The first sign that precedes cough and fever

Signs of coronavirus before cough and fever

A key indicator for identifying coronavirus infection Covid-19 is a sense of smell. This opinion was expressed by the assistant professor Otolaryngology and Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University Cincinnati as well as UC Health physician Ahmad Sedagat.

According to him, the infection caused by a new type of coronavirus is not associated with symptoms that occur with a cold, in particular nasal congestion and typical runny nose.

The doctor explained that one of the signs of coronavirus infection is a complete loss of smell in the absence of sensation nasal congestion, which distinguishes this disease from allergies or colds. “Coronavirus is associated with a rather unique a combination of nasal symptoms is a sudden loss sense of smell, known as anosmia. In this case, the person has no sensation nasal congestion, “the doctor explained.

In this regard, he urged physicians to pay special attention to patients with such a symptom, as often it is the most the first one. Due to lack of cough and fever, people often neglect their condition until it worsens. Later they cough develops and fever rises – typical and the most common manifestations of Covid-19.

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