The first case of coronavirus infection in Of Russia

Today in the distribution statistics of CoVid-2019 by regions of the Russian Federation revealed 24567 patients. April 15th became aware of the first (zero) coronavirus infected in Of Russia. He became a citizen of the Russian Federation, who arrived from Italy in the second half of February. The patient took treatment in a Moscow clinic, what’s in Kommunarka.

Alexander Chuchalin, Head of the Department of Therapy at the Russian Research Institute of Nuclear Medicine, reported the age and the name of the first coronavirus case in the Russian Federation is a certain Subbotin, who is “over 40 years old.” February 27 was received a positive result on a previously conducted test that determines the presence of coronavirus infection (CoVid-19). After which, the patient hospitalized and the head physician of Kommunarka Denis Protsenko appointed course of treatment. Subbotin was the first to recover from coronavirus in Of Russia. However, all who contacted the null patient contracted SAR-COV-2 infection. Some of them, including him parents taking treatment from CoVid-19 so far: father is in serious condition and cannot breathe without a ventilator (mechanical ventilation).
Chuchalin said that the forecast for the dynamics of the spread of the pandemic coronavirus can be delivered in a week. However, he stated about a possible decline in new infected after Easter (April 19th).


Why exactly zero, and not the first infected?

The first infected patient is usually called the first infected patient. in a population of epidemiological study.

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