The first signs of breast cancer:self test

Update: November 2018

Breast cancer is a cancer that
timely diagnosis and adequate treatment today
may have a favorable outlook and prolong the full
woman’s life.

but, коварство злокачественной опухоли не только груди, но и
any other localization, is that just on
zero, the first stages of the disease when very effective
treatment, notice the beginning tumor growth
extremely rare since the brightest symptoms of an initial stage of breast cancer
not. If a женщина начинает испытывать боли, замечает уплотнения в
breast, lymph node tenderness – this most often indicates
на уже более позднюю стадию oncology. AT России задача ранней
diagnosis of cancer, for some reason is not
priority in medicine.

Often outdated equipment, lack of qualified
specialists in clinics, queues, and as a result
the enormous expenditure of effort, time and money stops many
women. Only some of the annual breast examinations are performed.
women who care about their health.

Fear of finding warning signs of breast cancer, lack
time, lack of attention to your body, no desire to think
oh bad, looking for symptoms of disease sometimes lead to
that a woman seeks medical attention too late. Fearfully
should be from the possible risk of finding a tumor on an already
of the advanced stage of the disease, and not on the probability of its detection in
right from the start, with a favorable outlook and the least loss.

If you find any changes in the chest, it is not necessary
panic because over 50% of women have various changes in
mammary glands and not the fact that it is 100% oncological
process. For suspicious first signs of breast cancer,
immediately contact a specialist clinic for
clarification of the diagnosis. Read in detail about the treatment and symptoms of cancer.
mammary glands.

Signs of Breast Cancer

  • The presence of seals, swelling in the breast, on
  • Breast deformity, change in shape or structure
  • ATтянутость nipple, наличие желтых или кровянистых выделений из
  • Pain and discomfort in one of the breasts
  • The skin of the chest in one place can be drawn in or wrinkled,
    peel off
  • AT положении поднятой руки может появиться ямочка на небольшом
    skin area
  • Enlarged axillary lymph nodes, swelling of the shoulder and
    axillary tissue

The listed symptoms are no longer 1 and most likely not stage 2

Methods for diagnosing breast cancer

  • ATрачебный осмотр гинеколога, маммолога
  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Breast ultrasound

To clarify the diagnosis and identify possible remote
metastases are shown – chest x-ray, ultrasound of the liver, organs
abdominal cavity.

Self-diagnostics – one of the ways to control the possible
изменениями в молочных железах, это простая процедура, которая
takes no more than half an hour and which should be carried out only 1 time
per month. Anxiously feeling yourself every day is definitely not worth it,
since the difference in possible changes is detected with frequent
examination is more difficult.

Examination of the mammary glands should be carried out on day 7-10
menstrual cycle. To be more convenient, easier and more productive
self test, необходимо вести дневник, где записывать свои
observations are all suspicious and unusual. Often it is herself
a woman discovers the first signs of breast cancer, but as
the rule is no longer on stage 1 of the disease.


How to conduct self-examination of the mammary glands

To conduct high-quality breast self-examination
should prepare a hand cream, sit on a comfortable bed,
take a large mirror, and provide maximum lighting.
Sometimes it’s more convenient for a woman to have a check in the bathroom
soapy hands or special gloves sold in
аптеках в наборах для обследования mammary glands.

  • A woman should always carefully examine her bra.
    the inside of the body to find discharge from the chest, on
    linen tissue it can remain in the form of dry crusts, yellow or
    brownish spots.
  • Begin inspection should be with a visual assessment of the size, shape
    breasts in comparison with the previous inspection, it should be exactly
    stand with hands down.
  • Then put your hand behind your head, carefully watching
    равномерностью передвижения glands. If a железа поднимается с
    delayed or when raising both hands one gland is shifted to
    side if a trough or
    bulge, nipple changes, discharge and other abnormalities appear
    – These are signals that a scheduled diagnostic should be performed.
    обследование mammary glands.
  • ATнимательно рассмотреть состояни кожи грудных желез, она должна
    be without any swellings, sores, visible
    выпячиваний,  к любой сыпи и стойкому покраснению, опрелости и
    orange peel on the skin should be taken more seriously.
  • Hands smeared cream or soapy soap, standing,
    It is necessary to examine each breast with the opposite hand.
    Feeling should be done with circular finger pads.
    spring motions. At first you should only feel a little
    surface under the skin, not strongly pressing on the gland. After that,
    as in the upper layers nothing is detected, you can increase the pressure,
    gradually feeling the fabric “layers” to the ribs. Should
    inspect in this way completely the entire breast gland, especially
    pay attention to the armpit. Here are the lymphatic
    nodes that increase and tenderness are a symptom
    adverse changes in a woman’s body.
  • Next, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the nipples. Compare
    the shape, color of the nipples, and carefully examine the nipples with the aim
    detect any stains, naps, cracks or sores.
    It is necessary to feel both the nipple and the tissue around it;
    gently squeeze the nipple to make sure that there are no
    discharge from it. If the selection appeared, then you should define
    and write down what they are in consistency, color and how much
    appeared when pressed.
  • It is also necessary to repeat the survey in the supine position,
    while trying not to miss a single section of the dairy

Self-diagnosis is very important for timely detection
various disorders in the female body, signs of breast cancer
glands, and it is not difficult to do, and not for long. If by comparison
with a previous visit, a woman found suspicious sites in
mammary glands should not postpone the visit to the specialist.
A mammologist or gynecologist can differentiate a “find”,
determine, clarify the diagnosis, refer the patient to additional

Breast Cancer Myths

Over a million cases of cancer are found every year in the world.
breasts in women. This leads to the emergence of various panic attacks.
attitudes, fear in women, and the development of rumors and myths in
people far from medicine. Some such beliefs lead to
that women fear safe diagnostics and refuse
be examined:

Myth – My relatives have never had breast cancer, therefore
he does not threaten me

Of course, with a family history of breast cancer cases
glands, risk of its occurrence in close relatives
increases. However, today there are a lot of cases of development
oncology, when a woman in the family did not reveal any
oncological disease.

Myth – I’m young, so I can not have cancer

Even a very young girl is at risk of developing breast cancer.
Today, oncology can develop at any age.

Myth – Cancer can be warned

Unfortunately, the causes of cancer are not fully known and
The study of this insidious disease continues to this day. AT
to some extent, hormone-dependent forms of cancer are now trying
prevent the use of anti-estrogen drugs. but
There are other forms of cancer that are not dependent on hormonal
exchange in the body. Only timely diagnosis can be
the only way to prevent early death from

Myth – It makes no sense to do a mammogram, because breast cancer
the glands are transient and still lead to death

Be sure that women at risk should make an annual
mammography, for the year major changes do not occur, but this
diagnostics will help to establish the process that has begun.

Myth- A large dose of radiation during mammography, especially each
the year is very harmful and will inevitably lead to cancer

The radiation dose in this procedure is negligible and cannot
serious adverse health effects, but can save
life if you detect a tumor early in time when
treatment gives you a tall chance of recovery.

Myth – If nothing hurts me, why should I be examined?

The early stages of breast cancer are completely asymptomatic. If a
the woman already has benign breast growths
– lipomas, cysts, fibroadenoma, nodular form of mastitis – their
should be kept under the constant supervision of a mammologist. Urgently follows
consult a doctor if you find:

  • Brown, blood, yellow discharge from the chest
  • Any seal is small, large, painful or
    painless, any shape
  • If a боль в груди стала появляться не за неделю до менструации,
    but 2 weeks before the estimated monthly
  • Severe pain in one or both breasts

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