
  • Palpitations – periodic strong attacks may be troubling.
    heart palpitations.
  • Numbness of the legs and arms, squeezing feeling in the chest – occurs in
    women with severe circulatory disorders.
  • There is a tingling sensation, trembling in the limbs, crawling
    • Chills – women are most often disturbed at night, from which women
      wake up.
    • Weakness, decreased working ability, fatigue, pain
      in the muscles.
    • Fluctuations in blood pressure, that is, increased
      blood pressure is sharply replaced by its decrease, which
      accompanied by severe dizziness, headaches, up to
      short-term loss of consciousness.
  • Decreased libido or vice versa increased sexual
  • Anxiety – frequent unreasonable anxiety, feeling
    anxiety, mood swings, irritability, decrease
    concentration and memory, some women have
    neurotic disorders with obsessive ideas about what they
    terminally ill (see sedatives for adults).
  • Temperature – daily fluctuations in body temperature.
  • The feeling of lack of air.
  • Change in taste.
  • Dryness in the mouth and eyes (see dry eye syndrome).
  • Pains – can be disturbed by back pain, pains below
  • Leather и слизистые —  с появлением первых признаков климакса
    begins the stage of skin aging and dry mucous membranes. it
    due to the fact that female sex hormones, the production of which with
    shrinking every day, fail with its support function
    эластичности кожи, не  обеспечивают защиту слизистых оболочек.
    Therefore, the skin gradually fades, becomes dry, on it
    wrinkles deepen, inflammatory processes are provoked and
    mucous, and on the skin.
  • Hair – signs of aging are beginning to appear – women
    may dramatically gray, hair becomes brittle, fragile, increases
    hair loss.
  • The figure of the woman also undergoes changes, she begins
    become less feminine.

The emergence of these first signs of menopause in modern
women signal age-related extinction of ovarian function and
approaching a complete restructuring of the woman’s body. how ни
sad, but at this age the body begins to rapidly
grow old.

The transition to a new period of a woman’s life aggravates the existing
chronic disease increases the likelihood of
New ailments, as well as delayed recovery after
sudden onset of disease. With mild to moderate climacteric
syndrome women do not need medical care, but rarely
cases of severe menopause in which a woman needs
drug treatment.

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