The experience of a large mom: 5 ways to easelife and parents and children

�”If you do not approach education with humor, you can cry for days
without a break, ”says mother of many children. Katerina gives advice on how
help parents in difficult everyday situations. Mother of many children
shares lifehacks, positively affecting life, not only in
large, but also in families with an only baby.

Katerina – mother of four children, chose the most often
occurring difficult situations in a large family and
shared experience how to cope with them. Tips to help
many parents may seem both sensible and absurd.
However, moms are so confused that anyone, even ridiculous
advice would be most welcome for them. For example, remember
stay in the hospital. Moms sometimes just forget to eat, for which
doctors swear and remind them of it. Below are collected
tips and lifehacks that will make life easier as in large families
family, and in families with one child.


Lists are a good organizer.

Not quite organized and even crazy morning can be in
any family. And it does not depend on whether there are many children in the family,
or one child, or none at all. But when in large families
family, one child does not want to get up, the second can not
find your pencil case, the third one doesn’t like an omelette for breakfast, but
preferably the croutons, then the mother is not far from a nervous breakdown.
There is a way – make lists of cases.

  • Use a notebook, notebook or download the application in
    smartphone / tablet;
  • Write down the morning business for all family members. In the list you need
    include everything that children need to do before leaving the house.
    Getting up, morning toilet, cleaning the bed, breakfast, gather a briefcase
  • Various badges, stickers, emoticons or other nice prizes
    help motivate children. The main point is to encourage
    they desire to do what is in the list;
  • To-do lists and promotions should be placed side by side to
    children saw what needs to be done. Leave your housework cheering
    notes or emoticons.

More independence for children

�“Every day I gather four lunches to school. Honest this
my least favorite duty. But since I got involved in
the process of children, everything has become much easier, ”says the mother of many children

  • Buy 3 plastic containers to fit on.
    bottom shelf in the fridge. On each stick pictures with
    an image of fruits, vegetables, snacks or just sign them;
  • In the evening, pack in a foil pieces of fruit, vegetables, healthy.
    snack and place everything in appropriate containers;
  • In the morning, when you do the main part of the dinner, the children
    independently choose and put in school backpacks snacks.
    You save time, and kids can not complain that you
    forgot to put them an apple.

The child should be comfortable in the kitchen

Children show independence from early childhood. Keep in
they desire to be independent, do not try to do everything yourself,
otherwise, a feeling of constant fatigue is guaranteed. Need for
this is quite a bit: the kitchen space should be comfortable for
children so that they can independently perform elementary
actions. For example, eat a snack in the morning of the weekend, and you can
rest for an extra hour.

многодетная семья на кухне

  • For each child buy dishes of a certain color. They
    will know their plates and cups, which will prevent disputes about who
    should eat from a red plate and who should wash the green
    a mug;
  • Children’s dishes should be placed in the closet so that the little ones
    could get it yourself;
  • Similarly, it can be done with products intended for
    breakfast or for snacks. For example, place a container with milk
    in the refrigerator downstairs, flakes – in the lower cabinet of the kitchen table.
    Waking up at the weekend, the children can eat themselves. The main thing –
    away away all the spices, flour, etc.

For rewards – bank with pebbles

That’s right, you heard right. Need a bank with stones or fruits
chestnut for every child. This is the most convenient way to keep track of
received or spent bonuses, for example, to control
time spent by children in front of a computer or TV.

  • In addition to stones and banks with a label on which the name is written
    child, still need a timer. You can allow each of the children
    decorate your jar;
  • Decide on the rules that will regulate the time
    which the children spent at the TV screen or at the computer for 1
    stone, for example, 15-20 minutes. But there is a limit – the stones can not
    save for a long time to sit behind the screen all day;
  • Determine what the child needs to do to get one
    a rock. Here for each family everything is individual. It may be
    some homework, a nap, a fully eaten lunch and
    etc .;
  • The earned stone the child sends to the bank. When he
    will want to use it, he will pay you a stone. That’s all! BUT, you
    must adhere to the rule: do not select stones as
    penalties for bad behavior. Stones are not a means of blackmail baby
    he himself “earns” them and “spends” them himself. But you can offer
    compromise: pay with stones. For example, a child is mischievous and does not
    wants to clean the toys or bed. Offer these options:
    do the cleaning yourself and get 6 stones, clean along with
    вами за 3 камушка, вы можете убрать за baby но он должен отдать
    6 stones. The choice is his.

Hang signs

Constantly repeating the same thing – it annoys many
parents! Children often skip past the ears, and then
they are upset to grieve you. To open tube of tooth
pasta, apple sticks on the table or untidy things are not spoiled
mood, help each other!

  • Make an attractive reminder sign and hang it there,
    where children constantly forget to do something. No need to be zealous
    and write about everything at once, because your home is not an army with
    unquestioning implementation of the statute;
  • Such reminders quickly change the family atmosphere. Adults
    Do not get annoyed, do not constantly remind children of their responsibilities,
    а дети не расстраиваются из-за того, что опять забыли о вашем

If these tips are used daily, life with children will become
easier and most importantly – more interesting!


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